How to prepare english for SSC CHSL 2018

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How to prepare English for SSC CHSL 2018

The syllabus (English) of CHSL can be broadly classified in three segments with help of which we will describe here How to prepare English for SSC CHSL.

  1. Grammar: Common Errors, sentence improvement and fill in the blanks are asked where the profound knowledge of English grammar is prerequisite. However, there may be some questions based on vocabulary as well in Common errors, sentence improvement and fill in the blank.
  2. Vocabulary: Synonym, Antonym, Idioms and One word substitution.
  3. Reading Comprehension.

Strategy 🙁 Keeping in mind that developing intuition of students towards the subject is the objective so that he could sail through the syllabus without taking it as a burdensome job)

Grammar: Going through a standard book like SP Bakshi multiple times (or class notes if preparing through coaching)

Objective while reading the book/ Notes: Maximum retention and developing the skill so that one can recall the particular law which needs to be applied while reading a mixed problem in which a student doesn’t know whether the problem is from noun or pronoun.

For topic wise description and notes of English of SSC

Mnemonics should be used for this purpose for example let’s take an example. These are some collective nouns that are used in singular form (Without s/es at their end) e.g. cattle, gentry, peasantry, poultry, people, folk, clergy, poultry. Making a figure in which a labourer(Peasantry)  is driving a cart and a rich man(Gentry)  is sitting in it with some poultry products can make retention easier. Best SSC coaching of Delhi

Vocabulary: Around 4000 vocabularies have to be developed. Again the mnemonic technique has to be applied for fast learning and better retention. Parsimonious whose meaning is frugal, thrifty can be remembered as Parsi who is frugal. Word Power Made Easy can be used because it explains through etymology which creates a genuine interest in the subject matter.

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Idioms: Around 1500.

Prepositions and Phrasal verb: This section requires maximum perseverance from student’s side. Chances of forgetting them are very high so it requires continual revision. A slot of 30 minutes can be put aside for this purpose till student qualifies the exam.

Reading compression: Speed and comprehension both should be maintained. Scientifically for reading a piece of writing we just need eyes and brain. Therefore avoiding tongue movement, lips movements and reading for gist alone can make the speed and comprehension much better. Apart from that training oneself in reading 3-4 sentences at a time can boost the speed of reading multiple times.

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Soft copy notes of SSC CHSL


After being well versed with all these segments one should opt for previous years’ papers.


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