how to prepare for IIT JEE in Noida

How to prepare for IIT JEE in Noida

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This article provides you the complete information about Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) and some techniques how to prepare for IIT JEE in Noida.


As we all know about IIT JEE is very tough exam and almost every student from the science stream has a dream to crack JEE exam to get into IIT’s.

Now a days there are various coaching centers that may trained the students for the JEE.Parents put efforts for their students to get them into IIT’s.For this they have started their students to go the coaching from 10th class now a days.From this thing you can understand the importance of IIT JEE.

Every year many students drop their year after not getting successful in the exam after their 12th  board exams.For this they go to take best coaching for JEE away from their home town like Kota and many other destinations.

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Some tips and tricks to prepare for JEE Exam

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 Online Coaching

The best way you do is online coaching at your door step.Main advantage of online coaching is you can also record it.This you can’t do in classroom coaching.

Schedule Your Online Class Accordingly

Another advantage of online class is that you can schedule the class according to yourself.Means you don’t have enough time or you are in the market or any other location.You can schedule it accordingly.This is not possible in classroom coaching, you have to reach there at any cost otherwise you miss the class.

This is the main advantage of online class.


What you need is comfort, now a days too much cold is there so this is difficult for the students to go to the coaching classes.So the best way is you can do online coaching at your place comfortably.

Comfort is very important for the students, if it is not it is difficult to grip the things that are being told to them during coaching.

Save Time

You can save huge time by online class.For the students 1st priority is school and when they came back in the evening they are not in the mood to go to the classroom coaching classes.

There are many reasons such as homework or they get tired.You left for the coaching before 30 min to reach to your destination because of traffic jam and many things,this time will be wasted.While in online coaching this time you can consume accordingly.

Save Money

You can save money by avoiding to go to the classroom coaching, again there are many reasons, auto rickshaw charges, petrol etc.While in online coaching you have to only recharge your internet connection.

Frequent Questions/Answers

The main advantage of online class s that you can frequently asked questions to the teachers.There is no hesitation at that time because at that time you are the only person to put up your doubt’s and teachers may clear all your doubt’s.While in classroom coaching you have some hesitation in asking your doubts.


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