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How to prepare for UPSC in 1 Year

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How to prepare for UPSC in 1 year

Preparing for UPSC exams is dream of many students  and parents from very childhood. In few parts of India  only career prospect what parents do for their child is civil services.

students thinking to prepare for UPSC had generally been thinking about the Civil Services Exam from very in childhood  Bhoomi dreams of parents.Books for UPSC Archives

many of the times students do not know what is to be read,  how it is to be read But all what they know is that we have to prepare and become  an IAS officer one day.

They just keep on dreaming about it and not taking their steps forward.

many of the times student feel  that’s not right time to start preparation ,  where as sometimes students do not know how to start preparation.  sometimes student also feel can they prepare for UPSC in one year ,  did not know how much time they would need to prepare for the exam of civil services.  students keep on wasting their time by thinking that they need a coaching institute to guide them and as they do not have money so they cannot be guided.  this is just excuse of loosers , who actually do not have to do anything.

  This research also indicates that if a student join a coaching without proper guidance or proper knowledge of the subject he has to read  he or she simply waste their money.




Through this article  we will focus on step by step methodologies  through which a student can start hit self-guided preparation.

  1. First thing what we ask a student to get habituated of is reading a newspaper.
    1. The Hindu
    2. Indian Express
  1. Second most important part but I want to cover  is reading NCERT book. syllabus of NCERT from class 6 to class 12th is most important part of general studies for civil service examination.  subjects which you need to cover from your class 6 to 12 of NCERT curriculum are as follows
  1. Maths (From class 6th to 10th )
  2. Science ( From 6th to 10th)
  3. Social science (From 6th to 12th )

Students do not feel maths to be an important subject  but change the pattern of UPSC where CSAT is important to qualify makes mathematics very important.

Your English also need to be upsetting standards  and these two subjects should not be neglected.

Coachings can only help you in preparation if you have studied and finished your NCERT books once. Prefer old NCERT books   

ALthough soft copy of old NCERT books can be bought from onlinekhanmarket as well.




Here we will discuss timeline for what is to be read and how much time is to be given.

  1. start newspaper the day you are determined.
  2. start making notes from newspaper.
  3.  identify 5 words everyday from The Hindu.
  4. memorise those 5 words everyday.
  5. make notes important discussions in newspaper.
  6. do not follow news  rather follow issues.
  7. civil services examination is not about news   rather issues which effects mankind locally or globally.
  8. Always  revise what you have studied ,  even revise And re memorise words which you had read yesterday.  try to use these words in your daily writing. these words will help you in memorizing event and news  or current affairs of national and international standards.
  9. These words will also help you during essay writing in exam or during practice.  as you know essay writing is very important part of civil services examination but you need to have content on what is to be written.

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