Is coaching necessary to prepare for the UPSC?

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Why to go Coachings and Pay Such a High Fees? Is it Really Necessary to Go Coaching To prepare For IAS?

Is Coaching Necessary for IAS

The necessity of coaching is on the basis of Your Level of preparation.

Like if you are absolutely Zero and if you feel Like that Self-preparation is not the CUP OF TEA for you and you need a kick to Prepare for upsc then Definately Coaching is something you can opt for.

If you can make the roadmap to your Goal with the strategies mostly adopted by the people for preparing the UPSC Examination you Don’t need any coaching at all. 

Coaching is for someone who wants to place in the orbit of preparing Regularly by some External Force.

We all Know that There is No Free Lunch. So if you aim High you have to pay high. If you opt for any Good coaching institutes in your area You have to Pay in Lacs.

This is the stats of mostly survey coaching institutes across India. Apart from paying coaching institute Fees If you are Relocating somewhere for preparing UPSC Examination then You have to pay Your accommodation i.e. STAYING IN, FOODING PRICE, COMMUTE PRICE. If you are  a self driven person and  if you can motivate yourself Towards the goal you can opt for Coaching Notes, Test series and Can Prepare for upsc via sitting at home .

Eating home food with homely Environment along with the psychological support also adds an important factor while preparing for any Exam.

Steps to prepare for UPSC examination From scratch:-

  1. First and for most Step for preparing UPSC Examination is to Get the Insight of NCERT BOOKS. you don’t need to buy books of NCERT What you can do is to download the NCERT PDFs. Buying again NCERT Books and Buying new shelve to accommodate these books is a Costly affair.




NCERT PDFs For Indian History, with Every Updated Content


UPSC/ias/ NCERT Downloadable PDFs.

2. Don’t  Get Confused with so many Resources Of Learning may it be Coaching Institutes, May it be BOOKS For UPSC. Its been always Suggested That Do less But Do it Perfectly.

If you are Looking for particular Coaching you need to understand what is your ultimate Goal. The ultimate goal is to Get the NOTES FROM THE COACHING INSTITUTE. Are you aware of Now the photostat copy shop outside the Coaching institutes can provide you the UPSC NOTES of Any coaching you are Looking for?


Below is the Suggestion on UPSC/IAS Notes Mostly Used By the UPSC/IAS Aspirant:-

If you are Looking For Best UPSC History Notes in हिन्दी. Hemant Jha is one of the Best Faculty of UPSC Who has years Of Experience in Preparing Students for UPSC/ IAS Examination.

History Hemant Jha Notes

History Hemant Jha Notes

If you are Looking for chemistry as the main subject in UPSC examination and You don’t Feel Coaching is the best Option and You are True Up to some extent. You can easily save money By getting Notes made by the Experts of Abhijeet Agarwal Directly at your DOORSTEP?


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UPSC Chemistry Notes

Abhijeet Aggarwal IAS Chemistry UPSC Notes


3. Don’t Forget to Do the Previous Year Questions at ALL. Till the moment You don’t Have the Idea of what is being actually asked in the Examination or what is the Taste of the Examination taker. It will be very difficult for you to do a Ph.D. on The Subject.

Laugh, It’s true You are supposed to Stick to the UPSC Syllabus. 

Because anyway, the course of UPSC is too wide. If you start reading unimportant things from the examination Perspective it’s going to be the hurdle for you.


3.  Best Reviewed Book ON Amazon For UPSC Previous Year Paper is 




Last but Not Least, BE PATIENT, Keep Learning, Keep Improving.

If you follow the Above Step Of Preparing UPSC with Low-cost Budget and that too without Coaching you will Definitely going to get Positive Results as the above-Adopted Methodology of learning is the Result Of the Survey taken over the Thousand of students.


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UPSC is Not an Examination for which you need to abandon all Social media. While taking the Survey Its been Found that Most of the Aspirant Have already Left using SOCIAL MEDIA.

Guys you are preparing for आईएस(भारतीय प्रशासनिक सेवा) Think once Do you really Think Leaving Social Media will help You in Focusing On Your UPSC preparation.

No GUYS,  Its a exam which Involves The service of Society. You need to be Updated on daily Basis What Happening in india. 

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