I am just an Average Student. Can I crack the IAS Exam?

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I am just an Average Student. Can I crack the IAS Exam?

The modern education system in India have been taking notice of a fact that the marks and percentage system in its education at school and college level categorise students into above average, average and below average. There had always a pressure on the students to score good marks as their parents always expect the children to be in above average category. This pressure on the students de-motivate them before taking tough career paths search as preparing for IAS Civil Services (UPSC) examinations. There exist no criteria for a student to be average as a student may be average in one field, but may be excellent in another. A student must not be judged only on the basis of his numbers in the form of marks but there are always other parameters that can define them.

On a student’s part, it is necessary to be away from negativity and embrace positive thoughts in themselves to develop self belief and confidence. They need to believe that nothing is impossible for them and anything can be conquered with hardwork. A sense of strong determination can help to achieve this. As far as IAS exam preparations are concerned, a student is advised to consider its syllabus in parts and not to see it as a whole. The syllabus may appear to be vast as whole, but it should be divided into smaller modules. And each module must be prepared individually to perfection with complete concentration.

One thing to keep in mind to maintain positivity is that no one can assure you 100% success without your own effort. So, even after joining a coaching centre and paying a heavy fee, it’s the effort on your part and the quality of reference material you use will determine your own result. The concepts of E-Learning and Online classrooms are being widely accepted worldwide and even in India. With the start of 21st century, we had witnessed an unbelievable growth in the rise of Internet.

Things to be keep in mind to crack IAS exams

1. No School grades criteria to appear for UPSC

There is no criteria for a candidate wishing to appear for UPSC exams which states that a student must not be an average student. The school grades are marks do not matter while appearing for IAS exams. Student needs to have a very strong desire of being competitive and successfully clearing the exams.

2. Say motivated

A student preparing for IAS exams need to carry a positive mindset by taking advice from seniors, teachers and anyone who can help to motivate him. Talk to people around you who have past experiences with IAS preparations. One can also try activities like meditation and yoga which have a soothing effect on the mind of the student. Watch motivation videos and listen to music when you feel like you are under stress.

3. Proper planning is key

A proper plan before you start preparing is the key to success. Plan for the collection of proper study material, plan for your daily study schedule, plan the number of questions you would solve on each topic, be aware of the syllabus, research online about the tips that could help to start preparing and the most important thing is to follow the plan strictly. Find out the difficult subjects for yourself, make a list and work harder on those topics.

4. Make a Schedule

Scheduling is an important quality for making any system work properly as when people start working in a random manner without any schedule they don’t get desired results. Use the time you have throughout the day wisely and according to your capabilities, decide how much to study, when to study and what difficulties you may face. Make a habit planner to keep a check on whether the schedule is being properly followed or not. Do not make schedules for longer duration as such schedule is never followed. Instead make schedule for smaller durations say for a week, so that you can review your schedule every week and make necessary changes.

5. Collect proper study material

A relevant study material that covers the whole syllabus is necessary to crack IAS exams. You need to collect books of various authors, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, online videos, test papers, question papers from previous years, etc so that you can prepare well for the UPSC Civil Services exam.

6. Make best use of Online Content

The concepts of E-Learning and Online classrooms are being widely accepted worldwide and even in India. With the start of 21st century, we had witnessed an unbelievable growth in the rise of Internet. As Internet reached every corner of the country and with increasing access to Smartphones, the experts from every part of the country started sharing their knowledge in the form of Online Magazines, Video Lectures and Online Classes. We used to hear about the life experiences of our elder generations and almost everyone’s parents used to say that they used to travel miles to study and gain education in school. But now, the times have changed and a student has got the best of knowledgeable content at the comfort of their fingertips. For many people belonging to rural areas, who cannot relocate to another city due to social and family constraints, Magazines on UPSC related subjects have been a boon and a blessing. The IAS Exam notes are also available in multiple languages on various online platforms, which the students can get very easily on their online portal. There are various Magazines in the market and also available online that prove to be really helpful in your UPSC preparation.

7. Join Similar Interest Communities

The candidate needs to be in a circle and environment where he gets to be around people with common interests. There are many online communities on various social media platforms which one can join to get more updated information and can share their experiences with others in the community.

I am just an Average Student. Can I crack the IAS Exam?

Following all these steps to the best of your capabilities, by hardwork & dedication, you can clear IAS Examination right in the first attempt.

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