Which is better place for UPSC coaching-Thane or Mumbai?

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Which is better place for UPSC coaching-Thane or Mumbai?

Role of Coaching Institutes in IAS Preparation

There are many candidates who had cleared IAS Exams without spending sleepless nights and without paying high amounts to any coaching institute. Why is Coaching necessary? Actually, good coaches and mentors can be very helpful to their students unless they are misleading the student. The best example of a good coach and a mentor is Guru Dronacharya from Mahabharata whose teachings lead Arjuna to achieve his goal. The coaching center helps the student to reduce his self-effort. A well-experienced coach by his clear knowledge can help the student to learn fast and succeed in breaking the tight competition.

The traditional classroom model of teaching with teacher-student direct interaction was the only option till before a few years back when YouTube rose like a revolution and brought forward a concept of E-Learning. The use of technology over the last decade almost in every field has been revolutionary and the same trend has been seen in the Educational Sector too. This technological revolution has changed the way we look at things and changed the way we want our children to study. First the advent of the Internet proved to be a blessing as we got a tremendous source of knowledge with unlimited potential.

How much do Coaching Centres Charge?

The charges that coaching institutes demand to depend on the facilities they provide, their infrastructure, the faculties they provide, the notes, and a lot more. Coaching Institutes for UPSC Examinations charge anywhere between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2.5 lakhs per annum fees. Many Coaching Centres provide accommodation to outstation students for an extra fee of around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 a month. So, in all a student ends up paying a hefty amount as fees and that too with very small success percentage.

One thing to keep in mind to maintain positivity is that no coaching institution can assure you 100% success without your own effort. So, even after joining a coaching center and paying a heavy fee, it’s the effort on your part that will determine your own result.

UPSC Coaching Culture in Thane

The civil services examination pattern has been evolved and revised with time by UPSC. Hence it is necessary for the students to engage themselves in the best possible way to be cost-effective, result-oriented, and get best UPSC coaching in Thane. There are many coaching centers in Thane all of which work over the years as a factory of IAS officers. Being apart from the main metropolitan region of Mumbai, Thane has been successful in growing as a hub for UPSC aspirants. The UPSC coachings in Thane have the well-built infrastructure, facilities like libraries, AC classrooms, experienced faculties that have a lot of experience in IAS field, and had proved their expertise over the years by giving excellent results and producing thousands of civil services officers. Thane has been the hub of civil services aspirants and as well structured hostel accommodation facilities which environment of competitiveness among the students as everyone around has the same goals and shares the same interests. Besides all this, the faculties at the coaching centers prepare the students to be better human beings in society and understand their social responsibilities so that they can serve the society in various ways when they have the power to do so through civil services. The Civil Services Board organizes various seminars of successful IAS officers to boost the student’s confidence, and to provide them the best way to reach the destination. Among all the students in the country preparing for IAS examinations, the students from Thane have been successful in producing accident results has it can be seen that the result percentage of Thane and its contribution to the stock of IAS officers has been greater as compared to the rest of the country. The top 10 names which had made the reputation of being the best coaching institutes for IAS preparations in Thane are mentioned below:

1. Pioneer Academy for Competitive Examination (PACE)
2. Prithvi Academy
3. The Officers Academy and Training Institute
4. Spectrum Academy
5. A. A. Shah’s IAS Institute
6. Study campus
7. VisionGATE
8. Agrawal Classes
9. Guru Educircle
10. IBOP Academy

UPSC Coaching Culture in Mumbai

UPSC exam is a path that leads to my destination called Indian Administrative Services for IAS for which the exam is conducted in three stages-Prelims, Mains and Board Interviews. To crack them at once in the first attempt is not very easy but not impeccable as well. The coaching centers in Mumbai for IAS examinations have been very good at results, infrastructure, other facilities like libraries, well-researched notes, AC classrooms, but there had been issues regarding the percentage of students being able to crack IAS examination successfully. The reasons behind this were found to be a set of external problems surcharge long commute timings for the students to reach from their home to the coaching institutes, unsuitable environments with a less competitive culture has the students find many distractions around them with the growing urban civilized society and they learn to show off material things from this society. Such an environment is not only disturbing for the students but has laid a defected foundation for the highest culture in Mumbai. Here is a list of top 10 IAS coachings in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR):

1. The Prayas India
2. Success Forum
3. ALS IAS Academy
4. Dronacharya IAS Academy
5. Lakshya IAS Academy
6. Royal IAS Academy
7. Paradigm IAS Academy
8. Sankalp IAS Academy
9. Pioneer IAS Academy
10. Guru Educircle

In comparison based on the parameters discussed in this article, Thane has been more successful in providing millions of UPSC aspirants over the years a suitable environment and a culture with complete satisfaction as compared to Mumbai. Thane is by far the best destination for the preparation of IAS exams and to help chase the dreams as a student. Still in the end, it’s on the student how he carries himself through the journey of being a successful IAS officer by his determination and hard work which are the two main characteristics be successful in this field

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