What is cost of IAS coaching at Delhi

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What is cost of IAS coaching at Delhi or What is FEE of IAS coaching at Delhi

Through this research , We at oureducation would like to bring IAS coaching fee in Delhi. Delhi has largest numbers of coaching institutes across India. Delhi has about 370 registered and non registered coachings. Every year few new coachings get opened and few closes.

This year new entry was for Subhra Ranjan IAS , so we have to keep track on new entrants as well. Through this article we will discuss IAS coaching fee of best IAS coachings of Delhi but apart from list of

  1. Vajiram and RaVI
  2. Plutus IAS
  3. Analog IAS
  4. Chankya IAS Academy
  5. Vision IAS

We will like to share FEE of few other cachings as well. But before this I would like to discuss , detail on fee charging methodology from coachings.

Regular Batch IAS coaching fee

  1. IAS coachings charges fee for GS that is general studies: General fee structure of GS varies from coaching to coaching but lues between Rs 90,000 to Rs 1,50,000: We always suggest students to complete NCERT before going for coaching of general studies
  2. IAS coachings charge fee for Optional Papers: Many coachings have different fee structure for their optional paper and it depends on subject to subject and Paper to paper. Coachings get tough competition from specialized teachers in this domain. As many students opt for GS from a different coaching and optional from different coaching or teachers.
  3. IAS coachings charges fee for test series: Although many coachings include test series fee in their course module but they have separate system of test series as well. Fee of test series varies from coaching to coaching but it lies between Rs 5000 to Rs 30000

Some students prefer self study and in that case they only subscribe for Test Series only .  Test series and self preparation modules of coaching are also gaining importance as many students who prepare for IAS exams are working class and it becomes difficult for them to attend regular classes.

Week End class Fee:

Many coachings have their weekend class structure as well. In weekend class working students take part and fee for week end class is again divided in two sections

  1. GS
  2. Optional

How to ask for fee concession from coaching ?

Many of the times student are confused if a coaching offers some concession in fee or not. Students hesitate while asking as well. Best way to Judge this is ask from coaching about Registration charge. If a coaching takes your admission with registration charge this means , if you will ask for concession , you will get concession. Those coachings who do not charge registration charge will simply ask you to come with full fee or minimum 1 installment of 2 installments.

Whats can be ways to get fee concession in IAS coachings of Delhi ?

One another way of getting concession of fee at IAS coachings of Delhi is to get admission frokm coaching consultants. Coaching consultants give large number of students to coachings and thus they charge marketing fee from coachings of IAS on their own.

Generally big coaching consultants are on admission panel of most of coachings and thus students take suggestion from those educational consultants and these coaching consultants offer some discount to students from their charges.

To discuss about IAS coaching fee at Delhi join other students at our telegram channel https://t.me/upsciascivil you can also check reviews or fee of other coachings at best coaching review sites.



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