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Vishakha Yadav from Delhi, cracked her UPSC exam in her 3rd attempt and achieved AIR 6 and her father Rajkumar, who is an ASI is so proud and happy for her daughter. He did not expected at all that she would secure the AIR 6 although he was sure that she will be successful and will crack her exam. Dwarka district police Anto Alphonse also met her and congratulated her for her success. She gave all the credit of her success to her parents who never let her feel demotivated and supported her in all difficult times. She said that she wanted to work for the education system and improve it as education is the main pillar of success of the country. She wants everyone to be educated and work for their country and she will work as hard as possible for the development of the education system.



IAS Topper studied software engineering in Delhi Technical University(DTU) and after that did a job for 2 years. While her job, she made her mind to give UPSC examination and left her job and went back to Delhi to her parents to start preparing for her UPSC exam. She said that she had to leave her job because staying away from her family, managing her job and exam preparations would have been extremely difficult for her to manage so she chose the best for her by leaving it. After coming to Delhi she started preparing for UPSC by joining coaching and started working hard for her exams. She said that it was possible to prepare without coaching but she was related to technical stream for a long time so she had to join coaching as it was a complete change of her career stream. She said it was a lot helpful and beneficial for her to join coaching center.


She gave her first attempt in 2017 in which she failed completely. But she did not give up at all and kept her determination. She worked hard and kept motivating herself. For her second attempt, she stayed and preparedn at her home only. She says that the preparations go on for a whole longyear and stress is obvious. Sometimes she felt like she should not study and her mind would completely give up. But she knew that she had to control her mind and study so she did it.

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Even when she was at her weakest point, she still did not give up and continued her hard work for she knew that one day she will be successful and this would not be a waste. She says that civil services is a consistent dedication and hardwork and even one day she would not study, it would feel like a huge loss to her. To be able to concentrate, she would go and study in the library.

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IAS Topper says that the UPSC exams which are held in three parts i.e., prelims, mains and inteview, it is completely important to plan a strategy as it is impossible to prepare without it. A proper strategy and planning for preparation is necessary and should be made according to suitability of one as not every strategy is applicable to everyone. IAS topper Vishakha says that it is completely important to atleast plan for a month in which you can learn and practice equally.

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She also said that it was important for her to reach her set target rather than studying for hours and hours. It is obviously useless to spend hours studying without a target as there is no concentration and a lot of time is wasted too. She also mainly focused on her optional subject political science. IAS topper says that she did study limited books and revised it again and again rather than covering many resources. It is very important to understand the syllabus before its preparation. You need to remember each and every thing that you have covered in the syllabus, only then it is beneficial and you will be able to attempt the answers.

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