Make your Career through IBM Mainframe Training

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What is IBM Mainframe Training?

IBM Mainframe Training Course is an entry level course that is designed for students who must design, understand, test, code and debug a program. This course is for experienced information processing personnel who need an indepth knowledge and practice using and debugging of Job Control Language. If you are willing to become an IBM Certified Professional then this IBM Certification will be the right choice for you to start.

IBM Mainframe

Benefits of IBM Mainframe Training

Benefits of IBM Mainframe Training

  • A way to get better career opportunities in field of Embedded System.
  • Good and attractive salary package
  • Deep technological knowledge of IBM Mainframe
  • Learn debugging, coding and testing a program
  • Understand the concept of Job Control Language

Who can attend IBM Mainframe training Course?

The IBM Mainframe Training Course is specially designed for those individuals who are interested in making their career in Z/OS application and their system programming. This training module includes a broad background on mainframe processing, programming concepts and their application.

Skills gained after doing IBM Mainframe Training

  • Understand CICS capabilities and facilities to write application programs to access CICS
  • Make effective use of IBM System z9 Business Class Hardware
  • Learn basics utilization of z/OS 1.12 Operating System

Future after doing IBM Mainframe Training

After becoming an IBM Mainframe Expert, an individual will sustain enough skills to work on following profiles and can earn good salary package.

  • CICS Application Designers
  • Application Programmers
  • System Programmers
  • System Operators

Following are some of the Best IBM Mainframe Training institutes in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad to help interested students in order to select the top IBM Mainframe Training institute in their respective cities.

Citywise top training providers

Best IBM Mainframe Training Institute in Delhi

  1. Denn Technologies
  2. Technogroovy Systems
  3. Arione Consulting Pvt Ltd
  4. High Technologies Solutions
  5. DUCAT

Best IBM Mainframe Training Institute in Bangalore

  1. Dallas Technologies
  2. Respro Academy
  3. Arcus Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Reboot Mind IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  5. Oohant Software Solutions

Best IBM Mainframe Training Institute in Hyderabad

  1. Tekq Technologies
  2. Business Analysts
  3. NGR IT Services
  4. Active Net
  5. S.R. Soft

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23 Responses to Make your Career through IBM Mainframe Training

  1. Bharath says:

    hi, i am MBA graduate. can i opt for Mainframes developer course?
    if yes! what would be my next step, and how can i get a job?

  2. harish says:

    what are the certifications can be done in mainframe fresher

  3. B.HARIKA says:

    do ibm mainframe based job for freshers get less package

  4. Shobhit Srivastava says:

    Hi sakshi! I have done my BE in ECE in 2014. and alreay i have joined one mainframe training institute in bangalore. Am i eligible for any ibm mainframe certification course, if yes, can u suggest me one, which will help to get a good job.

    Thank you,


    • Sakshi Chaudhary says:

      Dear Shobhit Srivastava,
      Their is a classification of training paths under IBM Mainframe Training. Many institutes also provide training on following paths. If you are interested you can also opt these training paths to get better job opportunities.
      1. z/OS and System z
      2. z/OS Operation and Parallel Sysplex
      3. z/OS Installation, Tuning, JES, and REXX Programming and Problem Diagnosis
      Security Skills
      4. z/OS UNIX System Services, WebSphere and SAP
      5. z/VM and Linux on System z
      6. z/OS Networking

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