SO Marketing officer Syllabus

IBPS SO Marketing officer Syllabus 2017-18 Professional knowledge

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IBPS SO Marketing officer Syllabus


IBPS conductes SO officer , test that is Specialist officer for different streams like IT , Marketing , HR, Law, Agriculture , RajBhasha & Finance. In these sectors IBPS looks for people with professional knowledge and experience. Here we will discuss SO Marketing officer Syllabus.

Most of guides or coaching centers will guide you about IBPS PO syllabus but very few will guide  you through syllabus of Professional knowledge section of SO Syllabus for IBPS SO. Through this section we will guide you through IBPS SO Marketing officer syllabus.

IBPS SO Marketing officer syllabus

IBPS Marketing officer syllabus takes you through Marketing Management knowledge and seeks for knowledge and experience of Marketing. Altough IBPS on its own does not publish a fixed curriculum or syllabus for Specialist officer Marketing exam but this article will guide you through Marketing syllabus as per questions being asked.  In 2017-18 number of vacancies are  195 but you need 1 seat , if you have applied.


Topics to be covered

Marketing Management: Marketing Management is core concept of Marketing which takes you from Product inception to execution which includes conception , pricing , Packaging , Promotion , 4P’s , 7 P’s , PLC , New Product development , Demand , Forecasting , Positioning, SWOT.

Product management : Product life cycle from inception to evolution , Product Level , Product Mix , GE Matrix , BCG Matrix , New Product , New Product Planning , Product Placement and commercialization.

Sales : Sales Objective, Personal Selling , Selling Process , Sales Forecast , Demand Analysis , Incentive Plan for Sales force , Advertising , Promotion , PR , Sales force Motivation , Sales force hierarchy.

Retail Marketing : Retail Management and Retail Marketing , Strategies for Retail Marketing , Marketing Mix for Retail Management ,Modern retail , Global Retail industry, Store operations , Store Management , CBB , CRM , Supply chain Management , CRM ,  Merchandising , warehousing ,

Service Marketing : 7P’s, Service, Nature of Business , Nature of service operation , Customer handling , Marketing promotion , CRM , Internet marketing ,

Brand Management : Research for Brand ,Concept to positioning Introduction to brand and Brand Management , Brand Equity , Brand Positioning , Branding attributes , Marketing Mix for Brand , Brand Image, Segmentation of Brand , Customer based Brand Equity , CBBE , Product mix , Brand Mix , Brand Extension , Brand Value

Consumer Buying Behavior : Brand Persona , Brand Personality , Buying behavior , Influence on Buying , Influence after Product use , PPB that is Post Purchase behavior, IMC , Brand communication , Role of advertising , Packaging , leveling , co branding , In branding , CPA- Consumer protection act 1986 , Consumer rights ,  ATL , BTL , Data collection , Customer feedback system ,  Marketing decisions , Customers satisfaction.

Advanced Marketing Technique: Global and Glocal Marketing , Value chain , Value Preposition , Up – selling , Reverse Marketing , Down sales , cross Marketing , CSR , Reverse Marketing , Rural India, CSR , Channes of Marketing , Marketing communication technologies.

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