Biology Sample Papers for Class 10 ICSE Board

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I.C.S.E. is one of the most famous non-governmental Board of Education serving quality education across country. Biology is one of most easiest subject to prepare for the exam as it require a little attention to earn good marks. The main purpose of setting the given Biology Sample Papers for Class 10 ICSE is to make students aware about the type of questions asked in the exam as per latest pattern.

Tips for Preparations:

(1) There will be one theory paper of two and half half hour containing 80 marks and the remaining 20 marks will be evaluate on the basis of Internal assistance. Thus to prepare for theory exam is very important.

Biology Sample Papers for Class 10 ICSE

Biology Sample Papers for Class 10 ICSE Board

(2) Section-I consists of 5 marks questions which are of short answer type. So, answer them in to-the-point manner.

(3) Section-II consists of long answer questions including diagrams. So, prepare them as per the format carefully.

(4) Solve sample papers as much as possible to maintain your Time Management during the exam.


General Instructions:
1. Attempt all questions from Section-I and from section-II.
2. The intended marks for questions are given in the brackets.

SECTION I (40 Marks)

Question 1:

(a) Name the following: [5 Mark]

(1) The stage when sister chromatids separate from their paired condition.
(2) The organ that produces urea.
(3) The part of ovary that produces progesterone.
(4) Chromosome with centromere at the extreme end.
(5) Process by which homologous chromosomes exchange respective chromatid segments.

(b) State whether the following statements are true or false. If false, rewrite the correct statements.[5 Mark]

(1) Nephrons are basic unit of brain.
(2) The Beta cells of pancreas secrete insulin.
(3) Complementary base for adenine is cytosine.
(4) Most active stage of cell cycle, in terms of gene action is metaphase.
(5) During cell division spindle fibres are directly attached with chromatids.

(c) Fill in the blanks: [5 Mark]

(1) Mitosis occurs in ………. cells and help in growth and development.
(2) ………… are two small bodies of microtubules in the cytoplasm near the nucleus of animal cells.
(3) The end product of fermentation is ………………
(4) A non-degradable pollutant is …………………….
(5) The basic unit of human brain is the ………………….

(d) Draw the diagram to show the meta-phase of mitotic cell division taking place in cell with two pairs of chromosomes and label the parts. [5 Mark]

(1) Centromere
(2) Centrosome
(3) Chromatids
(4) Cytosol
(5) Microtubules

(e) Match the items in column A with those which are most appropriate in column B. [5 Mark]

Column A                                                  Column B
(1) Basic unit of life                                      (1) Glucagon
(2) Beta cells of Pancreas                            (2) Meninges
(3) Meiosis                                                    (3) Iris
(4) Protective covering of brain                    (4) Cell
(5) Constriction of pupil of the eye               (5) Insulin
(6) Skin cell
(7) Protoplasm
(8) Sperm
(9) Ciliary muscles

(f) Explain the following terms: [5 Mark]

(1) Antiseptic
(2) Trophic Hormone
(4) Mutation
(5) Osmosis

(g) Given below the five sets of terms .In each case, arrange and rewrite each set so as to be in logical sequence. [5 Mark]

(1) Lens, Pupil, Conjunctiva, Yellow spot, Cornea.
(2) Soil, water, root hair, Xylem, cortex, endodermis
(3) Tympanum, stapes, malleus, incus, fenestra.
(4) Graafian follicle, uterus, oridueal, funnel, fallopian tube, ovum
(5) Association neuron, effector, motor neuron, receptor, sensory neuron.

(h) Choose odd one in each of the following series: [5 Mark]

(1) Cholera, Whooping cough, Diphtheria, Measles
(2) Insulin, Glucagon, Diabetes insipidus, Diabetes mellitus
(3) Myopia, Hypermetropia, Xerophthalmia, Astigmatism
(4) Ovary, Fallopian tube, Ureter, Uterus.
(5) Cretinism, Myxoedema, Goitre, Scurvy



(a)Differentiate between the following pairs on the basis of what given in brackets:[5 Mark]

(i) Red cells and Cone cells (Pigment)
(ii) Lymphocytes and Neutrophilis (structure of nucleus)
(iii) Pure and Hybrid strains (definition)
(iv) WHO and Red Cross (Any one function of each)
(v) Simple goitre and Exophthalmic goitre (cause of the disorder)

(b) A healthy croton plant bearing variegated leaves was kept in a dark cupboard to destarch it after which it was placed in sunlight for a few hours. One of the leaves was then plucked and on outline of the leaves marking the green and non- green region was drawn. The leaf was then tested for starch. Using the above information answer the following questions. [5 Mark]

(i) State the aim of experiment.
(ii) Name the chemical used for testing the presence of starch.
(iii) Why is leaf boiled in water and alcohol before testing for the presence of starch.
(iv) What change is seen in the leaf after starch test.
(v) Give the chemical equation to represent the process of starch formation in plants. plants


(a) Describe the following.  [5 Mark]

(i) Draw the neat diagram of single Malpighian corpuscle and label the following parts: Glomerulus, Bowman’s capsule, Afferent, Arteriole, and Efferent arteriole.
(ii) Name and explain the process that occurs in the Glomerulus.

(b) Explain in detail. [5 Mark]

(1i Mention three reason for the increase in population in India.
(ii) Write the full form of NADP and BCH.
(iii) State any three functions of WHO.
(iv) Explain the term antibiotic. Give an example.


(a)Give reason for the following: [5 Mark]

(i) Plants begin to die when excess of soluble fertilizers are added to the soil.
(ii) There is a need of check the present rate of urbanisation.
(iii) Green leaves are thin and broad.
(iv) Injury to the medulla oblongata results in death.
(v) Gametes have a haploid number of chromosomes.

(b) Explain in detail.  [5 Mark]

(i) Explain the term Plasmolysis. Give one application.
(ii) Enumerate the steps involved in testing a green leaf for the presence of starch.
(iii) State any three adaptations in plants to reduce transpiration.


(a) Draw a labelled diagram of human eye. [5 Mark]

(b) Write the function of the following. [5 Mark]

(i) Cornea
(ii) Iris
(iii) Pupil
(iv) Eye lens
(v) Retina


(a) Answer the following.  [5 Mark]

(i) From where to where do the following blood vessels carry blood? (1) Hepatic vein (2) Hepatic portal vein.
(ii) State any four major activities of Red Cross Society.
(iii) Define ‘birth rate’.

(b) Differentiate between the following: [5 Mark]

(i) Blood plasma and serum.
(ii) Catabolism and anabolism
(iii) Aerobic and anaerobic respiration
(iv) Pleural fluid and pericardial fluid.
(v) Antiseptic and disinfectant


(a)(i) Draw the outline of male reproductive system and label the following parts: [5 Mark]
Parts-testis, epididymis, seminal vesicles, vas deference.
(ii) Name the hormone produced by testis.
(iii) Why are sperms produced in large numbers?
(iv) State the function of seminal vesicles.

(b) Answer the given questions: [5 Mark]

(i) Draw a neat labelled diagram of the membranes labyrinth found in inner ear. Name the part of structure that is responsible for static balance in human being.
(ii) Name the tube which connects the cavity of middle ear with the throat.
(iii) Name any two microbial diseases and vaccines used as preventive measures for each.

NOTE: To get pdf of above sample paper, follow: ICSE CLASS 10th Biology Sample paper
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