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Examinations are getting tough every day and so pressure on students are increasing day by day. Here we have brought ICSE CLASS 9 ACCOUNTS SAMPLE PAPER for ease of students

Question 1

(Spend only  35 minutes on this question)

Write a composition (not more than 350 – 400 words) on any of the following topics :

(a) Me and my big mouth!

(b) punctuality is the virtue of life. Ellaborate a real life experience.

(c) Pets are important for every house. Write for or against the topic.

(d) Write an short story which would illustrates the significance of the statement

One lie give birth to other lie.



(Spend 20 minutes on this Question)

Select  any one of the following:

(a) Write a letter to trhe editorial head of any newspaper telling him about your views about global warming , its effects and what should we do to prevent it.

(b) There is a huge event in your school and due to some reason your friend has missed it . Write a letter to your friend describing him the function and what was your role in it.

Question 4

(a) In the following passage,  there is a word given in the brackets fill in each of the blanks numbered 1 to 10 the correct form of the word and do not copy the entire passage.


(0) discussed.

The other day we (0) ______(discuss) the attitudes of people in our

country. Why (1) _____ (be) most of them are considered to be rude and aggressive? Sanjay

asked  Kalpana (2) ______(say) that it (3) _____(be) because there

(4) ________(be) too many people and one had to fight for everything.

Nirode (5)______(insist) that it (6) ______(be) the climate. We

(7) _______(be) as efficient and polite as Europeans if only our weather

(8) _______ (be) better.

(b) Fill up the blanks with the best suitable word:

(i) Her parents live ________ New Delhi.

(ii) Joe’s parents are sick ________ his behaviour.

(iii) Colonel Gurmeet congratulated the soldiers _______ their victory.

(iv) The planet was seen ________ the telescope.

(v) The news of his promotion came ________the next day.

(vi) He is not afraid _______ the consequences.

(vii) He rushed ______ the class as he was late.

(viii) The school is famous _______its sports achievements.

(c) Rewrite the following sentences with a suitable preposition but do not use and, but, so :-

(i) Sonia asked a riddle. I was unable to solve it.

(ii) John helped Thomas. Thomas will always be grateful.

(iii) Rajan is amazing singer. He is also popular.

(iv) Adnan sang a wonderful song. It became a hit.

(d) Rewrite the sentences as per the instruction given, without changing the meaning of the sentence:-

(i) We had not even walked one kilometre when they stopped us.

(Begin: Hardly …………………)

(ii) The memory is so vivid that I will never forget it.

(Use ‘too’ in place of ‘so’)

(iii) That need not happen.

(Rewrite: using does.)

(iv) Food and sleep were all we cared about.

(Begin: All …………………….)

(v) We sat there face to face with our accuser.

(Begin: There ………………………….)

(vi) Herbert consulted his parents before accepting the job offer.

(Begin: Herbert did not ………..)

(vii) Put your tools away, the children may fall over them

(Use: lest………………………)

(viii) It was the last time he saw his wife.

(Begin: Never……………………)



Question 4.



2. to say





7. would have been



i.            In

ii.            With

iii.            For

iv.            By

v.            About

vi.            of

vii.            to

viii.            for


i.            Sonia asked a riddle which I was unable to solve

ii.            John helped Thomas therefore he would always be grateful

iii.            Rajan is amazing singer that is why he is also famous

iv.            Adnan sang a wonderful song which became a hit


i.            Hardly had we walked one km, they stopped us.

ii.            The memory is too vivid to forget

iii.            That does not need to be happened

iv.            All we cared about was food and sleep

v.            There we sat face to face with our accuser

vi.            Herbert did not accept the job offer before consulting his parents

vii.            Put your tools away. Lest the children might fall

viii.            Never would he see his wife.




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