IES (Indian Engineering Service)

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IES (Indian Engineering Service)

IES are the civil services that meet the technical and managerial functions of the Govt. of India. Like most countries the Government of India recruits its civil servants and officials on the basis of merit, middle management positions in the bureaucracy are filled through competitive exams. The IES officers are selected by the union government on the recommendations made by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) through a combined four-stage competitive examination comprising of six tests that are called the Engineering Services Examination (ESE) which is conducted by the UPSC for recruitment to the Indian Engineering Services.

IES Syllabus branchwise:

i. Syllabus for Electrical Engineering IES

ii. Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering IES  and slideshow

iii. Syllabus for Civil Engineering IES

iv. Syllabus for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering IES

v. Syllabus for General Ability IES

Syllabus for Electrical Engineering IES  ICAR-Agriculture-Engineering2-300x149 (1)

Electrical engineering follows academic discipline which is recognized by the academic journals in which research is done. Electrical Engineering  is said to be a branch of knowledge that is obtained at college level.  The field EE first became an exclusive occupation  in late nineteenth century after commercialization of electrical power supply and electric telegraph now this field cover a range of subtopics which include telecommunication ,control system, signal processing and power electronics.

Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering IES Mechanical-Engineering-300x97

Mechanical engineering is among the most diversified of the time-honored engineering disciplines and this branch is said to be one of the oldest branch in the field of engineering.Mechanical engineers has to deal with robotics,  mechanics ,thermodynamics ,fluid mechanism ,kinematics and many other s concepts  also mechanical engineers develop various engines ,heating and cooling system  and other machinery .Mechanical engineers are not only responsible for designing new  machines but also they are  accountable for testing the system, manufacturing and  maintaining the systems.


Syllabus for Civil Engineering IES images5-300x156

Civil Engineering deals with designs, the construction and  the maintenance of physical as well as the natural built environment which includes roads , canals, bridges dams and buildings. Civil Engineering is also known as one of the oldest engineering discipline that sets a distinction between military and non-military engineering.

Syllabus for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering IES images-13-300x130

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering deals with microprocessors ,electronic components ,integrated circuits.It also deals with designing ,testing ,fabricating ,supervising and maintaining of electronic components .The field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering encompasses all fields of human existence. The radio, telephones, television,  computers, office machinery ,automobiles,  house-hold appliances, space vehicles and life saving medical equipment represents relevance of Electronics.

Syllabus for General Ability IES aiesgeneng-250x250

The selection through Engineering Services Examination takes place through two stages: Written Tests & Personality Test. The candidates who qualify this written tests will be called for personality test. Written tests carries 1000 marks while  the personality test carries 200 marks.

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