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MKT JICS is one of the Top engineering coaching of Lucknow for IIT JEE

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MKT-JICS is International venture of JIEM India Cram Schools Pvt. Ltd. ; a 100% subsidiary of Japan Institute for Education Measurement, Tokyo.

MKT-JICS details can be found on www.

JICS is pioneer in Diagnostic teaching for IIT JEE entrance exams and is one of top engineering coaching of Lucknow for IIT JEE. Students’ assignments and tests are continuously analyzed by experts in backend team and teachers are given immediate feedback on student understanding.
System helps in identifying the students who are not able to understand the key concepts and then those students are being separately taught One On One by teachers to bring them at par with rest of students.

This diagnostic process make sure that students interest is continuous and he or she is able to improve on daily basis.

We do have separate batches for girls. Our entire center is under CCTV surveillance.

Apart from star faculties in center we get visiting faculties from all over India as well to give different perspective to students. All India rank holders will be visiting students and sharing tips and tricks of IIT JEE.
We do have psychological counselor as well to help students taking competitive exam pressure. Students from different parts of Uttar Pradesh come to JICS and stay at Lucknow in hostels with a belief of getting something different at JICS coaching.

Overall it is very much holistic preparation for IIT JEE and paradigm shift from conventional coaching institutes; Its Cram School !!

Teachers at MKT JICS have different ideology and focus for students  , Teachers take individual care of students as , We at MKT JICS , one of the best engineering exam coaching has sent maximum number of students to IIT JEE which gives it an edge over other IIT JEE coaching at Lucknow. Best aspect of JICS is its methodology in terms of teaching and guiding students for exams like of IIT JEE or any engineering exams. Direct relation with methodology of learning from Japan , give its an edge over other coaching institutes of IIT JEE. Dedicated effort by JICS teachers have made this institute to stand in a different line and make it among top engineering coaching of Lucknow for IIT JEE

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