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Reality Shows are genre of television shows or program which feature common people and /or celebrities in real life or scripted situations or both .

Initially the reality show was launched as radio show titled “Candid Microphone”. Then in 1948
the same concept was televised on ABC channel called “Smile You Are On Camera”. This show
featured ordinary people  encountering unusual situations.They involve trick props such as desk
with drawers that pop open when closed or car with hidden extra gas tank.Similar concept is used in
show Gags which is televised on Zee Cafe.

  • Human curiosity:   It is said that “curiosity killed the cat” but in case of  Reality Shows “curiosity lured the audience”.People always love seeing common man in strange or awkward situations as he/she can connect with the person.
  • Entertainment ValueToday TV is flooded with soap operas so the reality shows comes with the fresh breeze and break the boredom of audience.Anything new or different is obviously bound to be noticed.Hence the Reality Shows comes with high dose of entertainment.
  • Aggressive MarketingThis is the major factor of success of  Reality Shows. We see it anywhere and everywhere in TV  promos,large hoardings,internet,magazines and other media.They too show some strong  footage in TV promos that even uninterested person is bound to see the show.
  • Power : Concept of voting in these shows give the audience the sense of power to vote for the favorite or vote for the not so likable in order to eliminate the guy.Due to this concept of voting public tend to be attached to the show.
Reality Shows have their own audience depending on the age group and taste of an individual .
  • Talent shows : It includes singing,dancing,cooking or other forms of talent .Some of them are “Indian Idol” ,”India’s Got Talent” ,”Jhalak Dikhla Jaa”,”Just Dance” and much more.
  • Game Shows: Games can be of testing your knowledge or fitness in which the better you perform the more you will earn money.Some of them are “Kaun Banega Crorepati”,”Wipeout”,”Das Ka Dam” etc.
  • Hidden Camera Shows: In these shows people are featured in awkward situations or odd situations and their reactions are noticed which most of the time result in humor.Some of them are “MTV Bakra” hosted by   Cyrus Barocha ,”Just for Laughs Gags” and “Candid Camera”.
  • Social Experiment Shows:This constitute of whole Drama,conflict and transformation.Some of them are “Big Switch”,”Holiday hijack”,”Secret Millionaire”,”Satyemev Jayte” . 
  • Awards and prizesThe USP of reality shows is that it gives its participants the awards and prizes which is often money.Due to this concept common man also benefits.
  • Instant Fame:  Fame is the name of game. As you become part of these reality shows you get instant fame due to which you become popular may be for shorter period of time but still u come in limelight.
  • Platform for unknown Celebs: In 2007 when Shilpa Shetty won Big Brother she became international celebrity and rest is the history now.
  • Exposure to unknown talentDue to Talent Reality Shows common man gets the platform to display their talent which may remain secluded in their native environments.
  • Promotion Of Brands Brand companies provide sponsorship to the producer of reality shows and in return their products are endorsed during show broadcasting.
  • First and Foremost is that these reality shows does not portray reality ,for eg. dating shows and fly on the wall shows are filmed in documentary manner but there is no authenticity in the show.
  • When Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother faced the racial comments it became breaking news and it did hurt the sentiments of Indians which proves that reality shows develops wrong notations in the public.
  • Some of the reality shows consist of kids of age less than 10 years who are pitted against each other and in such young age they are compelled to compete with each other.Due to this parents directly or indirectly force their children to be a part of rate race.
  • Aggression is promoted directly or indirectly by the dramatic reality shows .Contestants often use Aggression,cat fights,display of anger,use of abusive language etc are glorified to make show spicy and increase the TRP.
  •  Reality Shows deviates the youth mentality from academics to getting fame and success by means of shortcuts.Instead of handwork and introspection youth think these shows are a source of making quick money .

We can limit the effects of reality shows by Viewer Discretion, Role of popular

Media(Newspapers,magazines,internet),censoring or banning the vulgar content,giving these
shows the late night slots.And yes at last

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12 Responses to Indian Reality Shows

  1. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Reality show plays a big role in our society now a days. It has pros as well as cons. It helps us to learn many things from the quiz type reality shows and from many others. But it harms or we can say pollutes our minds by showing some bad things to us. So, I think that it depends upon us that which type of things we want to see. Specially It is more important issue for the children or teenagers.

  2. barun kumar singh says:

    I think an article is not enough to discuss about the role of reality show in Indian society because it has infinite point to go through. Reality shows has 4 modules
    4)Talent hunt
    Speaking about popularity reality shows like big boss, swanbars, etc are just for the person who wants to gain popularity.The things which are shown in these shows are not at all social so that a complete sits under same roof and see.
    2) A large amount of money is invested in these reality show which is a total waste because as India is still developing no one is concerned for its development.more over these reality shows earns lot of money from sms and broadcasting companies.
    3)show like talent hunt,Dance India dance,MTV roadies are a great source of entertainment which every individual of any age group enjoys in there free time
    4)many people across the globe who has God gifted talent gets chance to show the world that what he has.
    one thing of these reality shows is that they provide auditions throughout the globe for the search of talent

  3. oishi chatterjee says:

    Indians are high on the emotional quotient and anything that strikes the emotional chord is an instant hit.
    Reality shows not only changed the destinies of many channels but also people like Kunal Ganjawala,Shreya Ghosal are some successfull finds of reality shows. It was reality shows that raised the channel starone for its two shows The great Indian Laughter Challenge and Nach Baliye. Apart from overwhelming of TRPs it also brought some celebrities that where lost stars into limelight once more…
    With time people nw have got addicted to these shows. nwdays there are dozens of reality shows coming up every month how is it possible to do? …..These shows usually dnt require a huge budgets or expensive sets to make a hit it just requires a dirty plot and interesting characters thereoff to make a commercial success.

  4. preeti nisha says:

    “Shows” the name itself suggests that they are just a showcase to anything. Reality shows are just a piece of entertainment to people and a break from the boredom from daily soaps . Though some reality shows really come up with a real source of enigma like “KBC” which is more a game of intelligence and gives many opportunities to win prize money. Social reality shows such as satyamave jayate, crime petrol are to some extent a reflection of peoples encounter with the bad world and helps in awakening of instincts but again they are not completely true. But reality shows like Roadies, splitsvilla, emotional atyachar, fear factor and swayambars are all to entertain people or rather a source of income. The worse the conditions are the greater is the “TRP” and the more money you can make. Reality shows like signing,dancing competitions ,talent shows are a platform to encourage the talents of young india and give them a great opportunity to come forward which would have been impossible otherwise. so reality shows are a mixture of both – a platform for talent and a showcase of entertainment.

  5. Priyanka Baidya says:

    For me reality shows is one of the best entertainment shows in television.
    The best quality of these type of shows that it provides opportunity to those person who have talent but does not have any platform to show.
    We should encourage this type of shows.

  6. Akanksha Chaturvedi says:

    Yes guyz I appreciate your thoughts and i too consider that reality shows have proved to be cheap sources of entertainment but still some of them are promoting aggression,anger,catfights.

  7. Arjun Singh Bhadauria says:

    I think it is good for us and it also increase the interest of viewers and good for the people who got the chance in these shows.

  8. Mahima Sharma says:

    Reality shows are a Good platform for all the talented people to show their talent!
    At the same time it is also a Good source of entertainement !
    Well Written Akanksha 🙂

  9. chitranshi dhaneshwar says:

    reality shows are only source of entertainment for the viewers. If someone or some organization are taking benefit no matters because they are entertaining.

  10. poorva gupta says:

    Its good…people get a chance to show their talents via such shows !!

  11. lubna khan says:

    the reality shows are good for person who is participating or organizing. But it is not having good impact on society.

  12. meetu uthra says:

    Nicely written,and even i feel the same indian reality shows lack innovation, and imitation of foreign shows should be avoided.

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