Individual Differences and Personality

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Individual’s different psychology examines and determines that how people are similar and how do they differ in amongst thinking and expressing. For example, people may be categorized according to their intelligence and the related personality characteristics.

People are unpredictable and there are multiple theories that are prevailing in the aspects of psychological differences. In many ways, “Individual Difference” is the “classic” psychology that the general public refers – the psychology of the person – the psychological differences between people and their similarities.

We all are not the same:


Personality Development

Lots of research looks at the “typical” or “average” person. But what should be done about unusual people? Psychologists are researching the individual differences and studying on the concepts that what are the properties that makes people DIFFERENT.

In the Western psychology, the approach to individual differences the general things assume that:

  1. People do vary accordingly on a range of psychological attributes.
  2. It is possible to calculate the individual differences.
  3. Individual differences are thus useful for explaining the behavior and performance .

 What makes us unique?

Personality- Different people have different personality and nature.

Personal Qualities- Each individual is blessed with some personal qualities.

Intelligence- It is the major part of one’s personality traits.

Moral values- One should have good moral values in order to reflect a good personality.

Mental health- It is the most important aspect of the personality and one should have a good idea of what is to be spoken and when.

Group Identity- Every individual is blessed with some good qualities that separates everyone from the others.

Race- Racism is not fair  among st us as we are of the same skin and color.

Culture- Cultures play a vital role in the building up of the personality and thus reflecting a new personality.

Gender- Criticism based on gender is not good one should always reflect a good attitude towards the women.

What are the aspects that decide that how are we “like no others” ?

  • Individual uniqueness refers to the fact that each and every individual has some personal and unique qualities that are not shared by any other person in the world
  • Individuals can thus be studied normally by their behavior.
  • Thus , there are many qualities that make each of us different from others in every field and one should be proud to have such a different talent that is generally not achieved by the others. One should also work hard to achieve that hidden talent and thus catalyze the personality traits.

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