Is GOD Man-made?

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God is necessary being, and we are contingent beings, so it’s not even possible that man could’ve made God. Nothing that is necessary can be made, and it certainly couldn’t be made before the maker even came to exist. Even if God wasn’t a necessary being, man lacks the technology to make a God.

who made god?

discovering God

The question “Is God man-made” is defiantly an eye opening question. In some religions the answer is yes, god is a man made creature to help people who live in fear of the world and need an explanation. For some god is a worldly type creature that is beyond explanation and is not man-made.

I honestly don’t think there will ever be an easy answer to this question. There are some who will always believe that god is man-made and something for people who live their lives in fear. Some believe that this entire world is god made and that god is the all mighty power that is more than any of us.

It depends whether God is man-made, because in Christian’s point of view God is not a man made. In Bible it was told that God came down to Earth to help other people, but in non believer’s point of view they will think that God is man-made, because God was a son of Mary and Joseph so God was a man made creature.

Practically speaking, as far as we know, yes, God is merely made-up. There is no real proof that God truly exists. He is just like the thousands of other gods that people believe in – who; by the way, don’t believe in the existence of ‘God’ but of theirs only. Why? Because they were taught that their own god was the only real god. There could be a god but there is no evidence of ‘God’. God is just something that the man created to explain how everything begun. Because the we count find an possible explanation for the what happened before us. Not saying that god doesn’t exist, i mean the world has to come from somewhere, but the expression god, the one that created everything is totally man made.

As we have learned and expanded out knowledge we have moulded God to fit our needs. The ancient Greeks and Romans thought gods pulled the sun across the sky; we found out this was due to the earth orbiting around the sun and no longer have those gods. If god were not manmade we would not see so many different ones.

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31 Responses to Is GOD Man-made?

  1. Neha S says:

    Its yet to be found out that,

  2. barun kumar singh says:

    GOD is a human belief which possess the ultimate power responsible for all the natural things which occur.its a self belief of every individual that there is an existence of such a supernatural power which is responsible for the do’s and don’t in every individual life.More over before a start to any work every one at least prays GOD for the success of his/her work.

  3. Sneha sinha says:

    God is manifestation of Man’s thinking..In order to worship,respect someone humans created the concept of God….

  4. sibanjan says:

    god is an idea… god is a belief… whenever we lose our path in the life journey… we knee down in front of the god… we believe he will show us the proper path….actually thinking about the god increases our concentration power… it boosts our confidence…
    there are many controversies on the topic that is god man made???? it may not be also… the existence of anything can be proved if it is scientifically driven out…. science is progressing… but it may also be true that still now science has not the capability to prove the existence of the god….

  5. shreya sarkar says:

    It is a critical question whether God is man made or not. Who is God? According to me God is a symbol of ultimate power, ultimate knowledge and ultimate being. God is in a way man made. Man made God as a representation of power and knowledge. When man saw everything around him he wondered who created them all. That is when man created God. Man made God his ultimate creator, the creator of the universe. Whether God really exists or not that certainly has not been proven scientifically but yes He exists for us, within us as a symbol of faith and power.

  6. Gourav Jain says:

    No, But what we think god as is really man made.
    GOD is basically is a natural power that governs us and that strengthens us, But i dont believe god as wearing heavy jewellery and costumes.

  7. Ritika says:

    Ironical, but God’s existence needs man’s certificate!

  8. sakshi chaudhary says:

    of course not,’
    GOD is not man made,its one belief which create trust in GOD…

  9. Saurabh Singh says:

    I think One power is there which is driving whole nature and that power refers as GOD and d is in exsitence from many years.

  10. Jagriti Singh says:

    No, i don’t think so. God in not man made. It is only individual’s belief or trust on some super natural powers exists.

  11. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    God can be Man and Man cannot be God itself!
    People need to know that the Divine power of the Almighty can’t be compared to the meagre potential of the Man at any sense!
    Go is not Man-made.

  12. Chitranshi Dhaneshwar says:

    For me it is a supernatural power but the society has made it for our convinience.

  13. sanjeet thakur says:


  14. Jishnu Sen says:

    It is truly a very sensitive topic to discuss, yet a very practical one. Jesus Christ,Mohammed Prophet, Lord Buddha and many others Gods as we know were human beings and if we study further about their details then we may find that even they have denied to be God by themselves. but we still call them Gods as they did extra-ordinary things which normal people like us could never achieve and due to this “extra” ordinary achievements they touched people’s heart and people started believing in them and hence started calling them Gods. So, if we do a proper research then we may find out that every God was a human being and it is their followers who all started calling them Gods, due to their kindness,fondness and extra ordinary powers.
    So, I may conclude by saying that GOD IS MAN MADE.

  15. Nabin Madhab Biswas says:

    GOD is not man made. we can not see the god . this is not visible by the man.

  16. Chandan Jha says:

    god is man made is true because every thing we want to do lies in our will power which is the real god

  17. SwaRnav MoNdal says:

    God,it is a very controvercial thing in the world as the ghost.We all make so much comments for or against that topic.But god is not man-made.In before we can see there are so many books or proofs that told us God is not man-made.We think that he is here around us when fall in some trouble.But when we are trouble free we don’t remember them.So if we think as our mind,yes it is man-made.Otherwise not.

  18. Rudraneel Bhowmik says:

    In my point of view God is nothing but a manmade handicaf .We depends on him or her but they are senseless doll like nowork people or handicaf.

  19. Surajit Pramanik says:

    According to my perspective its a trust. As a human being everyone belives in something. And trust comes from believe. without trust no one can live. Its a nature of humanity. so ethists keep full trust on God. actually its a mutual trust of human being.

  20. Priya Srivastava says:

    GOD IS MAN-MADE,just belief in good things.If any one has good quality then they must be treated as a god.Our parents is our god.Suppose you are in some problem,ex-u feel thirsty nd u dont have water then at that time someone come and give u water,at that time u will treat that person as a god.Believe in good person and try to be a good person

  21. Sankar Chowdhury says:

    I personaly think that God is man made.Every man’s soul have God.If some one do somthing to help some one in any way or then we say that He or She help me like a god.So, God is nothing but a Believe.If some one do somthing for a poor man or child then I think He or She helps thnere like a god.So, if want to find god then I dont go any timple, I will find god in my sour to do somthing for human being.In my point of view god is man made.

  22. Aditya Kundan says:

    Being a theist i do believe in God’s existence.For the world to contunue it’s life there must be some supernatural power which is omnipresent,and that can be noone but THE GOD.Definitely different religions have different GODS to represent them…all believe in the one fact that HE is the PROTECTOR.We have clear evidences which showcase that at one point of time their had been reincarnation of vishnu to drive away the evils.We do see several ancient temples with unknown magical powers.Be it any religion,we human do fear god when we do anything against him.So,i think that God is not merely man made but HE definitely resides somewhere governing the continuity of our universe.

  23. ssss ssss says:

    Yes,to some extent God is man made.It is a unknown trust imposed by persons who are willing for something
    they think is difficult to achieve.But going through religious views and persons whosoever are made to sit in chair next to God,God is some unbelieveable power that exists and only if one can satisfy the basic duties towards almighty then only they will be getting the services.

  24. patlakshi says:

    Well philosphy for the above topic could differ from individual to individual. However it is up to the one as what he beleives whether god is man made or not.

  25. Divya Acharya says:

    everyone have different view on this topic according to their thinking,but i think god is not an man made thing,those person who have all the good human qualities can be treated as a god in this era.

  26. Bhavya Myts says:

    no god is not man made…man is today more technology driven bt not to an extent dat he cn make GOD…man still lacks d technology f making d GOD n will alwyz lack dis one…GOD exists in evry form f matter n no human can evr challenge dat super natural authority…dere iz some supernatural power which controls n directs each n evrythng on d universe..

  27. pragya saxena says:

    no i dont think so that god is man made,there is something that any power which beholds us which is god…..existence of god cannot be denied though no one knows about it,bt its our belief only that the world is created by god only…so its a matter of faith and belief ,and i believe one should believe in god,coz there is a power above us….which is not ruled by anyone,though the belief has lead to divisions of culture,superstitions etc.everything is controlled by him only bt doing our work is in our hand only as it is said that “god help those who help themselves..”

  28. Pallavi Sinha says:

    This is the matter of believe and faith only.Number of god follower are more rather than those who donot believe on them.I strongly believe in the theme that there is something or somewhere a supernatural power exist who controls everything in the world.
    But on the name of god world has been divided into many parts and culture and many superstition has been spreaded by number of fraud followers those who make gods places a way of business n counts profit againt this which was not decided by him.

  29. Ankita Prajapati says:

    “Men rarely (if ever) manage to dream up a god superior to themselves. Most gods have the manners and morals of a spoiled child” – Robert A. Heinlein

  30. Subhayan Das says:

    The formidable tragedy of the crucification of the so called savior was a mere fake implantation of a series of intentional misunderstandings created by his followers . THE CHOICE OF DATE of crucification was planned to be on Friday late afternoon and in those times all works was ordered by law to be shut down by evening and the preceding saturday and sunday were supposed to be holidays .So his fellow jew followers took him down by dusk and moved him out of the city .To a few people amazement to be sure JESUS died in KASHMIR at an age of 110 .
    The surprise doesnt stops here the pope community has been for years being trying to overlap this incident through their power and their skillful ways to frighten the half dead minded people around the world.
    The modern politicians have well understood the need for fake beliefs and methods to frighten the mass through it .There cant be a god because the theory of evolution is based upon its mother .The question arrives IF GOD CREATED HUMAN , THEN WHO CREATED THE GOD ? .
    The philosophic society in its own ways says ”THERE IS NO GOD BUT WE HAVE FOUND SOMETHING BEYOND IT “……

  31. Rajiv Ranjan says:

    In recent years, scientists specializing in the mind have begun to unravel religion’s “DNA.” They have produced robust theories, backed by empirical evidence (including “imaging” studies of the brain at work), that support the conclusion that “it was humans who created God, not the other way around”. And the better we understand the science, the closer we can come to “no heaven … no hell … and no religion too.”
    Like our physiological DNA, the psychological mechanisms behind faith evolved over the eons through natural selection. They helped our ancestors work effectively in small groups and survive and reproduce, traits developed long before recorded history, from foundations deep in our mammalian, primate and African hunter-gatherer past.
    For example, we are born with a powerful need for attachment, identified as long ago as the 1940s by psychiatrist John Bowlby and expanded on by psychologist Mary Ainsworth. Individual survival was enhanced by protectors, beginning with our mothers. Attachment is reinforced physiologically through brain chemistry, and we evolved and retain neural networks completely dedicated to it. We easily expand that inborn need for protectors to authority figures of any sort, including religious leaders and, more saliently, gods. God becomes a super parent, able to protect us and care for us, even when our more corporeal support systems disappear, through death or distance.

    Scientists have so far identified about 20 hardwired, evolved “adaptations” as the building blocks of religion. Like attachment, they are mechanisms that underlie human interactions: Brain-imaging studies at the National Institutes of Health showed that when test subjects were read statements about religion and asked to agree or disagree, the same brain networks that process human social behaviour — our ability to negotiate relationships with others — were engaged.

    Among the psychological adaptations related to religion are our need for reciprocity, our tendency to attribute unknown events to human agency, our capacity for romantic love, our fierce “out-group” hatreds and just as fierce loyalties to the in-groups of kin and allies. Religion hijacks these traits. The rivalry between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, for example, or the doctrinal battles between Protestant and Catholic reflect our “groupish” tendencies.

    In addition to these adaptations, humans have developed the remarkable ability to think about what goes on in other people’s minds and create and rehearse complex interactions with an unseen other. In our minds we can de-couple cognition from time, place and circumstance. We consider what someone else might do in our place; we project future scenarios; we replay past events. It’s an easy jump to, say, conversing with the dead or to conjuring gods and praying to them.

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