Class X English Sample Paper for Karnataka Board

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Karnataka Secondary Education Examination board was established in the year 1996 with the aim of providing quality education to their students to make their future better.Every year the Karnataka Board conducts SSLC and other Examination. Through this Class X English Sample Paper for Karnataka Board we tried to provide the knowledge of marks distribution and questions asked in the exam as per pattern. Revision through the text books is not sufficient to earn good marks. If you practice or revise through these Class X English Sample Paper, you will definitely be able to add an advantage for the better the performance.

Class X English Sample Paper for Karnataka Board 

Class X English Sample Paper for Karnataka Board

Class X English Sample Paper

General Instructions to be followed:
i) This paper consists of two parts. Part-A and Part-B.
ii) Part – A contains 1-37 question.
(iii)Part – B contain 37-64 questions.
iii) Marks are allotted to each question.
(iv) All questions are compulsory.

PART-A  (1×37= 37)

1. Caliphs were
(A) Muslim rulers of the Arabia
(B) rulers of the Uttar Pradesh
(C) rulers of the Rome
(D) merchants rulers of the Arabia.

2. As per lucky Shakespeare was civilized because
(A) he was early grown-up
(B) he was a wise man
(C) his plays are enjoyed by each age group.
(D) he writes in a civilized manner.

3. According to the narrator his walk was beneficial because
(A) he is a good man
(B) he enjoyed company of a beautiful girl
(C) he always tried to learn new things
(D) the air in the morning is fresh and clean.

4. We grow-up, who are they? according to the author
(A) always looks silly
(B) good because always motives children’s action
(C) foolish because not able to understand children
(D) good at judging.

5. The white man at first surprised at the narrator’s and eventually, he
smiled also because
(A) the narrator was his enemy
(B) the narrator explains what happen to him.
(C) both the little one were his sons
(D) he was confused by the narrator’s foolishness.

6. The story of ‘Jamaican Fragment’ describes
(A) how one can remindhis childhood memories,
(B) how one can jump to conclusion because of prejudicial thoughts
(C) an incident made author to think there was no racial discrimination in his city
(D) an incident which made author to think that the black dominated the whites in his city.

7. I never made to read ‘Blue Book’ for pleasure. The ‘Blue Book’ refers to
(A) a book named as Blue Book
(B) an official term of Government
(C) a blue book of blue
(D) a book of fun

8. In order to realize that all liberties may be preserved
(A) liberties ofall must be curtailed
(B) liberties of everybody have fun.
(C) liberties of some must be curtailed
(D) liberties of a few must have fun.

9. Dr. Pramod Sethi said developed the ‘Jaipur foot’, which one he won
(A) The Padma Bhushan award
(B) The Arjuna award
(C) The Nobel prize
(D) The Magsaysay award.

10. “Congrats, you did it.” This statement was told by
(A) Sudha’s guru
(B) Sudha’s father
(C) Sudha’s fan
(D) Dr. Pramod Sethi.

11. The two gun boats, INS Sukanya and Sharada were
(A) tried to stop MIhir Sen to swim.
(B) not able to made contact with Mihir Son.
(C) finding supports in the navigation of swim.
(D) couldn’t made to stop Mihir Sen to break the rules and regulations.

12. Rama lived at Siberia for
(A) fifteen years
(B) twelve years
(C) twenty years
(D) twenty-three years.

13. The prisoners called Rama, Saint because
(A) he spend his life in a simple way.
(B) he sang the choir songs in the church prison
(C) he always gave messages on religion
(D) he was a wise person.

14. Rama stopped after travelling twenty-five kilometres because
(A) his horses was fed up.
(B) he wanted to rest for some time.
(C) he saw some following him.
(D) he wanted to play.

15. Rama was shocked because
(A) he was followed by his wife
(B) he was get dunked
(C) he was flogged
(D) he was blaned with murder.

16. Dr. Follicle examined his patient with the help of
(A) stethoscope
(B) glass tube
(C) toys
(D) pen

17. “Face the cruel” The act refers to
(A) being operated
(B) being ‘y’ rayed
(C) being subjected to heart test
(D) being tired

18. The shoe shine boy always polishes only at the left side of shoe because
(A) he was left handed
(B) he had specialization in using left hand
(C) he has fracture in his right hand
(D) he sits at the left side.

19. The consultant answered questions at the rigth side because
(A) he was a fool
(B) collection of fees was done at a other counter
(C) he always give generous answer
(D) he didn’t want to scare the girl

20. In the lesson ‘A Warrior Princess’ a father and his daughter carries a common purse because of
(A) disappointment
(B) determination
(C) force
(D) sacrifice.

21. Balaram felt miserable of his folly. The word ‘folly’ means
(A) in a mood of fighting with Revathi
(B) ask to forgive
(C) crying with Revathi
(D) sending Revathi’s into the air for the fight

22. Travel ……..India and Sri Lanka was controlled.( Insert suitable preposition )
(A) within
(B) with
(C) from
(D) between.

23. He was ………suspicious personality, who has given ……..informative.( Insert suitable articles )
(A) an, an
(B) the, the
(C) a, a
(D) an, the.

24. We learn Hindi ………..Kannada.( Insert suitable conjunction )
(A) nor
(B) or
(C) as well as
(D) and.

25. The Shakespeare has written many plays. The correct form of passive voice is
(A) Many plays has been written by the Shakespeare
(B) Many plays have been written by the Shakespeare
(C) Many plays had been written by the Shakespeare
(D) Many plays were written by the Shakespeare.

26. The bad girl picked up the sticks, …..( Add suitable question tag )
(A) isn’t he?
(B) didn’t he?
(C) doesn’t he?
(D) don’t he?

27. when did you run from the class the teacher asked me. The correct punctuation form is
(A) when did you run from the class? the teacher asked me.
(B) when did you run from the class! the teacher asked me.
(C) “when did you run from the class” the teacher asked me.
(D) when you run from the class. Asked by the teacher.

28. Each Monday we ….. to Spain for holidays.The correct form of verb is
(A) are going
(B) go
(C) went
(D) were going.

29. The arrival of the bus was delayed. The italicized word is
(A) noun
(B) verb
(C) adjective
(D) adverb.

30. The pair having words do not rhyme with each other is
(A) patter-clatter
(B) clink-think
(C) sizzle-jingle
(D) rumble-fumble.

31. The synonym of ‘Baffled’ is
(A) confident
(B) big fight
(C) confused
(D) sarcastic.

32. The guilty was condemned to death.The antonym of the italicized word is
(A) excused
(B) forgiven
(C) appreciated
(D) pardoned.

33. Which of the following prefixes makes the word ‘Septic’, a negative word ?
(A) in
(B) un
(C) anti
(D) non.

34. “Truth always sits on the lips of a weak dying men.” Which figure of speech is correct
(A) synecdoche
(B) personification
(C) metaphor
(D) simile.

35. The word ‘suspen’ can be completed with the suffix
(A) tion
(B) sion
(C) cion
(D) sen.

36. The one word for a sudden strong wind often bringing rain or snow is
(A) spring
(B) spree
(C) shew
(D) strom

37. If I studied well than ……..Complete the statement.
(A) I would have scored good marks
(B) I would score good marks
(C) I will score good marks
(D) I had scored good marks.


Answer the following questions : 13 × 2 = 26

38. In what way the narrators define ‘beautiful things’?
39. In what way the narrators define ‘civilization’?
40. In what way the narrator defines ” two boys”?
41. What is Fagin’s Academy and who started it?
42. Why was Radha forced to amputated get her leg?
43. How did Aksionov live in prison?
44. What is the problem which is mistaken by the soul?
45. In what way the narrator describe ‘lonely cheer’ and ‘symphony’?
46. Why Rakesh is not able to believe on words said by Shrub’s?
47. What makes tiger king to shock up and Why?
48. Described about the gifts given by the God gave to man and how he can hold them ?
49. Intruding on one’s property is called as Encroachment, who is called as ‘intruder’ here and why?
50. How narrator’s lameness can be cured by the physician?

Answer each of the following questions: 3 × 4 = 12

51. How can you ay that it is difficult to swim English Channel than the Palk?
52. Over-specialization sometimes becomes dangerous. What are its drawbacks of?
53.Describe the summary of poem in your own words “Because I could not stop for Death”

Explain with reference to the context : 3 × 3 = 9

54. ‘Without heart test. I wont be able to advice it’
55. I don’t believe that your father can do some thing wrong in his life.
56. He replied :in a surprise way. 4
57. And all fruits are filled

58. Rewrite as directed : 3 × 2 = 6
Combine it ‘too …. to’ and ‘so …. that’ Rama was too hearted.

59. Change the following into reported speech :4
Sheela said, “I did this work last morning.
Mohan come in the category of bad boys of the class.

60. Develop a readable story from the outline given. Suggest a suitable title. 4
Some people are very badly fond of smoking — government should banned —
remember that smoking — waste of money — call diseases— government made mandatory —every cigarette pack.

61. Write an essay on any one:5
a) Terrorism — remedies.
b) Computers in modern age.

62. Assume that you are Ankit/Ankita of Xth Class, Shella Public School,
Meerut. Write a letter to your friend describing about the places you visited their and their importance. 5
Write a letter of complaint to your society head about the late night parties held in your locality.

Read the following passage
As we know there is no pain without gain. If there were no difficulties in the life than there would be no fun. Games lose their zest if there is no real struggle and if the result is a foregone conclusion, it is necessary that both the winner and the loser will enjoy the game, if it is closely
contested to the last. No victory is a real triumph unless the foe is worthy of the steel.
Whether we like or not life continuously give us a chance to take part in competitive exams.
Questions :
63. How does the narrator compare game with man’s life? 2
64. What lesson you learn from the given passage? 2

As an Engineer, I have set these questions for the students of class X and some help have been taken from few books. I hope this paper will help you to judge your performance.

To get pdf of Grammar Question follow the given link:
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If you find something more to add the follow the comment section to let me know.
Best of Luck..!!!

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