Law Optional strategy by UPSC topper

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Law Optional strategy by UPSC topper

Several students in our country has the aim to obtain a place in the Government to serve people and attending UPSC exams will help them to achieve their dreams. However, it is not that easy to crack the UPSC prelims, Mains and Final interviews. Among the three, UPSC Mains is the favorites for most of the aspirants as it lets the students to choose the subject they love to prepare. Law optional is one such choice available for the students and check why it is the most coveted optional subjects over the years. Read below to know about the Law Optional Strategy by UPSC topper.

Why choose Law Optional?

At the end of the day, a civil servant’s utmost responsibility is to abide and adhere by the law. And, it is essential to know about the laws and regulations of our Indian Constitution. It is better for any individual to take up Law Optional subject to crack the UPSC Mains and learn the important laws of our countries as well.

Unlike other subjects, Law Optional can be opted by any graduates whereas Engineering and medical subjects let only student with respective backgrounds. Concepts and contexts in this subject are not actually tough to understand or interpret. The syllabus in Law school and the syllabus you have to study for Law Optional are poles apart and you just have to start from the scratch.

If you are expertise in General studies, then preparing for Law optional is quite easy because overlapping of topic is more between these subjects.

Resources and study materials are sufficient enough for scoring the best marks in UPSC Mains.

Finishing the syllabus is obviously a tedious and tiring process in most of the subject. In case of Law optional, it is totally opposite and you can finish up the syllabus in two months.

Law optional strategy by UPSC topper

  • Unlike other subjects, Law Optional is one subject which is dynamic by default and has an unbreakable bond with current affairs.
  • The questions in previous years papers consist of a current affairs like Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear weapon and more.
  • It is very essential to acquire instant updates on national and international new by reading newspapers and editorials on a regular basis.
  • You can include some of the best examples in your answers which will increase your value.
  • Refer to Newspapers such as The Hindu, Indian Express and Times Of India for current affair updates without any hindrance.

Writing tips for Law Optional

  • A good writing and presentation of the answer will actually provide more marks.
  • Lengthy writing with proper examples will let you gain additional marks.
  • When compared Paper I and Paper II, the former is more theoretical and ideological while the latter is factual. So prepare well and give equal importance to both the the paper.
  • If you are asked to write about any law, just adhere to the basic structure and explain it precisely in a one or two lines.
  • Apart from the above mentioned points, it is your responsibility to keep up the good work without missing your own style for furnishing your thoughts.
  • Law Optional Strategy by UPSC topper for Paper II is quite simple and direct as most of the questions are dynamic
  • Maintain a pattern in your writing like mentioning the abstract, current status, laws and finally pen down your perspective in the conclusion.

Cons of Law optional subject

No reliable notes, study materials or test series are available for Law Optional and it is actually important to refer the book alone.

  • The marks obtained by students who chose Law optional is lesser than other Optional subjects.
  • A few terms and concept mentioned in Law optional syllabus might be hard to learn for students who are novice to this subject.

Law Optional Books that you should make use of

  • Constitution of India by VN Shukla
  • Starke or Malcolm Shaw (International Law)
  • Administrative Law by IP Massey
  • Law of Torts by R.K.Bangia
  • K.D Gaur on I.P.C


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