Let us legalise gambling

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Gambling in India:

Gambling is a entertainment source of  earning or loosing money. It is a very good source of time pass by which it’s also allow to earn money. In India the offline and online both type of gambling is not allowed and if any one try to do these type of gambling then he/she is allow punishment for such activities. The stoke market is only a registered way of gambling allowed in India.But in other country’s the online gambling is allowed and somewhere offline gambling is also allowed.

Let us legalize gambling in all around the world because it is a awesome way of earn money. In Las Vegas the online and offline gambling is allowed and it is the largest area of registered gambling means gambling is legal in Las Vegas. If Gambling is legalized then the very worst type of activity will start in the area where it is legalized and the rate of criminal activity is increased. Because people do any type of activity for money which is come by doing the toughest task and if task is completed the Huge amount get paid.But it is also a way of doing illegal task in the custody of Gambling.

It is noted that if the gambling is legalized then the rate of criminal activity is increased rapidly and that’s why the gambling is not legalized. Because it causes the criminal offense.

But I am in the fever of gambling to be legalized if and only if, if it is not to be used in the field of illegal activity. But it is not possible in the today’s scenario. because it is a time saving way of earn money and changing the life.

How to make Gambling Legal:

Make gambling legal but with licensing and the procedure of getting licence will be very high and make an examination for that so that the owner who organize the gambling will be good so take right decision on the illegal actives and stop this type of act.
And government make some policies for this so we stop the criminal offense which is done by the side effect of gambling.

we have to use gambling in the welfare of human not in the opposite for that.
gambling is always exist in the society in the black form so if we use it in the right way, we can legalized gambling. Because people love gambling and the use gambling for there life that’s why gambling to be legalized.


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22 Responses to Let us legalise gambling

  1. Ritika says:

    Gambling & Betting are a dangerous addictions, which often make a person, pushed to commit crimes. It is a socially condemnable activity. There are many other alternative ways of having fun, so it is not that essential for gambling to exist.

  2. sakshi chaudhary says:

    As gambling is a simple and easy source to earn money, so in my point of view it should never be legalized in India as a big crowd of our country live below poverty line and such type of incident contribute to increase the crime rate in the society even it will destroy our youth mentality of earning through hard work and motivate them to achieve the way of short cut……and if is accepted as a game for having fun than it can be legalized…

  3. Mankeshwar Tripathi says:

    I think Gambling should not be legalized in India. This is because often the games of fun become the game of crime in the need. And we know that the poverty rate of India is higher until now. So we should not give the people to loose their limited money in the gambling to make it double. This game will create a scene in which we will see that people are dying because they have lost their each and every penny in the game of gambling. So this can not be a legal activity.

  4. Ankita Sharma says:

    The main reason why India is not legalizing gambling, comes from the fact that those illegal gambling which is going on behind the scene will be stopped. Then they have to pay taxes to the government for betting. A large amount of black money would have to be shown on paper. Also, as the gambling will be legal, there will be no one who would go to gamble in illegal places. The power of those circles is stopping the government to legalize gambling.

  5. Pragya Saxena says:

    gambling can be leagalised if it is is taken to the extent of thinking it a time pass or a game,rather than getting entangled into criminal activities..

  6. huma fatima says:

    Gambling can be legalized only if its taken as a game..But we all know very well that its just impossible.If its limited within the casinos then o.k..else it can be very dangerous for our young minds who can spoil themselves..

  7. Sagar Hotwani says:

    Gambling is a way of loosing and making money. It is illegal in India due to the increasing criminal activities related to gambling.
    Gambling results in addiction as people enjoy gambling and want to make more and more money but end up loosing all the worth they have.
    Therefore it should never be legalized.

  8. Pallavi Sinha says:

    Gambling is a commercial activity throughout the world. In a survey it was found that the total estimated money was $ 335 billion by the legal market in 2009 only. It’s a kind of source to earn money easily and also a source of entertainment and satisfaction. Here in India itself it is banned and a proper punishment has been given to the person who found guilty for it, inspite of all the threataning it will cotinue.Thus,the only solution is this to make gambling legal and make a commission to regulates the gambling like UK has a gambling commission to keep an eye on it.

  9. jagritisingh says:

    According to me GAMBLING should not be legalized in India. As we all know that it is game of earning loosing the money by using mind but it should not be legal so that no one can misuse it by concerning it as a legal game.

  10. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    Gambling is not the sole alone service offered by the casinos, both big and small across the globe. In fact, it gives rise to the other bad habits that later on divert a person to filthy and senseless addictions of drugs, smoking, theft, drinking, etc.
    Gambling should not be legalized and of course the legal drinking age should be as high as possible otherwise a dream to make a nation developed.. will remain a dream always!

  11. BHarti PaNdey says:

    Nice topic,though but for me it will not be correct to legalize GAMBLING in India as here people without realizing different aspects of their Financial Condition try to become rich at any cost resulting in BANKRUPCY!!!! The main problem today is GREED…..which is the prime problem arising from MONEYMINDNESS in people….so for me it will not be good to indulge in GAMBLING…Rather it would be better to think about STOCKS,MUTUAL FUNDS as a prime option ………….

  12. Ankita Prajapati says:

    It is very safe to play at a casino online from India, in fact more safe than taking the train or driving to a land based casino or boat. The companies we mention are audited and have extensive controls so that you are getting fair games and your money and winnings are safe whether you’re betting on cricket or playing roulette…

  13. Prateeksha Agnihotri says:

    limitation while gambling should be there…any thing beyond the limit is bad.. but most people dont understand it.. and loose everything atlast

  14. lubna khan says:

    Gambling is not new to India . Because it comes in Hindu religion. As written by Arjun gambling is an source entertainment of earning or loosing money. So there should be freedom for gambling .

  15. Chitranshi Dhaneshwar says:

    Stock market is a sort of gambling where there is no sureity of your money is an example of legalsed gambling.

  16. patlakshi says:

    If gambling is legalized, then state will get more taxable funds which can be used for the purpose of social welfare activities like education, employment, infrastructure etc. With this there wouldn’t be any police case which makes the security personnel to take action on public security rather than patrolling for gamblers. Gambling is a major source of pleasure and money

  17. Akanksha Kalla says:

    Gambling if taken just as a game, should be legalized… Everyone wants to earn money in one way or other… But the point is, it should be played keeping in mind our financial conditions.. Remember greediness is not the solution of poverty…

  18. Puja Agarwal says:

    Gamling shold be stopped as some people lose lots of money in it and ther family has to suffer from it too…

  19. Akash Gupta says:

    Gambling is the part of life you must have to gamble in some or the other way. Some of the gamblings like cricket batting, cards playing must be made legal so that tax can be collected on them!!!!

  20. poorva gupta says:

    Gambling is something ..no matter we ban it but it will happen secretly…soo yy dontwe legalise it !

  21. Dinesh says:

    Ya Gambling are normally take place in all the places if we cant stop the gambling them we can make it as legal and with the tax given by the gambling we can do any improvement work for the society

    • astha vaish says:

      According to me Gambling should not be lagalized because if it will be made legal then criminal rate is going to be increased at a more faster rate because people do any sort of activity just for money and as it is a game of earning as well as loosing money so it can make an adverse impact on the upcoming generations and can lead the innocent ones to make any criminal offence so it should’nt be legalized because this game cannot be played ever just as a game..

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