Why do we lag behind China?

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Although India very much has the potential to give competition to china still there are a number of factors that can be considered for lagging behind.

The most important factor is the politics, China is a communal country i.e., there is a single party government in china. This saves the country from all the political tantrums, which could be seen in India every now and then. Thus the government in China follows very strict rules thereby less chances of being corrupt . But the best part is, these set of rules are equally applied to all the sections of society, irrespective of the fact that whether it is a minister or some common people. Every one is supposed to pay the electricity bill on time and with same fares unlike India where not only the electricity fares higher in comparison to China but also bill payment process is not followed properly by all the sections of society. And when it comes to political field, China supports a single government rule as according to them not doing so would lead to disintegration across the country as its happening in India. None of the rules and other things could be implemented just because of the fear of the political parties loosing their span if they try to be strict with the common people. What matters more to them is the surety of their win not the welfare of the country.

The working habitat of people in China is more than that of the people in India  Their in china, people work for twelve hours and that too with only one holiday in a week i.e., Sunday.

There is an environment of duress in the country, which is a helping factor in maintaining peace and order. Breaking law in any sense in China is a punishable offense or else the ones found guilty should pay fine.
Proper papers should be maintained for the vehicles running on he road and a regular check is done to ensure this, the people failed to do so should get ready to pay fine. Giving some sort of bribe to the policemen would not be a good idea here as if once caught doing so, it is a punishable offence and severe actions would be taken accordingly.

Rules are common for everyone whether a minister or common people. In India  in the year 2006, around 100 minister were found guilty of something, although cases were filed against them but just for the sake of doing so and no further actions were taken ever after. Despite of this activity going on, remuneration were continuously provided.


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