Why do we lag behind China?

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Although India very much has the potential to give competition to china still there are a number of factors that can be considered for lagging behind.

The most important factor is the politics, China is a communal country i.e., there is a single party government in china. This saves the country from all the political tantrums, which could be seen in India every now and then. Thus the government in China follows very strict rules thereby less chances of being corrupt . But the best part is, these set of rules are equally applied to all the sections of society, irrespective of the fact that whether it is a minister or some common people. Every one is supposed to pay the electricity bill on time and with same fares unlike India where not only the electricity fares higher in comparison to China but also bill payment process is not followed properly by all the sections of society. And when it comes to political field, China supports a single government rule as according to them not doing so would lead to disintegration across the country as its happening in India. None of the rules and other things could be implemented just because of the fear of the political parties loosing their span if they try to be strict with the common people. What matters more to them is the surety of their win not the welfare of the country.

The working habitat of people in China is more than that of the people in India  Their in china, people work for twelve hours and that too with only one holiday in a week i.e., Sunday.

There is an environment of duress in the country, which is a helping factor in maintaining peace and order. Breaking law in any sense in China is a punishable offense or else the ones found guilty should pay fine.
Proper papers should be maintained for the vehicles running on he road and a regular check is done to ensure this, the people failed to do so should get ready to pay fine. Giving some sort of bribe to the policemen would not be a good idea here as if once caught doing so, it is a punishable offence and severe actions would be taken accordingly.

Rules are common for everyone whether a minister or common people. In India  in the year 2006, around 100 minister were found guilty of something, although cases were filed against them but just for the sake of doing so and no further actions were taken ever after. Despite of this activity going on, remuneration were continuously provided.


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32 Responses to Why do we lag behind China?


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  2. Sanjana Kumari says:

    We are lagging behind China. Its very true because they are very hard working. They are not working for themselves alone but also for the development of the company and for the development of the nation.They are very sincere towards their job. They always trying to adopt the good things in the other culture but never try to forget their own culture. I think in india there is less manangement as compared to china is the major reason we are lagging behind chine.plz read the above articles you will be more aware.

  3. Vipin Sahu says:

    Yes india can compete with china but there are some points to go first chinese have big population as compared to india so china covers a huge area of asia.The most important point is that india lagging behind from china because of corruption,in india if some one has done corruption then there is no strict punishment for that but in china if a person has done corruption then the chinese goverment has a provision of giving strict punishment to that corrupted person.Also in china the working days and hours of a person is greater then that of indians.

  4. Barun kumar singh says:

    The one and only reason for India to lag behind china is that India follower democracy and china follows Communism.In a communist country there is very less powers provided to the citizens where as in a democrat country like in India every man has numerous powers.As in our family among every individual , Father is head of the family who puts up every major decisions which the family follows irrespective of any thoughts.Same way in china every decision is taken by the government which the whole country follow.this leads to greater development, correct use of nations currency.As in china every citizens is engaged for a particular work for the development of its country where as in India there is no such provisions ,here every man is free to do what he desires

  5. Gourav Jain says:

    Its nothing else its just the population due to which India lags behind China.
    Which in turn leads to unemployment, and underdevelopment.

  6. oishi chatterjee says:

    The very reason that I want to put forward is that we dnt have that understanding and trust among each other. But in china they have unity and understands each other progresssively and lead the other oerson to success with his/her own success. India cannot overcome the corruption problem just due to lack of honesty among the people and the feeling of nationalism. But the very scenario at china is people there are hardwoking and dedicated to their country.

  7. Sneha Sinha says:

    India lags behind although it has full potential to give competition to China..The major contributing factor is petty politics everywhere whether it is workplace,office,educational institution ,or by politicians….also people lack the sense of belonging and hence do little for upliftment of India socially,culturally ,morally and economically…Besides politics attitude also determines the level of progress…

  8. sibanjan says:

    we lag behind china …. there ARE many reasons behind it…. china is a country which utilizes there human resources in a successful manner.. they tried to make their country self dependent in every field like economical, industrial ,agricultural etc… the laws in china are meant flawless and no one s above that…
    life style of Chinese is also responsible for it…their dedication on work and loyalty helped them to make such progress. communism ruling is also another reason… as there is a single party… the level of corruption is small…

  9. preeti nisha says:

    Its true that china is much better than india and growing more faster in terms of both economy and power. China being a communist country which is the key factor for their development as they its make the country free from partial discrimination. In india the political parties fight among themselves and common people consideration is always secondary to them. Where in china everyone is treated equally here in india we see government officials enjoying a free foreign trip while 60% of the people are still starving for food.. Chinese are more hardworking and dedicated towards their work. There is harmony among the people and the societies. They much more believe in simplicity. Technically speaking they maintain more embassies than india and much more strong political and economical relations with other countries and thus it superpowers india. It has also got the largest military force in the world. We really need to work hard!

  10. Ritika says:

    India is a country where many cultures & civilizations coexist in a dynamic equilibrium. Communal harmony always lives in fear of strong vulnerability , which somehow, shifts the priority of development.
    Secondly, China is a closed economy which looks forward to promote its domestic market, everywhere, along with minimum seeping of external influences. However, India welcomes anything that is “foreign”, underestimating & somewhat neglecting its domestic potential.

  11. sakshi chaudhary says:

    being one of the best developing country India is lagging behind china,the most important reason for it that comes in mind is the way of treating people….in china rules are made and they are equally applied to all weather its a prime mister unlike India…their products are available in a huge variety and a very cheap and affordable range with the application of latest technology….

  12. Saurabh Singh says:

    Reason is that China is a Communal Country so there is only one party means one decision rather than many parties is in India..We also have Lack of Management, Internal Stradegies and also in Technology.

  13. Pragya Saxena says:

    the most important reason lagging behind china is that it is a communal country where only one party rules rather than in india where number of parties behind taking the name of democracy make profits out of this and make illegal use of their power..and all parties motive is to be in government pin pointing at other party’s activities..

  14. huma fatima says:

    the politicians are busy making profits in our country and most of the time quarreling among themselves..
    The country is known from the standard of living its citizens have and law and order to govern then them..until we are unable to combat the basic problems of commoners.We cannot resolve the big one..

  15. jagritisingh says:

    There are many reasons behind the lag of India from China like individuals mentality, politics, rules and their implementation. But the most important reason is everyone’s responsibility towards their country. All should take the responsibility to develop the country.

  16. BHarti PaNdey says:

    Ya i do agree but for me Democracy is best form of Governance and so is it for India….The problem is that Politicians are using it as a tool today to justify their wrong decision making….!!!

  17. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    The most prominent and hard hitting reason of us lagging behind China is the lack of practicability in our approaches towards development.. we just make policies and hardly care to implement them.
    We make rules but scarcely even notice of it’s following or breaking!
    We focus more on cheering for the sportsperson rather having the same towards our work.
    We stress out more on having a leave rather an overtime!
    The mentality makes us go sick as we already pose to be.. nevertheless we are lagging behind.
    If anyone who stands against.. raises voices in favor; he/she is suppressed or the mob in support of the leaders-for-good-cause is diverted of their attention by inflation, recession, etc.

  18. Ankita Prajapati says:

    Due to the economic growth or the educational standards etc.

    • Anveksha Negi says:

      we can see so many intellectuals from india as well !

  19. Prateeksha Agnihotri says:

    outsources, internal strength, technology, management of china is far better than us

  20. lubna khan says:

    As far as i am concern the only reason behind that WHY DO WE LAG BEHIND CHINA is our mentality.we all live on a very simple principle that “Apna kaam banta bhad me jaye janta “.when we will change thi then only we will grow.

    • Anveksha Negi says:

      ya but there is one more bigger problem with our country, we dont even get a chance to think or do. our government has taken over everything.

  21. Chitranshi Dhaneshwar says:

    i guess lack of management and the outllook of citizens are the major reasons.

    • Anveksha Negi says:

      and this management problem needs to be solved at higher levels.

  22. patlakshi says:

    The reason why we lag behind china is becoz we do not have understanding and
    trust among each other. Each one of us thinks that we are superior as a result
    want to climb up on other’s shoulder and gets success. In china they have
    unity and understands each other progressively and leads the other person to
    success along with his/her success

    • Anveksha Negi says:

      according to me, the problem is not only at our level, the problem is beyond that. itz not only about maintaining trust among each other, it is about doing something and working against the wrong activities.

  23. Akanksha Kalla says:

    No doubt that India is an emerging developing country… But still we lag behind China.. There are many factors that we lag in, as given in the above article… One more factor we lag in is, in technology China is superior than India.

  24. Puja Agarwal says:

    The working habit of china people are more than indian..indian do not want to work for the beneficial of others they are only upto thier own work

    • Anveksha Negi says:

      and this mentality comes with time. need to be started at our own personal levels.

  25. Akash Gupta says:

    We lag china because of the defence, technology, cheap labour like availabilities are easily available there
    due to this the development in china is more thus India is at second position in manufacturing and china at first!!!!

  26. Dinesh says:

    The important factor is that they don’t want to stand behind and they are not standing behind any country for the support in any term like(defence, wealth, and etc..,), But India is not a country like that we have to depend other country for main purpose itself.
    so we should concentrate on the more important field to improve our country

    • Anveksha Negi says:

      but we are the people who make the country so we cannot blame them completely i guess.

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