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Question-1 What you mean by open source in terms of Linux OS?
Answer- Open source word reveal that source code of program or Linux is open for user to modify, test, redistribute. on the other hand in closed source all code is hiden. so, we cannot modify it.
There is no license requirements for a code which is open source so it is available freely, that is why linux is mostly used operating system in large corporations e.t.c.

Question-2 Name some word known distributors of Linux?
Answer- Some word known distributors of Linux are:
1. Fedora
2. Ubantu
3. Suse
4. Debian

Question-3 Write the name of few servers that can be implemented in linux OS?
Answer- Following are the servers that can be implemented on linux:
1. NIS (network interface sever)
2. SSH
3. DNS (domain name server)
4. Apache
5. Squid server(also known proxy server)
6. Ftp(file transfer protocol ) sever etc.

Question-4 What are advance feature of Ubantu over REDHAT?
Answer- It is secure because a built-in firewall and virus protection is available. It protect our important applications and attackers can’t access our system.
It is Compatible, Fast and Accessible.

Question-5 What are advance features of REDHAT over OS?
Answer- The advance features of REDHAT are:
1. It is optimized for highly scalable, multicored system.
2. It manages underlying system complexity.
3. It reduces data bottlenecks.
4. It improves application performance.
5. It also reduces power consumption.
6. It ensures end to end data integrity.

Question-6 What is Linux? Is it OS or Kernel ?
Answer- Linux is the KERNEL of an operating system. Linux was build on UNIX tradition. Linux was originally developed by Linus Torwalds of Finland, who currently owns the Linux trademark. Linux stands for Linus’ Unix, using the open source code of Linux kernel, people have been developing operating systems based on Linux kernel. These are called the ‘Linux Distribution’.

Question-7 What is BHARAT OS ?
Answer- The open source softwares are the future for IT world, as there are many benefits of open source softwares like free and openess in usage with no payment for license. Thus the initiatives to enhance the use of free source software in the country are taken as a part of it. The Indian version of Linux Distribution BOSS (Bhart Operating system solutions) is initiated by CDMA with support from NRCFOSS at Chennai. BOSS to become the National Desktop is the main motive.
Its made specifically for the Indian environment and localized in the respective regional language. It is government of India’s initiative towards equipping common people with the benefits of computer technology as a free & open source operating system. Currently BOSS can process 9 Indian Languages, to avail the Indian product to all Indians, CDAC organised support centres in various states and conducts several trainings/workshops.

Question-8 Where the most configuration file related to different packages put in Linux?
Answer- It is put in “etc” sub directory under “/root”.

Question-9 Write the history of Linux?
Answer- 1. (1957) Bell labs found they needed an operating system for their computer center that at the time was running various batch jobs. The BESYS operating system was created at bell labs to deal with these needs.
2. (1965) Bell lab was adopting third generation computer equipment and decided to join forces with general Electric & MIT to create Multics.
3. (1969) By April 1969, AT&T made a decision to withdraw Multics and go with GECOS. As a result of which UNIX is developed.
4. (1969) Linux Torvalds is born.
5. (1991) Linux is introduced by Linux Torvalds, a student in Finland.
6. (1994) RED HAT Linux is introduced.
7. The first release of Ubuntu is released October 20, 2004.

Question-10 What is the GPL?
Answer- GPL stands for “General Public License”, and is a software license that lets people download, modify and distribute the source code to a program. The GPL is the most common license used on Linux, which is why you get all softwares at no cost and also you can install it on as many machines as you want. There are lots of other licenses in use, but the GPL is by far the most popular.

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10 Responses to Linux OS

  1. subham Kumar Shaw says:

    Is GIET Gunupur,Orrisa is good collage for placement and education ? Please help me to find this answer.

  2. Sagar Tripathy says:

    LINUX OS is really a different form of OS.people can easily get thrugh in it…and all the above detail are really useful..

  3. Saswat Nayak says:

    The primary difference between Linux and many other popular contemporary operating systems is that the Linux kernel and other components are free and open source software. Linux is not the only such operating system, although it is by far the most widely used.

  4. Atif Pall says:

    Generally a software engineer opts for any one of the two options i.e, either becoming an expert in software coding or being a Linux system administrator . Linux had its roots in the Unix operating System which was developed in the year 1969. Linux serves as an interface for various languages such as java ,c,c++ etc.
    Be it railway reservation enquiry or booking ticket flights or checking online movie tickets .each and everything is saved in a database which is handled primarily through LINUX . Besides its a virus free platform so your hard disk and OS would suffer no problems . Its free and available and doesnt requires any licence format. A bit complex than normal windows but completely safe and knowledgeable.

  5. Gourav Kumar says:

    Linux OS is very popular among programmers and web designers as it is very fast, less space consuming and there is no need to purchase of license to use it.
    The article gives all the information required to understand Linux and it can be very useful for some person or organization who needs to solve all their queries about Linux OS.

  6. Gourav Kumar says:

    Linux OS is very popular among programmers and web designers as it is very fast, less space consuming and there is no need to purchase of license to use it.
    The article gives all the information required to understand Linux and it can be very useful for some person or organization who needs to solve all their queries about Linux OS.

  7. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    At present companies demanding the knowledge of Linux OS. Linux is basically a open source operating system. Linux is different from Windows. Some people think it is difficult but its not true because in daily use we are using windows. If we use Linux daily instead of windows then we easily get familiar with Linux.

  8. Rohit Kumar says:

    In today’s market of software their is lot off competition in getting first in line.Open Source software’s is a software is free to use,and it’s source code is freely available and anyone can manipulate the code and give his contribution to make that software more enhanced.When Microsoft,Apple is selling their operating system at a huge price,Linux is breaking their can use this without paying anything and this will provide you all the necessary requirements without any trouble.It’s virus attack free and presently their are lots off distributions of Linux e.g.Red hat etc.This will give a lot of support to software researchers.

  9. sanjana kumari says:

    Today the programming world is divided into two major camps- the Windows and the Linux world. Since its humble beginning about a decade ago, Linux has steadily drawn the attention of programmers across the globe and has successfully created a community of its own . But before one decides whether to join Windows or Linux camp, one must first get familiar with both of them. And I think that the above article is sufficient enough for proper knowledge about Linux operating system.

  10. Pallavi sinha says:

    this article focus on some important questions regarding Linux operating system and if you wan to improve your knowledge gallery about the topic chk the whole article……….

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