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Ques 1 What is “supercomputer” ?
ans – A supercomputer is a category of computer that performs at highest operational rate. A supercomputer is used for scientific and engineering applications that must handle very large databases or do a great amount of computation.

Ques 2 Who designed first supercomputer ?
ans – Seymour Cray

Ques 3 Name top four countries having fastest supercomputer ?
ans – 1) United states of america – TITAN
2) Germany
3) China
4) India- PARAM Series

Ques 4 Name some fields where supercomputer is used ?
ans – These are some fields –
1 )quantum physics
2) weather forecasting
3) climate research
4) oil and gas exploration
5) molecular modeling
6) computing the structures and properties of chemical compounds, biological macromolecules, polymers, and crystals
7) physical simulations (such as simulation of airplanes in wind tunnels
8) simulation of the detonation of nuclear weapons
9) research into nuclear fusion

Ques 5 Is the supercomputer an issue of nation pride ?
ans – Throughout their early history, supercomputers remained in the province of large government agencies and government-funded institutions. The production of supercomputers was small, and their export was carefully controlled, since they were used in critical nuclear weapons research. They were also a source of national pride, symbolic of technical leadership.

Ques 6 Name some operating systems used in supercomputer ?
ans – Operating system distribution of supercomputer
1) Chippewa Operating System
4) Shaheen
5) Magic Cube
6) GPC
7) EKA

Ques 7 Mention some charcteristic features of supercomputer ?
ans – Some characteristics of supercomputer are-
1) Numerous high-performance processors for parallel processing
2) Specially-designed high-speed interconnects (internal networks)
3) Specially-designed or tuned operating systems

Ques 8 Tell something about Indian supercomputer ?
ans – PARAM is a series of supercomputers designed and assembled by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in Pune, India.
The latest machine in the series is the PARAM Yuva.Some of computers in this series are-
1) PARAM 8000
2) PARAM 8600
3) PARAM 9900/SS
4) PARAM 10000
5) PARAM Padma
6) PARAM Yuva

Ques 9 What are the changes obsevered in utilization of supercomputer in different decades ?
ans – These are the changes with their decades-
1970 -Weather forecasting, aerodynamic research
1980 -Probabilistic analysis,radiation shielding modeling.
1990 -nuclear test
2010 -Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Ques 10 What are varoius factors effecting the performance of operating system specific for supercomputers ?
1) lightweight kernel
2) job scheduling
3) multi tasking
4) parallel computing

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4 Responses to Supercomputer

  1. Anup Agarwalla says:

    A supercomputer is a computer that performs at or near the currently highest operational rate for computers. A supercomputer is typically used for scientific and engineering applications that must handle very large databases or do a great amount of computation (or both).

  2. preeti nisha says:

    super computers are the fastest computers in the world and its pride for india to stand among the four nations having supercomputers. In november 2009 US Department of Energy has made “jaguar” the worlds fastest supercomputer. Few months back i came across an article in “THE ECONOMIC TIMES” which said
    that the government has drawn a blueprint for developing the next generation of supercomputers that could be 61 times faster than existing machines. “petaflop and exaflop range of supercomputers ” at an estimated cost of Rs 4,700 crore is to be proposed by 2017. Thus we say that powerful supercomputers are certainly in today’s race,

  3. aratrika sengupta says:

    Super Computer – one of the Hot pancake in the research field is opening up many new visions for innovations and discovery. This article was quite apt to gain an overall knowledge about this new presentation by the tech-world.

  4. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    Supercomputers are quite a burning topic these days. As far as general knowledge goes supercomputers are computers with tremendous performance and efficiency levels. it can solve the toughest problems in almost all fields like calculation, physics, weather forecast etc at the speed of lightening and that too without an error. Some of the FAQs are answered in this article. Tech-savvy people and people who are keen to enhance their technical knowledge about latest technologies in market would be helped quite a great deal by this article, its a must read for them. This article throws light on Supercomputers-its origin & basics in a nutshell.

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