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Math Question For IBPS

Aug 11 • IBPS Exam, Question Paper • 37289 Views • 10 Comments on Math Question For IBPS

 Below are questions which are asked in IBPS PO , IBPS clerk exams and exam like SSC CGL , LIC AAO etc


Vivek has started a business on 1 jan  2013 with the investment of 80,000 rupees.After 6 month shiva entered in the business with the sum of 1,00,000 rupees. They earned 6200 rupees at the end of  1 jan 2015. What will be the profit of shiva.

A.      3000B.3100
C. 2900D.   3400
E. none of these

2.Simplify it- 2940*2/7*14/8*6/9=?

A.      960B.980
C. 1020D.   940
 E.none of these


3. 7242-4201-420+256=?

A.      2877B.2866
C. 2755D. 2941
 E. none of these

4.  10500/70/15=?

A.    35B.40
C. 27D. 30
 E. none of these

5.     2.5   ,  6.5  , 12.5   , 20.5   , 30.5 ,?

what will be the next number of series ?

A.   42.5B.43.5
C. 70.5D. 70.5
 none of these

6.  14  ,30  ,48  ,68  ,90  ?

what will be the next number of series ?

A.  115B. 114
C. 202D. 171
 E. none of these

7.    350% of a number is 420 then what will be 200% of this number ?.

A.  288B. 234
C. 240D. 180
 E. none of these

8. The average weight  of 35 teachers is 62 kg one more teacher join the group whose weight is 54 kg. Then what is the new average weight of teachers.

A.  63.85B. 67.25
C.64.78D. 61.77
 E. none of these

9. Ram do a work in 20 days and shyam  takes 30 days to do that same work. how much time they both will take together to complete that work.

A.  12B. 15
C. 14D. 10
 E. none of these


10.   Kumar  borrowed a lone of 8000 rupees on simple interest for 3 years. how much sum  he will return to shayam After 3 years . if the interest rate is  5% P.A.

A. 8900B. 9650
C. 9400D. 9200
 E. none of these

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1. The average weight of 5 students of a class is 45 kg while other 5 students average weight is 65 kg.What will be the average weight  of all 10 students.

A. 50B.60
C. 55D. 45
 E. none of these

2.What will be the simple interest of 24500 for 4 month if the rate of interest is 15 p.a?.

A. 1200B.1600
 E. none of these

3. What will be the average of all odd numbers till 50?.

A. 25B.  17
C. 27D.19
 E. none of these

4. simplify it.


A. 67.1B. 62.7
C. 78D.80.8
 E. none of these

5.    25 *3+4/2-6=?

A. 71B. 45
C. 84D.37
 E. none of these

6. Tap A fill a tank in 4 hours and other tap B can empty this tank in 6 hours .if both tap A and b open together how much time will it take to fill the tank?.

A.8 hoursB. 6 hours
C. 10 hoursD.12 hours
 E. none of these

7 to 9.    What will be the next number in the series given blow.

9 ,15   ,23  ,  33 ,  45 ,  ?

A. 51B.  73
C. 84D. 59
 E. none of these

8.What will be the next number in the series given blow

4  , 14   ,32   ,58   ,92 ,   ?

A. 128B. 154
C. 134D. 144
 E. none of these

9.     .What will be the next number in the series given blow

29  ,67  ,129  ,221  489  ,  ?

A. 616B.519
C. 489D. 701
 E. none of these

10.The average height of 5 boys is 160 cm.if the average height of 4 boys from five is 174 then what is the height of 5th one.

A. 110 cm.B. 124 cm.
C. 118 cm.D. 104 cm.
 E. none of these

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Q.1.  What will be come   on the place of (?).


A. 198B. 296.
C. 240D. 288
 E. none of these

Q.2. What will be come   on the place of (?).

74%OF 450-?%OF 250=163

A.74B. 83
C. 81D. 68
 E. none of these

Q.3 What will be come   on the place of (?).


A.108/5B. 105/8
C. 111/9D. 117/6
 E. none of these

Q.4. What will be come   on the place of (?)


A.11/3B. 12/3
C. 15/4D. 17/5
 E. none of these

Q.5.What will be come next in the series ?

1.5 ,12.5 , 11.5 , 30.5 , ?

A.34.5B. 42.5
 E. none of these

Q.6.    25  men  takes 44 days to do a task. How many days will take 20 men to do the same task?.

A .55B. 65
C. 38D. 47
 E. none of these

Q.7.The current ratio between the age of ram and shikha is  8:11 and their current total age is 76 years After 8 years what will be the age of ram?

A .55B. 45
C. 36D. 40
 E. none of these


Q.8.A  train which length is 180 mt. takes 40 seconds  to cross  a 250 mt. platform .what is the speed of the train in kmph.

A .55.6B.41.2
C. 39.6D.43.8
 E. none of these

Tushar purchases a camera worth rupees 8,000 and sell it to peeyush  with 25% of loss and by remain amount he bought a car and sold out it on 35% of profit then what is the loss/profit of tushar.?

A .110 Rs.  profitB.210 Rs .loss
C. 100 Rs profitD.240 Rs .loss
 E. none of these

Q.10.Simplify this equation:


A .9240B.8874
C. 7466D.8264
 E. none of these

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Q.1.What will be come  on the place of (?) in the series.?

9,  13,  20,  ?, 43 , 43 , 59

A .30B.45
C. 51D.27
 E. none of these


Q.1.What will be the simple interest of 18,800 for six month if the interest  rate is 8% P.A?.

A .752B.845
C.758D. 942
 E. none of these

Q.2.Ram borrowed a lone on 8%P.A from Das After 3 years he paid 4200 rupees  as interest. How much amount was borrowed by ram?.

A .18700B.15000
C.21200D. 17500
 E. none of these

Q.3 . 12 men can do a task in 20 days. How many days will take 8 men to do that same task.?

A .20B.30
 E. none of these

Q.4. Simplify the equation.


A .5760B.6420
 E. none of these

Q.5.Simplify the equation.


A .80B.75
 E. none of these

Q.6.The current ratio between the age of ram and shiva is 8:9 and the total of their age is 68 years. Then what will be the age of ram after 8 years?.

A .40B.58
 E. none of these

Q.7.Find the wrong number in the series?.

18,  31  ,44,  65  ,96

A .18B.31
E. 44

Q.8.Find the wrong number in the series.

8.5  ,19.5  ,36.5  ,53.5  ,76.5

A .8.5B.53.5

Q.9. what will come next in the series?.

12,,130  ,56  ,738  ,132

A .156B.2197
E.   none of these

Q.10  A 200 mt. long train is going with the speed of 18 kmpl . How much time the train will take to cross a pole ?.

A .40B.60
E.   none of these

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