Mathematics Optional strategy by UPSC topper

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Mathematics Optional strategy by UPSC topper

Utsav Kaushal is one among the toppers in UPSC Mains 2016 and to our surprise, he chose Mathematics Optional but still he stood out of the crowd. Here are some tips and tricks that he followed to crack UPSC Mains. Wanted to know about Mathematics Optional Strategy by UPSC topper? Read the information given below to start your preparation. Prior choosing the subject, you should always go through the syllabus available for each and every subject.

Initially, scoring high marks in the Mathematics optional requires you to put in a lot of effort and remember that practicing plays a key role

You will definitely get to see better results by solving as many problems as you can.

Mugging up Mathematics is actually a wrong way to learn and it is not suggested to memorize the solutions alone. If a sum seems to have issues, don’t jump into conclusions. Just keep on trying until you succeed.

Most of the students are allergic to Algebra and they just don’t want take this topic into account. However, leaving this section is not preferable as most of the UPSC Mains papers will have questions from Algebra.  Moreover, you should also include the topics such as Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics during the preparation.

A gist of Mathematical Optional Strategy by UPSC topper

Though Mathematics is a subject that has maximum dislikes it is quite simple to crack as well. Now, here is the tips and tricks that will help you to destroy the biggest contender in UPSC Mains.

Apart from preparation and practice, there is other criterion to clear Mathematics optional which is your attitude. It is very to have a composed  approach while answering the tedious problems in the exams.

Advantages in choosing Mathematics Optional

  • Just have to revise things that you already learnt in your schools and colleges.
  • One of the best part about choosing Mathematics Optional is, less competitions. Unlike other subjects, only a few students will opt for this optional subject.
  • Scoring high marks in Mathematics will help you to get better ranks even if your performance is not up-to the mark in other subjects.
  • The syllabus of Mathematics has never changed and you just need to prepared once.


  • Many some subjects have a vast syllabus and Mathematics is also one among them so it necessitates you to allocate more time for preparing on a daily basis.
  • No overlapping of topics from any subjects which will mandate a harder preparation

Guidance for Mathematics Optional

Some of the Mathematics Optional strategy by UPSC topper has been listed out and it actually worked for them. Now it’s your turn to execute the below given tips.

Going through Formulas is the secret formula to crack UPSC Mains

  • While preparing, enter the important formulas that appear in every chapter which will come handy during the last minute revision
  • It is also suggested to study the formulas on a daily basis to remember easily

Time complexity? Here is what you can do

Don’t worry about the time division for preparing paper 1 and paper 2. Instead, try to complete most pats of the syllabus before prelims. Giving equal importance to both the papers will actually help you a lot.

Coaching institutes would be quite helpful

  • Practicing by self might be toiling sometimes as you have to research about the important topics and questions that are repeatedly asked.
  • Enrolling yourself in a good coaching institute will reduce the burden into half as they will provide the study materials and other relevant resources.
  • And your only task will be studying thoroughly for the Mathematical Optional subject.
  • Attending test series is very essential and every coaching institute will have dedicated time for this as only practicing will help you to finish up the exam on time.
  • Make sure that you present the answer sheet in a manner that it impresses the Examiner
  • Write precisely and draw neat diagrams (don’t forget  to label)

Hope the above Mathematical Optional strategy by UPSC topper would help you in the exam preparation. All the best!!!!


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