Meghalaya Board Sample Paper of English for Class 10

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English is one of the most interesting and easy subject to deal as per exam preparation point of view and with the aid of little practice you will able to secure very good marks in your board exams. As an engineer, I have made this efforts fro class X students to prepare this Sample Paper of English for Class 10. While preparing this paper all the grammar questions are taken from the previous year board paper and some help have been taken from few books like Evergreen sample papers and some grammar books. This paper basically consists of Grammar Sample Questions and Literature questions. The questions are entirely based on the syllabus of MEGHALAYA BOARD Class X. In order make your practice more strong you can also take help from Meghalaya Board 10th Class Science Sample Paper.

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Sample Paper of English for Class 10

About The Board: Meghalaya Board of School Education  was established in the year 1973 and it is responsible to conduct the Secondary School Leaving Certificate(SSLC) along with the Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSSLC) Exam in the state. Initially it started to function in the Office of the Director of Public Instruction, Shillong and then got shifted to Araimile, Tura in the year 1974. It also has a regional office situated at the state capital of Shillong.

General Instructions:
1. This paper consists of two Sections as total.
2. Section-A is of Grammar Section containing question from 1-3.
3. Section-B is Literature Section containing question from 4-8.
4. All questions are compulsory.


Q 1.Fill  in  the blanks choosing the given options :  5 MARKS

A  twelve  year  old  boy  _____ (a)  with  an  accident,  when  he ____(b) the road,  near  his  school.  A  speeding  car  ______him  (c).  The  police  _______(d) the  place  of  accident  and  _____(e)  the  driver  of the  car.  The  boy  ______(f) to  the  local  hospital.

(a) (i) meet     
(ii) met           
(iii) meeting           
(iv) meets

FOR (b)
(i) cross    
(ii) crossing     
(iii) was  crossing  
(iv) in  crossing

FOR (c)
(i) hit         
(ii) hits            
(iii) hitted             
(iv) is hitting

FOR (d)
(i) reach    
(ii) reached      
(iii) reaching         
(iv)   has reached

FOR (e)
(i) arrest    
(ii) is  arresting
(iii) has  arrested   
(iv) arrested

FOR (f)
(i) admitted 
(ii) is  admitted
(iii) was  admitted  
(iv) admit

Q2. Fill  in  the blanks choosing the given  options  :  5 MARKS
The  Health  Mela  (a)  __________  in  the  city  from  2nd October.  This  (b)__________  by the  concerned  authorities.  Several  new   features  __________  (c)  this  year.  Guidelines for prevention of various diseases __________ (d) in the mela. The doctors from different hospitals  __________  (e)  free  check  up  of  the  patients.  Various  medical  equipments__________  (f)  at  discounted  prices.

FOR (a)
(i) will  conduct      
(ii) will  be  conducted
(iii) was  conducted
(iv) conducts

FOR (b)
(i) had  stated     
(ii) was  stated
(iii) will  be stated
(iv) stated

FOR (c)
(i) are  added  
(ii) will be added
(iii) will  add    
(iv) added

FOR (d)
(i) given            
(ii) was  given
(iii) will be given    
(iv) are  given

FOR (e)
(i) will  conduct 
(ii) was  conduct
(iii) is  conduct  
(iv) conducted

FOR (f)
(i) sold              
(ii) were  sold
(iii) will be sold  
(iv) will sell

Q3. The  following  passage  has  not  been  edited.Find the error.  5 MARKS

 Last  night,  I heard someone  knocked at        example  :  Knocked  –  Knocking
the gate. It  is  not my habit to kept someone                  (a) __keep________
waiting out for  long. It was not  nice  to  keep  a              (b) __is________
person  standing  at  the  door.  When  I  open                (c) _opened_________
door,  I  was surprised to see my                                  (d) ____the______
old friend carry  a  basket of  flowers                                (e) __carrying________
in  his  hand.  He  came  to  wished me                           (f) __wish_______
on  my birthday.

q. Rearrange  them to form meaningful sentences.   5 MARKS
some  students/  Kapil s auntie/ went/  one/  meet/  day/ to
One  day  some  students  went  to  meet Kapil s  auntie

(a) was/  hot  bath/ a/ she/  taking/  fond  of.
(b) stitch/  fine/ to/  clothes/  herself/  she/ liked/  her.
(c) sparrows/  she/ afternoon/  the/ to/ in/  feed/ used.

Q. Read  the  dialogue  given  below  and  complete  the  passage  that  follows: 5 MARKS

Shopkeeper :  What would you like to buy  madam ?
Customer :  A suit.
Shopkeeper :  Which one do you like – silk or  synthetic ?
Customer :  Neither. Give  me a  cotton suit
The  shopkeeper  asked  the  customer  politely  (a)  __________.  The  customer  replied (b)  __________.  The  shopkeeper  enquired  (c)  __________.  The  lady  replied  that  she wanted  a  cotton  suit.


[Do it by yourself]

Q4. What things has been done by Ralph the Rover  for his living?

Q5. Our inner voice is our guiding force and we must listen to it. Why does the poet say so in the poem Teach Me To Listen?

Q6. Why did Joszef keep interrupting Laszlo’s account of what he had seen” Your answer should not exceed

Q7. How did Tricki become an accepted member of the gang and start enjoying company of other dog’s?

Q8. What did the young lady expect  Horace to be caught after the theft?



(a) Ans: (ii)         (b) Ans: (iii)         (c) Ans: (i)

(d) Ans: (ii)         (e)  Ans: (iv)        (f) Ans: (iii)


(a) Ans: (ii)         (b) Ans: (ii)         (c) Ans: (ii)

(d) Ans: (iii)         (e)  Ans: (i)        (f) Ans: (iii)


(a) Ans: She was fond of taking hot bath.
(b) Ans: She liked to stitch her fine clothes herself.
(c) Ans: She used to feed sparrows in the afternoon.


(a) Ans: What would she like to buy.
(b) Ans: She wanted a suit.
(c) Ans: She used to feed sparrows in the afternoon.

NOTE: To get above questions in pdf, follow:
Meghalaya Board Sample Paper of English for Class 10

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