Multimedia and its contribution to the new era

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Multimedia and its contribution to the new era

What is multimedia?

Multimedia is something which consists of more than one media. It is computer controlled integration of texts, graphics, animation,still and moving images. It is electronically delivered combination of media where informations can be represented, stored, transmitted and processed digitally.

Components of multimedia:components of multimedia

a) Text
b) Video
c) Audio
d) Animation
e) Images

Texts : It is the most widely used means of conveying ideas which can be easily manipulated. Texts are in the form of word or symbol which can be easily understood.

Video: This  is the most lively part of multimedia. It uses all the components of multimedia and is capable of producing a live action before viewers.

Audio: This sometimes proves to be the most appealing method to grab attention in multimedia presentations.

Animation: This element plays an important role in entertainment and education. It grabs attention of viewers due its visual impact in multimedia projects.

Images: To make a multimedia project attractive and successful, images play an important role.

Classification of multimedia:

It can be broadly classified in two categories:

a) Linear  b) non linear

In linear content the user does not have any control to wander through the multimedia content. Cinema presentation is example of linear content.

In nonlinear content the user end have a control to wander through the multimedia content. Hypermedia is example of nonlinear content. It is a two way communication.

According to encyclopedia multimedia term was first coined by singer and artist Bob Goldsteinn to promote the July 1966 opening of his ” Lightworks at L’Oursin” show at Southampton. Goldsteinn was perhaps aware of  British artist named Dick Higgins who had previously discussed a new approach to art making called inter media.

Applications of multimedia: Multimedia is a boon to us in many ways. It plays an important role in the entertainment world, education system, medicine, scientific research ,corporate world, journalism, and commerce.

Education system in India can be upgraded only by the introduction of multimedia in every school. This will create an interest among the students and teachers will be able to grab their attention easily.

Entertainment completely depends on multimedia in this new era. The visual effects , sound effects light effects which makes a movie much more interesting cannot be created without elements of multimedia.

Doctors in India can  communicate with doctors in other part of the world through this technology. They can easily simulate how the human body is affected by diseases and even get trained by looking at virtual surgeries.

Scientific and mathematical research also depends on multimedia. In science we require to study about molecular structures which can be explained clearly with this technology. Mathematical research requires modeling and simulation which includes 3D visualization.

Creative industry which comprises of journalism, advertisement ,fine arts depends on the components of multimedia. Advertisement of products creates interest among customers , product images, videos can persuade or manipulate the audience to buy it, thus it contributes a lot to a country’s economy. The corporate sector uses a lot of this technology in power point presentation, web- designing, web redesigning etc.

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