Multinational Corporation: Are they devils in disguise?

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The term devil in not appropriate and should not be used in context with MNC’s,since these company are responsible for increasing employment , providing jobs to unemployed youngsters.

The main problem that arises is work load , working hours, according to which trainees are not paid.This can be avoided by introduction of some rules and protocols by government restricting

working hours,further more MNCs should participate in welfare of our country, by updating itself about what is going on in our country.

.So, MNC showed be allowed with certain restriction that it should not degrade the work environment by providing suitable employment guidelines by Government..


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One Response to Multinational Corporation: Are they devils in disguise?

  1. Roberto Delpopolo says:

    I think the term “devil” is appropriate as it is the term “great satan”. When the MNC falls under the influence of the gambling of slot-machines and Casinos the MNC becomes the devil. You will find irregular activity from the owner of the outlet and some of such irregular activities includes any or all of the following: Change of colors of the logo or the shape of the logo; change of internal design; change of policies; lack of training; exploitation of workers making them do multiple tasks; renting space to strangers or to illegal activities; change of brand names not compatible with the rules of the franchise; purchasinng of brand name usually connected with ciminal activity; manipulation of the content of the product like copycat of famous products.

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