Does banning fashion shows and New Year parties save our culture?

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Banning fashion and new year parties save our culture

The culture of fashion shows and new year parties in India is borrowed from the western countries, and is now penetrating the youth of country ,although affects our culture to some extent. But i don’t think that Indian fashion shows and new year parties are the only reasons. Ban is a very harsh word used for anything. Socially, a very large part of the society will not be willing to accept such a ban and hence shows of disagreement may burst down to the roads resulting in the disruption of peace. Our culture is also affected by western attire, product, movies, music etc. Fashion is just an exposure of your talent and beauty. The Indian culture we believe is about respect for elders, keeping integrity intact and not about the absence of free will. Indian culture is not about wearing only ‘sarees’. Its the government’s duty to decide what is wrong and what is right? Why should the entire industry suffer for the wrongs of a few who fail to observe rules and practice self control? The strategy of the government to preserve Indian culture should be to get to the neck of those who are responsible for the breaking of limits and rules. Hence their will be no need to put a ban on anything if everything is enjoyed within certain limits and in the right way.

I  really don’t think so that banning of fashion shows and new year parties would save our culture.Our culture is an active part of the society  from where we belong and this culture has been the  pride of our country from years.Due to this culture only our country is focused as a developing nation among the world.I really don’t think so that our culture is limited only upto fashion world or parties.Our culture is an huge aspect of our identity everything like our national anthem,our struggle for freedom,our secularistic behavior,languages compactly form our culture.I really don’t think so that anything is needed to be stopped in order to support our culture.

Firstly if I say about the fashion shows,people would say that many girls are wearing short dresses which is against our culture but I would say one thing that when it comes to take the advantages of the fashion industry its profits,its benefits they are ready to take it but the only problem comes regarding the short dresses of the girls.Fashion industry is growing worldwide we and it adds a lot to our country’s economy and moreover fashion has now entered to the field of education as well.So it is our sole responsinbility to support it and not to put it down.

Now if we talk about new year parties then people will say that it is plundering our culture but I would only ask them a single thing that  whether girls are really safe now because I we look at the present scenario than nothing would happen accept an eyeful of shame.So if some people wants to enjoy something it can never ruin anybody’s culture but before talking about these things we should check ourselves whether we are correct or not.

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