Value Based Politics is The Need of Hour

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I completely agree with the topic that ‘THE VALUE BASED POLITICS IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR 

Today there is a need to evolve as the one of the innovative country.

Today there is a need to change our status from developing to developed.

This can only be possible if our Internal strength is strong enough to be act as a unite so that we can work for the over all development of our country .But in our country politician act as a termite that wimpish our country day by day by the means of corruption,religious controversy created by them because of which we are in backward zone.Very common e.g. are 2G scam by Raja,CWG scam by a group of people including suresh kalmadi, sheela dixit etc

Question is who let them to do all these shenanigans

The ans is Not u and Not Me its WE by voting them, by misleading them

We need to come forward to eradicate the termite

But the matter of the fact is no one wants to come forward to make the politics Worthwhile because now a days youngsters do keep them away from any kind of violence. They want peace

Everybody wants the politicians to be uncorrupted but none wants to be in politics as a social Reformer

Now come to the Point How to make the VALUE BASED POLITICS

1. Youngsters should be motivated to come in politics so that the reformation can be done

2.Media should come forward to bring the real picture of politics and politicians

otherwise we can’t put our country in the list of developed country ever

The leaders in the politics has forget the Moral values.This is the incumbent of ours to Let them recognize the moral values that they forget, which ultimately lead our country forward and one day we will come out the most innovative country in the world.

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