Has India done right thing by stopping discussion with Pakistan ?

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No talk with Pakistan

I have been regularly following this information or news in recent times after new NDA government under leadership of Mr Narendra Modi came to power. I do understand that determination of Mr Narendra Modi , our Prime Minister is very strong and its his will to see Shining India. No DOUBT. Our Prime minister want every one on globe to sing song for India. Great thought and thus I respect my Prime minister but great determination some times gets over shadowed by different deeds. This has been group discussion topic on different forums may be top MBA colleges entrance exams or Job Group discussion and many times every day on different news channels.

Before going into much depth of India Pakistan relation I have few questions which needs to be answered by our respected Prime minister and our parliament.

1. I would like to know why the hell we talk to Pakistan on Kashmir Issue : When we as Indian know that Jammu Kashmir is integral part of India then , why do we give Pakistan the authority to discuss on our internal issues. May be few of our citizens not happy with our government policies , may be our own citizens are being influenced by Pakistan and I am adding “may be” as suffix but Indian government knows it all then we should try to make our own citizens convinced , we should work for betterment of our people which will encourage them to be part of Indian government daily activity and not listen to intruders or Pakistan. India should have No talk with Pakistan Policy.

group discussion topic

Jammu & kashmir is matter of discussion with Pakistan or Not

2. Why do we give authority to Pak while talking to Pak on Jammu & Kashmir: Pakistan is a different nation all together , India and Pakistan are two different countries and should not interfere in internal affairs of each other for cordial relation. Situation on India ,

pakistan issue is such that , we ask Pakistan to interfere in our internal matters.

3. Why we are not talking to our separatists. Separatist in Jammu & kashmir are our own citizen , Although their are different claims by different groups, some say that separatists are the terrorists who came during 1947-1949 to Kashmir to fight against India and settled here and few say they had been here since long. Recently a movie named Haider was launched on Separatists. We need to understand India had been country of Forgivers and had always respected our guests. India constitution says one must stay in India for 10 years to be Indian citizen , they have been in India since past 65 years and we must consider them Indian and try talking to them.

We need to convince our own country men and should not indulge any third party or countries like Pakistan to take care of our Problem. India is a country with population about 3 times that of Pakistan and so is its area and so is our Power and economy and so will be our problems this does not mean that we will run to some one else for our solution.

As India has been successful in keeping other countries away from any discussion or mediation on Jammu & Kashmir , we as country should never allow Pakistan to take up this matter.

I do not think that Jammu & Kashmir to be a group discussion topic between India , Pakistan and Separatist , rather India and Indian Separatists should talk between themselves without including Pakistan in talk.

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  1. Tanoy says:

    Excellent article written by the author. Thanks for presenting this issue in a crystal clear view.

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