Should Voters be Given NOTA (None of the above) choice

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Should Voters be given NOTA (None of the above) choice

“None of the above” choice which has been related to competitive exam papers since very beginning when students were given few answers to choose as option for correct option , out of which some times , none options use to be correct and student were expected to tick “None of the above” option , NOTA .

Indian Political system allows, every citizen above age of 18 years to elect his or her leader at different political democratic set up , may it be election for Parliament , or state assembly or at district or village Panchayat level.

NOTA came first in existence in 1976 in a Village election in California at United states of America but , soon before making it usual for whole country , NOTA was discontinued in 1978 with voting 64% (who wanted NOTA to be removed) against 36% (who wanted NOTA to continue).

NOTA has unarguably considered as a weapon for common public or Voters against bully nature of Political Parties , who at times thrust any one with any image as contender for election and many times Voters find none of the Political Party member worth electing.


NOTA , none of the above power to Voters

Under rule 49(0) of election rules 1961, election commission of India gave rights to voters in India due to decision of supreme court , allowed Indian voters to opt for NOTA option. Although election commission Notification on NOTA clearly states that its a tooth less tiger and clearly indicates that , if NOTA becomes winner in any election result then in that case election commission will declare person with second in result as winner. This signifies how seriously Indian Political class has taken up NOTA.

Earlier a Voter had to inform election officer for other forms for exercising option of rejecting any candidate but introduction of NOTA option in EVM machine saves right of Voter of not disclosing his / her eelctrol rights

India is just a 70 years old democratic economy and it will take time to learn but as of now , NOTA can be good decision in Political foray and at least act as an eye opener for any one in political system , if ever citizens of this country exercise their option of NOTA.

Time will come when NOTA will not remain Just a tooth less tiger and election commission will empower its voters that once they reject any election through NOTA , that election will be void but till then , we as Indian will have to wait.

Once rejection through NOTA will increase , pressure will start mounting Supreme Court or Election Commission or Parliament.

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