Is our Political system responsible for our Backwardness

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Is our Political system responsible for our Backwardness

India got independent on 15th August 1947 , Although , I came to know about Indian independence from books and believe on those but since when I came to my thoughts , I have always observed anarchy and injustice through out different part of country , Women getting raped on daily basis as it use to happen in British India , People getting murdered by rivals or for any other reasons, Politicians looting country assets during different development projects . Even cases of loot has been observed in different procurement procedures. I think we do not have that much of time or resource here to put down all atrocities being done by our own citizen on own people. It seems our fight for independence was just waste of time and  We were fine in British rule only. It has been matter of discussion every now and then and topic has been part of group discussion in many MBA college admission process or Job interview GD topic.

We Indian do not know how to manage things and thus our political class has been unsuccessful in managing India as a country and Indians as citizen. Since ages we have been cursing or blaming our political class or Politician for all these atrocities but who is responsible for all this. I think we as Indian citizen are to be blamed for this, no one else. Their has been well known saying “As are the citizens same is ruler” . All the politicians whom we send to Parliament or State legislative assembly or the bureaucrats are coming from our society and are only politicians corruptbetween us.

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With time we have realized that abuse of power is habit of Indian , our sample testing has identified that without consideration of caste , creed , ethnic back ground , grooming , profession most of the politician became corrupt after holding the public chair. Till the time Public chair or power was in hand of someone else , every one remain honest and as soon as power comes in own hand misadventure with power starts. We Indians are free in nature , recently an actress had said we Indian leave in large commode and who is responsible.

To certain extent one can say that our Political system is responsible for this and , if our political parties would have taken this seriously then we would have formed a better system through which we would have  avoided all this but as an Indian , I do not think only Political system but We as an Individual who make this society are more responsible for this. From where does this political system comes int existence , from where these political parties come in to picture , all these are coming from within the society of which we are a part. We need to understand , we as society are evolving and will need some more decades to evolve , By DNA , we are slave. First time India has seen a Prime Minister as Mr Narendra Modi , who was born in free India who took few initiative to bring common people in Political or Government decision making system. Uptill now all our Political heads had experienced shadow of British rule. Free & Prosperous thought process has started coming to mind of Indian now and it will take some more time , we can use force to make people understand but then it will be Chinese type of society where Guns and Barrels are only answers to every question , I do not call it to be free nation for its citizen.

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