Pakistan’s brutal attack at LoC(Line of Control)

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In a “provocative” attack, Pakistani regular soldiers crossed into Indian territory in Poonch sector of Jammu  and ambushed an Indian patrol killing two soldiers, one of whom was decapitated. Besides killing two, they also injured two other soldiers and took away their weapons and other belongings.While Pakistan continues to deny its army is at work in the recent brutal attack in Mendhar, India is doing nothing at all to take it to task. Despite the fact of the intruders being from the 29 Baloch Regiment of Pakistan being unearthed, Indian Ministers are evasive in their replies and make all the right noises minus the right actions. Congress has asked for apology from Pakistan on the brutal attack. Why now Indian government is doing nothing nd jst asking for the apology.

What is the surety after that they wont repeat such kind of mischievious attacks again… every time they attack India in some or the other way and India is just trying to maintain relations with Pakistani’s.Since 2001 after attack on parliament India said we wont accept it…again in 26th nov same dialoge…now after killing of our jawans(Indian Soldier;s) they are jst asking for an apology.. after few years or months again they will do something.. again India will ask for apology only…compromising the lives of Indians.

Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed 71 incidents of cross-border firing and ceasefire violations along Indo-Pak border in which 7 persons including 4 security personnel were killed and 15 others were injured last year.

There were 51 cases of cross-border firing and ceasefire violations in 2011 as compared to 44 cases of ceasefire violations along the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir were registered in 2010 and 28 were in 2009.

The increase in firings incidents and ceasefire violations by Pakistan came close on the heels of detection of 400-meter long tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir’s Samba sector on July 28 and subsequent lodging of strong protest over the tunnel issue on July 31.

But still Indian government wont do anything…jst a single apology will make them HAPPY.

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14 Responses to Pakistan’s brutal attack at LoC(Line of Control)

  1. Ritika says:

    A heinous & inhuman act on the part of the ones who did it. It definitely threatened the fragile & delicate Indo-Pak relations.
    The Politics that followed, somehow, saved the scene; otherwise things could have turned ugly.

  2. sakshi chaudhary says:

    It is one of the very shameful incident that revel the humanity and kindness….and i think government must took strict action in against of it…so that this kind of behavior will never happen again..

  3. Akash Gupta says:

    this is the disgusting act performed by them and they should be given a good reply so, this thing will not be repeated again, next time they will think 100 times doing such type of activities.

  4. Prashant Jain says:

    shame on you pakistan soliders Lets recall, is it the first time that this happening to our soldiers, not really I am sure. What’s the fuss about of all this diplomatic talks,nothing fruitful is going to come out of it. We have been doing it for decades now but all in vain. Its time that INDIA actually shows PAKISTAN who actually has the upperhand. You never beg for own things do you?? so why talk talk & talk,snatch what is yours. please live peacefully ….

  5. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    The quote from The holy Bible-“Love the neighbor” doesn’t suit very much in conformance with the relations of India and Pakistan.. as far as the present scenario is concerned and taken for the reference context.
    How long has it been for the Indians to carry on peaceful talks, organize sports events, customize its policies, make treaties, sign military, political and social contracts..?
    Many.. numerous since the partition took place.
    Pakistan is an integral part of Indian sub-continent but regular back biting and stabbing has become its habit that is intolerable now.
    We cannot have peaceful relations ever with the country because they are not coinciding with our motive.
    All they want is Kashmir valley as the part of their nation and for that more than 4-5 decades they’ve spent for “Jehaad.”
    It’s not going to help.. only talks, talks ‘n talks from Indian govt.’s side is never going to have any peace with the country who is well known place for many most wanted international criminals.
    Sheltering them, feeding them, protecting them, hiding them, etc. is a regular task for which, no doubt, they get paid.
    For the recent inhumane beheading of our soldiers on the LOC while on patrol duty, is such a shameful frivolity but the govt. og India needs to reply them in the language they properly understand.
    In lack of a proper judiciary system, there are cases pending.. millions of them. In lack of a proper governing body, there is always a state of anarchy among the masses.
    Why on Earth do we have to act dumb..?
    If they understand the language of bombs then bomb them.. India is short of bombs; I don’t think so. We are so much sufficient in armory that any nation be it even America would think many times before attacking us.
    A strong and immediate action is the requirement.. nothing else; as we all are aware of the stats.

  6. Shaheen Khan says:

    This time pakistan cross the limit of humanity and did a extremly ruthless & shameful act. I believe that India should also take a strong action to give ans to pakistan crueality.

  7. Ankita Prajapati says:

    This incident was very shameful.. The country and media reacted so violently on all type of issues..but why not the same reaction when our soldiers get killed very brutally…They guard the frontiers at bone freezing temperatures for me and you.. Why wait for the government to react..will do something this time or still be a silent spectator?

  8. Arnab Dutta says:

    Lets recall, is it the first time that this happening to our soldiers, not really I am sure. What’s the fuss about of all this diplomatic talks,nothing fruitful is going to come out of it. We have been doing it for decades now but all in vain. Its time that INDIA actually shows PAKISTAN who actually has the upperhand. You never beg for own things do you?? so why talk talk & talk,snatch what is yours. Lets actually make Pakistan feel whats meant by “AN EYE FOR AN EYE” means

  9. Saurabh Jajoo says:

    Will anybody tell why can’t we give them a GOOD REPLY????

  10. Kaushik Kumar says:

    hello friends
    The brutal attack on two Indian soldiers was an act of Pakistani soldiers and not jihadis, according to government sources.
    However, intelligence inputs say the Pakistan Army has been under tremendous pressure from jihadis who accuse it of abandoning the Kashmir cause.
    The precise nature of the gruesome attack in an area where the Pakistan Army “controls everything” shows this was an attack by army regulars. But the sources add that the jihadi elements – some of them work “too closely” with the Pakistan Army – want to show that the Kashmir cause is alive.

  11. Ronak Garg says:

    I totally agree with Bharti. This is not the first time Pakistan has crossed his line and each time Indian government has tolerated in hope of peace. But Pakistan is taking an undue advantage of India silence. I think it is the right time to answer the Pakistan and show them their right place.

  12. Atul Shukla says:

    Realy that became very bad for our country and mainly for the family who have lost their two siblings.
    India government should investigate the matter and should take action.
    No hbarti pandey india government takes care of our soldiers but what became that day thats very important.

  13. BHarti PaNdey says:

    I dont understand is their any value of our soldiers in the eyes of Government if yes its time for them to take strict and strong actions to safeguard them…Otherwise it would be really late with respect to the interest of the soldiers..How many soldiers and lives we plan to lose for really blurred fantasy of seeing INDO-PAK together….!!!!

  14. Divya Acharya says:

    This incident is really shameful for humanity and humans.
    our goverment must have to take some actions against it so that we are atlest able to give tribute to those 2 army men.

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