Social Inequality Can Leads to Crime

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There are many different types of social inequality. In order for something to be considered inequitable, there must be differences in benefits based on some perceived different. Inequality may be based on gender, cultural practices, or race. Some sociologists believe that social inequality leads to crime. Let us explore the various types of social inequality and see what crime, if any, it might lead to.

Gender inequality in the United States has been on the front burner for several decades now. In the 1960’s women organized typically peaceful protests demanding equal rights. They wanted equal pay for equal work. They wanted the glass ceiling destroyed. They wanted to be recognized as equal to their male counterparts. And for the most part, their protesting was legal and lacked a criminal element. Some women did get in trouble for setting fires in public places when they chose to burn their bras. But overwhelmingly, the crimes were petty and many believed police officers only arrested them to give the local news media a show. After all, it was fairly indecent for women to walk around city streets waving their bras. This was a boon for the local and national media outlets. Overwhelmingly though, the amount of crime caused by women because of social inequality is minimal and not a great source of consternation to local, state, and national law enforcement.

Social inequality based on cultural practices is much more prevalent however. Without making a judgment as to which culture is better, because honestly, it is unacceptable to make value judgments about another culture, it is still possible to see that some cultures are more steeped in crime than others. Whether or not some of these cultures, such as gang culture, were led to crime by societal marginalization or were marginalized by the crime they committed is beyond the scope of this essay. However, it is possible to see that the continued marginalization and resulting social inequality does lead to an increase in crime and violence from gang members. They feel the only way their voice can be heard is to shout it over the roar of vehicular and gun violence.

Finally, the last type of social inequality that might lead to crime is racial inequality. And it is not possible to stereotype and make a definite affirmative statement that social inequality based on race leads to crime. One could compare the work and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to that of Malcolm X to see that, while both certainly experienced social inequality, they did not both choose crime as a way to either retaliate or to solve the problems they faced.

In conclusion, the fact that social inequality exists is not in dispute. Whether or not it leads to crime is wholly based on how the discriminated against individuals respond to the societal differences. Social inequality does not have to lead to crime.

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17 Responses to Social Inequality Can Leads to Crime

  1. Gourav Kumar says:

    Yes I believe that social inequality can lead to crime as social difference based on caste system leads to inequality among human being and if a person is continuously suppressed by so called higher class, it will lead him to crime.

  2. Barun kumar singh says:

    Ya social inequality can lead to crime.As in India 57% of seats in every examination is reserved.This create an illusion of upper class and lower caste and increases a gap between the two community. More over after this it the two community meets under same roof they feel inconvenient to intact with each other causing social fights resulting in big crimes.Our government should step forward and install some ideas to remove this social gaps between every citizen if India

  3. shreya sarkar says:

    I do believe that social inequality can lead to crime. A person belonging to a lower strata in the society is not viewed or behaved with in the same fashion as the person belonging to an upper class. Similarly there’s a strong discrimination between men and women still prevailing in our society.All these lead to a sense of insecurity in a person’s mind and his outlook changes which makes him commit a crime. Hence equality should be brought about to ring about peace in the society.

  4. Ritika says:

    Social inequality does provide with ample opportunities to get clutched into crime, but ultimately it is the ethics which serve as the differentiating factor.

  5. Atul Shukla says:

    Of course there is no dought that the social inequality changes the environment of the sociaty and leads the crime because this spreads the dissatisfaction among peoples.
    I think oue government have inequaled the people at the basis of cast,dharma,cotegory.In my perception this is totaly wrong.
    I want to ask u that are all the human not equal?
    But any way this is the main causes of crime in our country.

  6. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    Of course social inequality leads to penetration of ill-mentality traits in the people mindsets and later on the society has to repay for this cause in form of an adverse and unwanted effect.
    The Right to Equality as mentioned in the Constitution of India clearly illustrates that each and every Indian Citizen, irrespective of the caste, creed, race or religion being followed by the individual, is free to do anything within the limits of law ‘n order.
    Social inequality leads to generation of feeling of distrust, jealousy, revengeful hatred, humiliation and prejudice against the whole society and the “payback” manners are not at all acceptable.
    Many cases of the psychopath killers have aroused and incremented because of this social evil.
    Being in the society which is male dominant, the feminine counterpart is always treated as a “subject” and not necessarily the part of society and due to this gender biasing.. many cases of crimes done by women is increasing exponentially.
    Social inequality creates a mesmerized solitary environment for an individual suffering it and he/she feels insecurity all the time.
    These type of practices should not be encouraged and condemned if happening before you.

  7. Puja Agarwal says:

    yes social inequality can lead to crime social inequality can be in terma of gender can be in terms of cast…as people give more preference to male child rather than a female child which is totally wrong… in terms of cast it can be seen that backward class people get more oppurtunity and they are not suitable for the post and knowledgeable people are still stood in same position….so its illegal backward class people should get a chance but should not get that position for which they are not liable.

  8. Ankita Prajapati says:

    For me..I do believe that a lack of perceived access to resources can lead to criminal behavior. The fewer legal options you think you have, the more likely it is you will choose an illegal option..and yeah it is definitely inequality based on gender, cultural practices, or race..that’s why it leads to crime..because there are every person want to get success in their life regardless by legally or illegally..

  9. sakshi chaudhary says:

    our country believes in the concept of treating all to be equal and in case of any kind of inequality will lead to increase the rate of crime in the society…as now people are living in the modern world with modern thinking which teaches to treat girls or boys as equal but in-spite of it some people are present in our surrounding who makes differences among them and in turn give birth to crime and increasing it day by day….

  10. Shaheen Khan says:

    I m agree to the statement that social inequality lead to a crime like reservation. It is the best way to define social inequality where candidates of general & OBC category scored 65% & more and not able to get job but on the other hand SC/ST candidates geting job on 5% & around it. Reservation is not problem in india actually it is a tight slap on the face of india. Slap means insult.

  11. Bhavna Sharma says:

    I totaly agree with this fact as inequality in any case misleads one towards superiority and minority and this is running since past times that minors are always suppressed. wether gender inequality or racism.

  12. Saurabh Jajoo says:

    Our constitution states the right of equality and prevailing injustice of social inequality is totally not done. It is an evil prevailing in our society which we have to eliminate working and backing each other. Yes, definitely social inequality leads to crime as it brings the feeling of hatred among people which results into crime.

  13. Kaushik Kumar says:

    hello friends….
    Women, blacks, and youth have the highest rates of criminalization, and there are several reasons to help explaint his. Sociologists and theorists create and use perspectives to understand and analyze these reasons, and among the perspectives of functionalism, conflict, feminist, and social interactionism, the conflict perspective can explain why women, African-Americans, youth, and low-income people have the highest rates of violent crime victimization and exploitation.

    For instance, a result of criminalization of “victimless crimes” such as prostitution is one less way for people to make money. Some critics even believe it’s a waste to punish perpetrators of victimless crimes, including Gavin Newsom. The criminalization of victimless crimes can be seen as a way for people in power to remain in power; this puts the women and low-income people at a disadvantage.

    Victimless crimes also can demonstrate another argument of the conflict perspective; crime is a way to define and perceive one’s social status. How one is treated by law enforcement is a way for society to view and label a person. Because the law deems drug use, gambling, and other mala prohibita as “crimes,” people who partake those activities can be seen as low-lives, thugs, inappropriate, or other negative things

  14. BHarti PaNdey says:

    Social Inequality i believe and agree with the fact is the root cause of all Crimes faced by women.As we know that Although we say today that women are at power at men .But we can realize easily by the comment of our “LEADERS” Guru like “ASARAM BAPU” that still we are not ready to accept this position of women …So i am totally in support of “TOTAL ABOLISHMENT ” of Dahej Pratha and other such customs which still shows that Women are inferior to men……

  15. Ronak Garg says:

    Our constitution states the right of equality and prevailing injustice of social inequality is totally not done. It is an evil prevailing in our society which we have to eliminate working and backing each other. Yes, definitely social inequality leads to crime as it brings the feeling of hatred among people which results into crime.

  16. Divya Acharya says:

    yes social inequality will sure lead to increase the rate of crime,because by providing reservation to some people will lead in increasing the unemployment,crime rate in our country.

    • Arnab Dutta says:

      Crime is for me a state of mind that is of the weak and the defeated. We have seen many examples of oppressed men rising to a fame that not many priviledged have failed to do. It is true that is all humane to crave for things we don’t have but guiding this craving in a right way is what doesn’t force us to crime. Crime is not limited any particular section of the society be it rich or poor..crime plagues all.

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