Passive Smoking

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What is passive smoking?

Passive smoking is the inhalation of smoke, called secondhand smoke (SHS) from  tobacco products used by others. It happens when the cigarette smoke meets with any environment, thus causing its inhalation by people within that environment.

Effects of Passive Smoking :-

  1. Fatal risks (many diseases can be caused due to the passive smoking).
  2. Several hundred lung cancers (many types of lung cancers can be caused by the tobacco smoke)
  3. Several thousand heart disease cases (estimates prove that the passive smokers are more prone to heart diseases).
  4. Non-fatal impacts (may cause several other diseases)
  5. Lung function, cough, wheeze, phlegm (diseases caused by the passive smoking).
  6. Asthma aggravation (most prominent disease of the passive smokers)
  7. Children (children are not only affected but also they are subject to a lot of diseases easily).
  8. Sudden infant death, middle ear infection, lung disease (estimates prove that cigarette is one of the most deadliest drugs in the world).
  9. Unborn child (unborn child can also be affected due to passive smoking).
  10. Spontaneous abortion, perinatal death, preterm birth, low birthweight (these diseases are generally seen in the infants of the mother’s who smoke).

Passive Smoking.Estimates in the early 1990s prove that the heart diseases caused by passive smoking are the third leading preventable causes of deaths in the United States, leaving behind the active smoking and alcohol use, and the non-smokers that live with smokers have an increased probability of heart diseases of around 30%.

Estimates tell that some 40,300 active smokers die from heart, stroke and circulatory disease each year in the United Kingdom due to smoking. This serious impact on non-smokers can be significant. This increasing non-linear dosage may be explained by the fact that even due to the small exposures to ETS causes the blood to thicken causing platelet aggregation (major disease)– and that the endothelium (the inner lining of arteries of the heart) seems to be comparatively more susceptible to tobacco smoke.

Children born to the mothers who smoke are lighter than by an average of 200 grams. Spectitious abortions are increased in pregnant smokers by more than 25%. The major effects of smoking in pregnant women extend to a huge extent resulting in a reduction in growth and educational achievements.

Passive smoking thus causes a lot of problems due to which a lot many things get disturbed and thus the steps to prevent it should be taken. The smoking in the public places should be charged upon with and thus leading to a strict action will help prevent the passive smoking.

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