Peace and Nonviolence is an outdated concept?

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Violence is base of our life. We started our life in ancient by killing other living being for food. So violence is related to our blood no one can change it. Is peace and nonviolence an outdated concept?

No, the peace and nonviolence came at the middle but it sustained permanently for many reasons.

It’s used for long time and even our basic needs are been determined by nonviolence. From the childhood till old age they expect it. The childhood age is the cutest part of the human life. This age tempts to get whatever they see. Children won’t fight for their needs, they cry by playing nonviolence. Nowadays it is been sowed from the childhood.

Peace and nonviolence related with violence:

We live in a democratic country. So we are the ruling community. The violence may reach soon, but the nonviolence will take some time with effective solutions. Nonviolence and peace have an end in problems but violence wont. Violence needs blood and weapons but nonviolence is the silent killers.

The problems in our country are indulged only with peace and nonviolence. Solutions are only obtained by this.


Most of the countries are bonded with peace and nonviolence. Even if they have problem between them they talk and rectify their problems, which gives immediate solution. India Pakistan has more problems with their borders. Pakistani army shot two Indian soldiers. We just saw and kept quiet.

We are more concerned in dealing with peace and nonviolence in that problem. In south India  installing the nuclear reactor, the telungana problem who wants a separate state, the farmers struggling for water from other state, all protest with peace and nonviolence.

We have many organizations to maintain peace and nonviolence in a country, like united nation. The member country follows the rules and regulation to maintain that.

India is one among them.

So we mostly live in peace and nonviolence. “Peace and nonviolence is not an outdated concept”.

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33 Responses to Peace and Nonviolence is an outdated concept?

  1. Siddhant shukla says:
  2. cannonf700 says:

    Good response but honestly, you should find someone who can help you with your English. Parts of this response don’t even make sense because your grammar is so bad.

  3. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    There is nothing as such an ‘outdated concept’. Everything has a definite time of its own. And every problem has its own solution, and we need to deal with situations accordingly. As we know we have to combat one poison with another, hence when people are violent against us we have to combat it and defend it in the same way. Peace and non-violence is definitely something we should implement as much as possible. but this concept is becoming quite obsolete due to increased wars around us. we should understand that in this way we not only endanger the lives innocent people of the country but we also are causing a lot of harm to our mother nature by the harmful gases emitted after any such explosions of bombs etc. The lesson of humanity should be taught to everybody around the world. Violence never does any good. it only brings destruction & calamity to us. unless we understand this, peace & non-violence cant be sustained. Violence has to be eradicated, but then again that can’t be done overnight, we have to take act according to the need of a situation.

  4. Jishnu Sen says:

    Peace and non-violence is just the opposite of unrest and violence. Both of them goes hand in hand. it is just like day and night. But one thing is for sure, that is if we r non violent and peaceful now we will be violent and conflict will arise later. It is only important who we choose to be, a peace maker or the cause for the violence. Many people starts a war in the name of religion, or sometimes, peace. We are fools to believe in them. It is true that violent mind arises when they are under tremendous dictation and when injustice prevails around us. Nowadays, there are many causes which are causing outburst from different sections of people which are uncontrollable. It is not correct to totally write off that PEACE AND NON-VIOLENCE IS A CONCEPT OF PAST BUT IF IMPLEMENTED IN A CORRECT AND PLANNED WAY THEN I BELIEVE THAT IT IS WAY MORE POWERFUL THAN WEAPONS.

  5. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    Peace and non violence is not an outdated concept at all. It is the only thing which can make our world beautiful . It is true that we started our life in prehistoric a by killing other animals. But that does not mean violence is the base of life. That was just a struggle to exist, to survive. We can not misinterpret it as violence. Also violence can effect immediately or can help somebody to fulfill his wish on that moment only but it never can be a permanent solution. On the other hand peace and non violence is the only way of permanent solution though it is a very slow process and very tough to achieve too.

  6. A.R.Nivethitha Mathikumar says:

    Peace and Non-Violence is an outdated concept, Its not outdated, we are increasing it

  7. vani sadasivam says:

    Peace and Non-Violence is an out dating concept, EVERLASTING WEAPON to win one’s heart is peace and Non-Violence

  8. Prem kumar says:

    Peace and Non-Violence is an outdated concept, the real principles which we have to follow to have peaceful life yet didnt

  9. Ameer shahib.S says:

    “Peace and Non-violence is an outdated concept” Its an outdated concept but we have to show the strength of Peace and Non-Violence to the society

  10. kavya dilip says:

    Peace and Non-Violence is an outdated concept, no, its not outdated. Peace was imbibed in our forefathers , but we lack to some extent. Sure we can achieve anythin by peace and Non-Violence

  11. deepika.v deepi says:

    Peace and Non-Violence is an outdated concept, Youths have to maintain peace in many areas to develop themselves

  12. Kiranmayi says:

    Peace and Nonviolence…A Gandhian concept..result may be late yet a powerful thing…But in some cases we ought to be violent…Both are equally needed…

  13. bavi ragu says:

    Peace and Non-Violence is an outdated concept No, its not. Still without our own knowledge, we are following peace in our daily life to achieve many activities

  14. Deepika viswanathan says:

    Peace and Non-Violence is an outdated concept, Yes, it’s an outdated concept

    • Sayanti Banerjee says:

      violence can make the way of living easier but not for a long time.Fighting or violence can make someone powerful at certain instant of time but do not last for long.PEACE AND NON-VIOLENCE is slow process to achieve the task or to have a control over a critical situation but it works well with no grudges in future..

  15. ஆர்த்தி தண்டபாணி says:

    Peace and Non-Violence is an outdated concept , By Peace and Non-violence many of them achieved and still achieving.

  16. nandhini muruganandham says:

    Even the hardest person in this world will listen if you are non-violent and peaceful.

  17. nandhini muruganandham says:

    Even the rudest person in this world will listen to you and try to understand what you are saying if you are non-violent n peaceful.

  18. Sathish PAZER says:

    Peace and Nonviolence is an outdated concept? no its a part of our life

  19. Sindhu Sindhu says:

    Peace and nonviolence is an outdated concept? its a factual process no one can outdated it

  20. Saranya P says:

    Peace and non-violence is an outdated concept. No, it is not an outdated concept because inorder to live a life with peace and calm we must follow peace and non-violence.

  21. jothi meenal says:

    Peace and Non-Violence is an outdated concept? To be practical, we have to maintain peace and non-violence to get certain things and in certain situations where the bad things are happening we have to be violent

  22. komethakaraj p says:

    peace and nonviolence is an outdated concept will come to effect if the world ends

  23. Mathiyazhagan Marimuthu says:

    Peace and Nonviolence is an outdated concept? if we deal with peace the result will be late…. but sure we can get it

  24. boopathy sathish says:

    Peace and Nonviolence is an outdated concept? peace have many stages and it should be driven in a good path

  25. Janani 1892 says:

    To lead a better life, peace and non-violence has to be come from the heart, but our current scenario is “We are teaching and showing the world that this is the peace like that”. Every friends here posted their views, just think off whether we are following in our daily like commitment towards work, family and friends.

    If we are so, then we wont take this as topic to speak, since its VANISHING from surroundings. THINK!!!

  26. Boopathy Sathish says:

    great persons followed this and succeed in what they want

  27. appu kuttie says:

    peace and non violence is an outdated concept ? no its an ever green concept we should not and will not forget it

  28. Mahima Sharma says:

    In my Opinion peace and non violence can never be an outdated concept because In the end peace it something that most of us wish for and right said violence can reach soon and non violence might take some time.. but the decision taken in peace will be more better and long lasting.

  29. Dinesh says:

    Actually the peace and violence can never become outdated, As BOOPATHY said it is related with every one’s day to day life

    can think about a relationship that doesn’t have any VIOLENCE
    simply the answer is NO
    can you think about a relationship that gets strengthened by PEACE after a VIOLENCE
    simply the answer is NO

    we have to live with it
    it’s must for the human life
    so i never can be eradicate form this society

  30. Pallavi sinha says:

    From my point of view it’s totally a outdated concept becoz in todays environment no one will going to listen you if you are a follower of Mahatma Gandhi.Corruption has enlongated their roots in such a way that with peace n non-violence we cann’t expect our desired work will be complete fully.

    • boopathy sathish says:

      now the political situation is different… if u behave in step u cant rise ur word ….for the next time

  31. sakshi sharma says:

    It is not totally outdated concept because still we can achieve a lot with peace by using mind in the first place

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