Ship Decked In Harbour Cant Face The Storm

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“Persons who participate and fail are thousand times better than those who doesn’t participate”.


The above is the perfect sentence to start with the given title. A ship decked in harbour may be safe and not supposed to any risks. But there is no use with the ship which is decked in harbour. It has to get into the sea and should face various problems such as storm by its capabilities to achieve its intended use.

Likewise we people should be ready to take risks, face problems instead of simply idle,homesick or some other else. Many of the people refuse to take chances, looking forward and so on.

Many people says opportunity knocks the door only once. But it is not in the case. Opportunities are always there. We are only not utilizing those chances. Participant may win or loss. But the one who fails to participate is always the looser. If we close our eyes the world will not become dark, our view only get stopped.

For example we take the story of “Race between rabbit and tortoise”. In that story the tortoise very well knows that it can’t beat the rabbit. If it wouldn’t participated in the race means it should be the looser. But it participated in the race and won due to the over confidence of the rabbit. If you ready to take the choices you ll receive many spot advantages like over confidence of rabbit.


If you think you will be the looser then don’t worry about the result. You must participate because you may get lot of experiences which will be greatly useful to your victory in the next participation. Keep the proverb “Failures are the stepping stones for victory” in the heart and be ready to take risks. Then the success will follows you.


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8 Responses to Ship Decked In Harbour Cant Face The Storm

  1. Atif Pall says:

    “Persons who participate and fail are thousand times better than those who doesn’t participate”. This quote highlights the importance of struggle in our lives . Nothing is easily available and achievable without any self contribution .You ought to compete and make through each hardships to give yourself a good stand . There is a saying ” try and try untill you succeed”.
    Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Make yourself a valuable asset and only then one can earn an individuality .

  2. Sneha Sinha says:

    Truly said….. if we don’t take risk there wont be any gain because life is not a bed of roses..To enjoy life and live to the fullest one should always explore new avenues and be ready to experiment as this makes life worth living.We may fail at times but should remember that at least we wont be under the burden and guilt that we did not try..Besides one should remember that Failures are the pillars of success….Its always better to live a worthy life than to die worthless…..

  3. oishi chatterjee says:

    The strongest boats are not those boats which are decked in harbour but those which strugggle through the storm and reach their destination. Similarly our life is full of struggle and we must not forget that our success grows from our struggle,Successes are based on how well we overcome our struggle in our life.
    If we dont face the storm in our life then we can never reach our ultimate goal… ultimate destination .

  4. preeti nisha says:

    “Boats are much safer on the riverside but they are surely not meant for it”. Unless we make mistakes, unless we don’t fight for our fears we will never learn anything. Life is to take chances and god never promised that life will be easy,he just promised that it will be worth it. If we don’t have the courage to start any thing then noway we can ever learn to face it. We desire a bed of rose but we forget that roses have thorns which adds beauty to it. similarly if we runaway from life fearing to face storms then we are cowards and “cowards die many times before their death”. The urge is in fighting back and knowing that nothing is impossible and beyond our capabilities. Infact impossible itself means i’m possible. being lull and slithering at the harbor side is surely safe but worthless and life is one so don’t make it worthless.

  5. boopathy sathish says:

    we fail or succeed we should participate…. our life is a competition we are already in the race … no one cant get u out from that.. so participate and get suceeed

  6. Seetha Manoharan says:

    we have to keep on practice to get the fruit of success….we wont consider about the failure…

  7. Dinesh says:

    Whenever we are in a position to face a problem then only we came to know that whether we have enough stuff to face the problem

    A man who doesn’t fall from a cycle never going to learn cycling
    A student doesn’t study the basics can never be compete in higher level

    so need to face the problem by using that experience only we can predict us from the future….

  8. Pallavi sinha says:

    Yeah, it’s true without participation we cann’t recognize the level of competition & problems and cann’t judge the toughness of particular thing.If everyone think abt the failure thn no one is there to take lead and risk to face truth of life.

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