Managerial skills learnt in the Classroom Vs Experience

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Managerial skills are the one which is going to develop our self as an individual in the environment and this skill is mostly developed from the experience of facing different situations and no by just studying the statistical report

Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience




  • Class room education gives you the basics to handle different situation
  • Class room gives the knowledge about the technology
  • We are trained to solve the artificially created simple problems
  • We study about the statistical report of the major issues
  • When study about the technique followed by the people who solved it

What’s the disadvantage

  • It tells the technology, But it wont tell how to use this technology in various situations
  • It help us to solve only the simple problem and the even the failure in the result wont harm us, But if we have a situation to face it individually we don’t have any clue to face it and the real fact is the result ended in failure may end our carrier
  • We studied about the people who solved it, but we are not used to teach how he solved it, what effort he have done to solve it



Ratan tata

The Experience is the best teacher who teaches about the world

    • How selfish the world is
    • What people expect from us
    • Who is statnding behind us and stealing our documents
    • How to overcome form the problem
    • How to keep yourself form internal politics
    • Management of Time


Dhirubhai ambani

Dhirubhai Amban

Dhirubhai Ambani was an Indian business tycoon who founded Reliance Industries. Dhirubhai has been among the select few to be figured in the Sunday Times list of top 50 businessmen in Asia. Ambani’s family is the second richest family in the world. He haven’t compete at least a single degree, But he proved himself with his experience he get from the age of 15 he is now became the India’s top most business man


lakshmi mittal

Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal the 6th Richest Man in the world and you will be astonished to find that he is only a commerce graduate still he make it to the top. He didn’t Join B-School or Management Institution. What I means to say that it Live Experience that can attain you to a greater height your Fundamental knowledge from classroom can only helps you in understand the basics but only practical knowledge can step you to ladder of success.


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16 Responses to Managerial skills learnt in the Classroom Vs Experience

  1. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Field problems are not being learnt from traditional study. Experience is the last word for that. This things are also applicable for the management also. Traditional study leads us towards a new horizon and experience paints it as we want.

  2. Amit Kumar says:

    Exposure, be it in any way, good or bad, is always good for growing up into a matured head. And you can’t get a global exposure sitting in a classroom, taking notes and doing your tasks at time. Every premier B-school offers a world tour of some fifteen days or equivalent. Have you ever wondered why? Its just to give provide the students a Global Exposure, which is very important for an individuals’ mental growth and ability to tackle any kind of weird situation. This can be interpreted well with a simple thing that a lot of Marketing giants haven’t done any management courses. But they are doing better than lot of MBAs from elite B-schools of the country. simple as that.

  3. barun kumar singh says:

    Nice one.True in every sense because the things we learnt in are child hood is the things which has a permanent mark on us for every step of our life where as the management skill which we have learnt in colleges or at any work place is never permanent because in outer world we have to go with what the present time demands here nothing is permanent.

  4. Manisha Chawla says:

    Yes, this the fact that whatever we learn, we learn that from our past only. Management skills taught in classrooms are just old theories, what students learn from their past experiences are practical things. Life is all about practical things.

  5. Rohit Kumar says:

    A person can become successful not only through education. It is only the person’s skill, hardwork and zeal to reach the zenith. One should know how to manage things practically which comes by experience.
    So it is experience which make a person how to manage things practically. So managerial skills comes by experience and not when theoretically learnt.

    So experience speaks for itself.
    There is no need of studying the rules to play a game, it can be learnt by seeing others playing or playing himself one can learn which comes from experience. This is called practical experience.

  6. ARPIT TARAN says:

    Managerial skill and practical experience are two different aspects, managerial skills teach us the basic knowledge of the different situations whereas practical experience give us the exposure in real life, here we implement our thoughts, skills. Managerial skills can only give us the platform but main lessons came by our revelation. Thinking an idea and implementing are both different things. So classroom just give to the introduction the fundamentals.

  7. Vipin Sahu says:

    Classroom act as a base for our fundamental knowledge .A person can become successful not only through education.It is only persons skill,hardwork to reach to the heights.One should know how to manage things practically which comes by experience.
    It is the experience which make a person how to manage managerial skills learnt in classroom can never match those learnt from experience.

  8. Rohit Kumar says:

    Managerial skills can not gained as much as from true field work as from classroom.Standing example is Dhirubhai Ambani the big business tycoon .That’s why training is given to the B-school people.

  9. Atif Pall says:

    Definitely ,there’s no point discussing the fact that a living/practical example proves to be the best in encountering problems during our life time experiences.
    What we are taught back in class ,is just a PROTOTYPE of the things which we are gonna end up doing in our real life . It just imparts the way of doing something but is equally important .

  10. preeti nisha says:

    I agree to the fact that managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experiences.
    Classroom learning is just a dummy learning and doesn’t really lead us to have an encounter
    with the big world which is achieved by lessons learnt from experiences. Managerial skills learnt from experiences are more practical and intriguing and thus are more profound. We have also seen numerous of examples which proves this. Management is nothing to be learnt through theories, its doing the right task at the right time with your right rules which comes best by experiences. Nevertheless we have best institutes to teach managerial skills , albeit , our best managers are not from there..

  11. Oishi Chatterjee says:

    Its very true experience is the best teacher and through classroom we just can reach upto the fundamental that will further help us in implementation. My point is if experience is making things better than lets make such classroom practices to learn management skills where students will be assigned a real time task and they have to perform it. By this they will learn to implement and will have experience and most importantly will learn from there mistakes. Practical knowledge will be imparted ,that will help students to learn better.

  12. Piyali Chattaraj says:

    Managerial skills that we learn in classrooms are the basic fundamentals.Because if we don’t know the basic then we can’t face the problem in real world.But it is not possible to learn managerial skill that much so we can solve any problem.It comes from real life experience even if we get failure in that challenge.From this we can point out our faults and recover that next time.

  13. Priyanka Baidya says:

    According to me managerial skills that we learnt in the classroom acts as a base when performing in the real world.
    If we know the basic,we can implement the skills at the work place and make the best use of managerial skills learnt.
    Classroom teachings helps to generate a fair idea about what can be done in a particular situation.
    The experience we get from our workplace helps us to be successful only if we implement the managerial skills we have learnt in the classroom.

  14. boopathy sathish says:

    all that we study about the management is from the experience… if a person want to get experience he needs lot of time and chance.. but by reading we can learn others experience and add act according to it.

  15. Seetha Manoharan says:

    managerial skills are come only through experience…. whatever we are learning from our class room will not help us to make good decision in critical situation….

  16. Shashank Gupta says:

    Well said.
    I am completely agree with the point that one can learn managerial skill only by practice. Class room gives you a brief introduction about all theoretical aspects of management but you can not be expert until a real life practice.

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