Performance of IPL-6 opening ceromany

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IPL-6 a shame performance by sharukh khan

IPL-6 opening ceromany is like pathetic show, Shame BCCI , IPL is considered to be richest Indian Sports Body and would have paid probably highest possible amount to our best possible actors and such a pathetic performance by SRK or Sharukh Khan or said as King Khan . Such pathetic jumping and pumping on his old songs.

Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kafe added such a pathetic scene that I can not explain . Why this?

Now i am watching Uss Uthup and Buppy Lahri performance probably little better than last three toppers but then even I would have expected little better from IPL. After all you have to become face of Indian cricket on Global standards.

I think there should be regulator for these types of events as well , whom they market well enough to get eyeballs from global standards but such torcher to viewers. I could not imagine , Show of Common wealth game was far better than this .

Thank God they did not bring Mamta DiDi to dance with them. Sharukh Khan out of hisĀ breathe telling IPL for not enough payment for show , what a shame.

Let US how PIT BULL says now , I hope he may entertain some how and put our Sharukh and King Khan and our Divas on shame

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2 Responses to Performance of IPL-6 opening ceromany

  1. Ranjit Singh says:

    Really,quality of opening ceremony of IPL degrades slowly year by year in spite of earning so much of money.

  2. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    It is really great to hear that IPL-6 will start and when we talk about IPL then we also share our views regarding Opening Ceremony. So in IPL-6 world wide stars perform in which the big name in Raper called PITBULL also their to perform so all in all it would be a really nice ceremony.

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