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Eligibility Criteria

Any individual who has studied Finance and Accounts Management can apply for this multinational firm with 75% and above in overall academics.

                                                   Hiring Process

There are six rounds in the selection process, all the rounds need to be cleared for getting selected in the company. These rounds include:

I.  Initial Screening

II.  Assistant managers round (Face to Face)

III.  Versant Round

IV.  Vantage

V.  Managers Round (Face to Face)

VI. Directors Round( Face to Face)

In initial screening there is a written test which consist of three sections: Verbal, Quantitative and critical.

Few practice Questions are given below:

  1. Out of 20 Rupees I bought 1,2,5 ruppee stamps which are different in numbers. Because of reason of no change with the shopkeeper he gave 3 one rupee stamps. So how many stamp I have with me?. Ans: 10
  2. Each of the person either know swimming or rowing. Out of all there are 14 who know swimming and 14 know rowing. There is sale of 8 tickets for rowing. How many tickets are sold for swimming?
  3. Which polygon has no. of sides = diagonal (Eg. Pentagon)
  4. One cigar is made from 7 bits. If there are 16 cigars in total then how many bits are collected? Ans 4 bits
  5. There are 11 lines that are made in plane. How many intersections are possible from it
  6. P # Q = (P-Q)(Q-P) = – 1. Then Which is true?
  7. P = 3, Q = 2 P = 2,Q = 3 P = -1,Q = 1 P = 1, Q = -1 Ans: I & II only

Face to Face interview would consist of questions like :

There would be two managers and one HR and a technical guy in the interview panel

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. How can you handle disorganized team?
  3. Tell us about the projects
  4. Tell me what is a foreign key(DBMS) .First tell me what is a key?
  5. Do u think your project is salable? What rating
  6. What r the things u will do to reduce the processing time of your project?
  7. What can you do to decrease the time taken for processing a file in a batch processing system?

The Placement Criteria for deloitte also includes the following tests.

There is a Versant Test which will test you reliable spoken English ability. In versant Round all that is to be done is to just talk and talk. It is a machine driven interview. In this you have to make sure that you don’t fumble in between.

Next there will be a Vantage round . In vantage round there is an English grammar test which would consist of comprehensions, Synonyms and antonyms and article. There would be 30 questions in this section.

About Deloitte:
Deloitte is a multinational firm situated in UK under which thousands of professionals in independent organizations all over the world collaborate to provide risk management, audit, consulting and  financial advisory to the various clients to help solve their toughest problems. Each member organization are part of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited(DTTL) and each firm provides services to only a particular geographical area and is subject to the laws and regulations of that particular country. Fortune and Business Week has consistently ranked Deloitte among the top companies of the world.

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    Just i want to know whats is the deloitte percentage criteria to attempt an interview for java developer as fresher?

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    […] Deloitte- It is a multinational firm which provides risk management, consultation and financial advisory to its various clients to solve their toughest problem easily ans stands among the top companies of the world. […]

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    I guess any placement is about covering your basics well and being confident and everything else will fall into its place.

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