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Enel Logo.

Who are the Enel?

The Enel are the major operator in the field of electricity. They have their base at Italy.The Company has the capability to produce, distribute, and they sells electricity and gas across the whole Europe, and in the North and Latin America. Enel has presence in almost 21 countries around the globe, with approximately 80,000 megawatt of electricity generating capacity, and serves about 50 million power and gas customers all over the world.

History about the company:

On December 31,in the year 2007, Enel operated in al most four divisions: 1.The Domestic Sales, 2.Domestic Generation,3.Energy Management,and 4. Domestic Infrastructure and they are working in International Divisions. On February 2, in the year 2007, the Company, acquired Panamanian company (Enel Fortuna). The Company has acquired 90% of Nuove Energie on July 2, in the year 2007. On October 1,in the year 2007, the Company has acquired International Windpower, or Wind Parks of Thrace and even International Wind Parks of Thrace. On October 24, in the year 2007, the Company also acquired the Blue Line. On December 6,  in the year 2007, the Company even acquired  Inelec. In 2007, around June, the Company lastly acquired additional interest in Endesa SA (Endesa), resulting in approximately with  24.97% of interest.

The company Enel is a leading market and the new generation can apply for it can try their skills to the fullest.

Placement at the Enel:

Selection procedure for the Enel begins with the submission of your CV at the official site of Enel.

The career opportunities are many and thereby the person applying, must keenly specify his or her details in the CV. So that the company can easily justify your post at the company itself.

Enel is in the electric power department, the main aim of the company is to acquire the candidates that can very efficiently work at the base. The sufficient requirement for the company may lead the contestant to a bigger platform.

Some of the links where the candidates can apply:

Operator – Geothermal (Beaver, Utah)
Land Coordinator – Andover, MA
Vendor Management Analyst – Andover, MA
Hydro Operator – Ware Shoals, SC
Geothermal Operator – Fallon, NV
Operations Supervisor – Buffalo Dunes
Assistant Operations Supervisor – Buffalo Dunes
 Electrical Supervisor – Buffalo Dunes – Temporary role
Commissioning Manager – Reno, Nevada
Hydro Operator – Lachute, New York
Staff Accountant – Andover, MA
Procurement Manager – Andover, MA
Procurement Analyst – Andover, MA

For these post the candidate can apply.

Interview questions at the Enel:

Here are some of the interview questions that can help the candidates with, what are the requirements for the company. Thus they can be prepared for the company,

The basic aim of the company is to make the candidates familiarize with the company, they also make the candidates feel comfortable. So they generally begins with general question, they would rarely check your technical skills a most of them are listed in the CV itself and does not need to be checked again. So the criteria thus lies on the ground of how much are you capable enough to achieve the company’s goal. The recruiters thus seeks only those candidates who can work efficiently, and achieve what is being required at the power plant. The following questions are general questions, which have been discussed as an experience of the qualified people.

1.How many kids do you have, and what are their ages?
2.In your past job, did you discover a problem that your predecessors had legit untreated?
3.What is your current surely?
4.What is your teamwork style?
5.How do you feel about working overtime?

Hope you will make the most of it, thereby knowing what all you have to do. Wish you luck. 🙂

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  1. Seetha Manoharan says:

    If you are the job sicker in the electrical field. ENEL is the best choice. this article will definitely help you in the period of placement.

  2. Arpita Sardar says:

    In the above article some job opportunities in Entel along with their interview questions are given here which will help anyone for taking preperation to get placed in Entel …….

  3. Dinesh says:

    The job opportunities listed here are too good, I am sure this article will help everyone to find a job.

    The questions you have posted is outbox thinking, but these questions are also asked in interview so i believe this will help the candidates to prepare for anythink

  4. suriya prakash says:

    Placement questions in Enel looks casual and it seems to be that they are concentrating on candidates with good communication skills.

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