Placement Criteria for HCL with HCL Placement Papers

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HCL is a leading multinational firm which was founded in 1976, Headquartered in Noida, U.P, India. Its offerings range from Research and Development, Consulting, IT Hardware and Telecom Services. The team of HCL comprises of 90,000 professionals operating in 31 countries across the world. During the time when there were only 250 computers, Shiv Nadar Founded HCL. Since then HCL has been a leading computer manufacturing  company. HCL operates in two subsidiaries HCL technologies and HCL Info-systems. HCL Limited visits different colleges and universities for the recruitment of freshers as an Assistant Software Engineer and for Technical Support Engineer. In this section, awe have listed all the details of the recruitment Process of HCL with placement criteria of HCL and latest placement papers. Details has been collected from the HCL authorities and student attended for the recruitment earlier.

Recruitment/Placement Process of HCL

It consists of 3 Stages

  1. Written Test
  2. Technical Test
  3. HR Interview

Round I – (Written Test)

In written test there are mainly three modules :

  1. English comprehension
  2. Quantitative ability
  3. Reasoning and Logical Ability

I. Verbal Ability  : Synonyms/Antonyms, Sentence Corrections, comprehension, Grammar.
II. Quantitative Aptitude : Algebra, HCF, LCM, Linear Equations, Fractions and Basic Maths
III. Logical Ability : Coding/Decoding, Complex Relation, Blood Relation, Aalphabet test , Statement-Conclusion, Statement-Assumption

Round II- ( Technical Test )

HCL’s Technical Test includes questions from computer programming( C, C++, Java, Unix, SQL and more )

HCL Written Test Questions

      1. Write the opposite of Indiscreet?
      2. Mahesh took his dinner after he…….
        a)Had completed his work
        b)Had been completing his work
        c)Was completing his work
        d)Had got completed his work
      3. In a race A gives B 40m start, A wins the race by 19seconds. But if A gives B 30m start, B wins the race by 40 m. find the time taken by B to complete 5000 m?
      4. The A.M of two numbers is 34 and G.M is 16. Find the number?
      5. Fill up the blank
        Guilt is to past as hope is to…………


Round III – (HR Interview)

Questions would consists of Questions like:

      • Introduce Yourself
      • Why did you choose this position?
      • Why do you want to work with HCL?
      • What are your weaknesses?
      • How long can you work for HCL?
      • What do your family think about you going to abroad for work?
      • Tell me about your family
      • Would you lie for the company ?

HCL Aptitude Test Paper

 Download Aptitude-Test-Paper-for-HCL

Career at HCL 



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