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Placement criteria for S-Mobility Limited

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Company’s Profile:

         Spice Mobility Limited, one of the Spice group is an exclusive telecommunication-Mobile business and Information Technology business incorporated in the year 1986.  It is a public limited company over 262 employees.  Mr. R S Desikan is the CEO and Manager of the company.  The company was initially established to manufacture minicomputers and microprocessors based system.  The company plans to introduce new models in all segments offering new technologies, contents and values like new ringtones, games, wallpapers, etc.  It plans to have partnership with various companies located in Europe and Asia.

          The company’s products ranges from smart phones, tablets, smart touch and Android devices.  The company’s Telecommunication includes the business of trading and manufacturing of mobile handsets, whereas the Information Technology deals with the business of manufacturing, trade, stock marketing and networking.

Eligibility Criteria:

          Any undergraduate course and a diploma course in mobile technologies are eligible to get recruited in S mobility limited.  MBA graduates are also employable in S Mobility limited.

Questions in Technical Round:

1.  What is 3G?

          3G is a Third Generation(3G) wireless networks which offers faster data transfer rates, enabling new wireless applications such as streaming media.

2.  Explain High speed packet access?

          High speed packed access is a collection of two mobile telephony protocols, High Speed Downlink Packer Access and High Speed Uplink Packet Access that extends and improves the performance of existing WCDMA protocols.

3.  What are the different storage methods in android?

          Different storage methods are Shared preferences, Internal Storage memory in android, types of External Storage, SQLite Databases and Network Connection

4.  What are the various Android Application Architecture?

          Intent, Resource Externalization, Notification signalling users and Content Providers.

5.  What is GPRS?

          It is a General Packet Radio Service.

Questions in HR interview:

1.  What influenced you to come to S Mobility limited?

2.  What are the features of iphone 3gs?

          Video, 3 Megapixel Camera, Compass and Internet Tethering

3.  How much salary do you expect?

4.  Tell about yourself?

5.  What is VLAN?

          Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) is a logical grouping method or segmenting a network connected to administratively defined ports and they provide Broadcast control, Security and Flexibility.

Contact us:

S Global Knowledge Park,

19A & 19B, Sector 125,

Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar,

Uttar Pradesh – 201 301.

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