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Placement criteria for SRS Limited

Placement criteria for SRS Limited

SRS Limited – Logo

SRS Commercial Company Limited is a diversified company established in the year 2000 at New Delhi.  It is a Public Limited Company of totally 1, 318 employees.  The company owns a multi-domain presence in many industries.  The SRS group has a strong growth and expansion in retail, marketing, food & beverage industries, cinemas, etc.  Dr. Anil Jindal is the chairman of SRS group who developed the company.

The objective of the company is to trade in FMCG Goods and then it later enters to other disciplines of the business.  The SRS Cinemas, SRS Value Bazaar, SRS Fashion Wear, SRS Jewels and SRS Hotel are some of the groups of SRS limited.  The company is driven by a vision to have growth by providing innovative and superior products & services to enrich the customer needs.

The sustainable success of the company is team work that stays together in all aspects and realizing the extraordinary profits.  There is a turnover of Rs. 3500 crores per annum.  The company overcome its competitiveness by having strong synergics, Negotiating Power, Better Operating Margins, Rich pool of knowledge, etc.

Services of SRS Limited:   

Services in SRS Limited

SRS Limited-Services

Eligibility Criteria:

The candidates having appropriate degree in

Marketing, Advertising and Finance Management

Hotel Management

Business Administration


Textile Technology

can apply for SRS Limited.

Questions in Technical Round:

1.  What are the qualities for a supervisor?

The supervisor should work with employees and should have high skill in decision-making, motivating the team, maintaining good communication, reward for the work done and managing the conflicts in some circumstances.

2.  What are the things considered for resource management?

In resource management, initially the resources are set up to a level, previous performance data are collected and new innovative skill sets are defined for each resource in an organization.

3.  What is Corporate Communication?

Corporate communication shows how a company works internally and externally.

4.  Define advertising?

Advertising is a form of communication to communicate with a mass of people in paid form.  It is mainly to influence the thoughts of the individual to sell the company’s products.

5.  What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

Advertising is the non-personal announcement of the products from the identified sponsor to the potential customers.

Marketing includes systematic planning to bring mutual advantage to both buyers and sellers.

Questions in HR Interview:

1.  Why did you join in hotel sector?

Due to one’s personal interest and the field is a dynamic sector, I have chosen hotel management.

2.  Explain your supervisory style?

3.  What are the main factors to be considered while evaluating an employee?

Maintain high standards for yourself and the company subordinates, check communication skills and performance should be monitored.

4.  What exactly do you look in a job?

Job satisfaction is needed for a person to work in a company, if one gave priority to the money, the job won’t be perfect.

5.  Has Google ever incorporated in-game advertising into its ads services before approaching Adscape Media?

No, Google has not done that before.

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Haryana 121 007.

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