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Placement criteria for Trident Limited


Company’s Profile:

On 18th April 1990, the Trident limited has been incorporated as Abhishek Industries Limited in Punjab.  The Trident Company implemented its yarn spinning project in 1992, with PSIDC.  The yarn spinning has the capacity of 24,960 spindles for manufacturing cotton yarn.  The capacity was increased as 32,400 spindles.  Another unit of 43,392 spindles was installed in the year of 1998.

The Company operates in four segments:

  1. Yarn
  2. Towel
  3.  Paper
  4. Chemicals

The company is exporting its products for about 75 countries in 5 continents. About 50% of the total sales of the Company come from the export turnover. Among the largest manufactures of terry towels the Trident is also the one among the top 5 global terry towel giants in the world.


Job title Location Description
Civil Structural Engineer Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh
Software Engineering Lead Ludhiana, Punjab Project management for technological and business solutions.
Head – Web Application Ludhiana, Punjab Content management systems and web applications
Dot Net Developer Delhi Asp.Net-4.0 , C#, ajax Silverlight.
Associate Functional Consultant Delhi ERP solutions for specific modules of Financial Management
R&D Head Punjab Process and Product Quality control
SAP HR Consultant Ludhiana, Punjab To plan and execute projects
Projects Engineer – Civil Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh Civil/Structural engineering calculations
Performance Management Manager Punjab Responsible for corporate affairs
Environment Leader Punjab To carry out internal environmental auditing.
Quality Control Head Punjab Process improvements and quality enhancements.
Trainee Manager Chennai
Front Office Supervisor Chennai Deliver the brand promise
F&B Service Assistant Chennai To prepare tables for meals
Front Office Assistant Chennai Welcome guests and assist
Head Engineering Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh Quality enhancements
Projects Head Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh Control of WIP ageing
Game Changer Punjab
Housekeeping Assistant Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Shipping-Executive Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Spinning- Unit Head Punjab Provide technical support
Trainee Manager Chennai

Interview processes:

  • IQ / Intelligence Test
  • Technical Test
  • Personal Round

Interview questions:

1.  What is the method for insulating core lamination?

Surface oxidation is the common method used for insulating core laminations.

2.  What material used for insulating windings?

Shelac materials are used for insulating windings.

3.  Which motor is required to start a large starting current?

Rotor resistance starter is a method required to start a large starting current.

4.  What is no load switching?

An isolator built into a panel is used for non load switching.

5.  What is called DC in supply chain management?

DC means delivery challan which the transporter submits to the consumer at the time of delivery of goods to get acknowledgement about the products.

Questions in HR Interview:

1.  What are the common qualities for a supervisor?

Planning, Organizing skills, Decision making, Motivating, Communicating with the people and managing the conflict situations are the common qualities for a supervisor.

2.  How do you motivate your employees?

Understand the jobs of the employees and respect each role and responsibilities.  The targets to be set clear and it is to be specific.

3.  What is the difference between MPP & MRP?

MPP: Maximum Purchases Price

MRP: Maximum Retail Price

4.  What is productivity?

It is a measure of how much input is required to produce a given output i.e. input/output.

5.  What is certification cost?

The total cost that depends on a specific product or service that includes licensing package also is the certification cost.

Contact Address:

Trident Group,

Sanghera 148 101,



Phone No: 91 161 5039999

Email id:





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