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Placement criteria for Unitech Limited

Placement criteria for Unitech Limited

Company’s Profile:

Unitech Limited is a geographically diversified Real Estate developer.  The Unitech limited is established in the year 1972.  The Unitech is one of the leading builders in India.  They have an outstanding record in a large-scale, integrated real-estate development and land reserves of nearly 12,450 acres. Their business processes are real estate development and related activities. The vision of the company is to be the India’s leading Real Estate Company and to be the first choice of the customers.  Mr. Ramesh Chandra is the Executive chairman of the company.  Their major processes are construction and consultancy services.

Real estate development includes development of mini cities and townships, construction of residential buildings and also commercial complexes like shopping malls and various types of dwelling units.  The related construction activities carried out by the company are construction contracts of highways roads, power houses, refineries and other types of other buildings and structures.

Their consultancy and management services are overseeing of project execution and marketing of real estate ventures for associates and joint ventures.  They also involve in manufacturing of power transmission and telecom towers in India which is carried out through Unitech Power Transmission Limited. Property management activities are maintenance of commercial and other properties.

The company own properties in

  1. Gurgaon,
  2. Noida,
  3. Bangalore,
  4. Chennai,
  5. Kolkata,
  6. Lucknow,
  7. Mysore,
  8. Mohali,
  9. Ambala,
  10. Rewari and
  11. Bhopal.


  1. Residential- develop and sell homes to the end user,
  2. Commercial- develop, lease, retain operational control and monetize stake,
  3. Entertainment-develop, operate and create value,
  4. Retail-develop, lease, provide efficient mall management and monitize stacks,
  5. Hotels-develop, own, ensure professional management by hotel chains.
  6. SEZs-future transformational opportunities.

Questions in Technical Round:

1.  How to create Freeze panes in MS Excel?

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2.  What is the role of a controller in an MVC application?

          The controller responds to each and every interaction of user with the system.

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  • ASP.NET MVC provides easy testing and extensive support for TDD.
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Question is Direct Round:

1.  What are the different types of gate valves?

Parallel disk gate valves, Wedge gate valves and Single disk gate valves.

2.  In which stage congnitive dissonance occurs when the buyer decision-process mode?

During post purchase behaviour, congnitive dissonance occurs.

3.  Which provides greatest involvement in a foreign market?

Direct investment has greater involvement in foreign market.

4.  What is Direct exporting?

Direct exporting is the one in which the seller sells and handles their own products for exporting.

5.  Where self-service retailing is mostly followed?

          Self-service retailing is mostly used by the supermarkets and catalog showrooms.

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6, Community Centre, Saket,

New Delhi 110 017.

Phone No: 91 11 26857331

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