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Placement criteria for Mukand Limited


Company’s Profile:

          The company was registered as Mukand Iron and Steel Works limited on November 29, in the year 1937.  The company was re-christened as “Mukand Limited” on  march 23, 1989.  The Company then operated re-rolling mills and foundry in Lahore and at Reay Road, Bombay.  After two years, the controlling authority of the company Lala Mukand Lal left the company due to the interest in social work inspired by Gandhiji.  Then the Jamnalal Bajaj and Jeevanlal Motichand take over the Company.

The Steel Plant at Kalwe commenced its operations in the year of 1965.  A structural shop called ‘Machine Building Division’ was also set up at Kalwe in the year 1965 itself.  The Company established its leadership in the two businesses, Steel building and Machine building.

Mukand Ltd was India’s first Steelmaker who successfully adopted the ‘Continuous billet casting’ technology using ‘F’ type continuous casting machine.  Mukand Ltd was the first in India to successfully adopt the vacuum oxygen decarburisation technology to manufacture stainless steel.  The company was also the first in the country to install an oxygen top and bottom blown converter for the manufacture of stainless steel.

Questions in Technical Round:

1.  What is the difference between stress and strain?

          Stress is defined as the ratio of load to unit area.

          Strain is defined as the ratio of small change in dimension (dL) to Oringinal dimension (L).

2.  What is the density of plastic?

          Plastics are synthetic or semi synthetic polymerization products.  Density of plastics ranges between .035 and .045 lb/cu in.

3.  What is wet corrosion and galvanic corrosion?

          Galvanic corrosion is one in which one metal corrodes in an electrochemical process

          Wet corrosion is one in which both the metals get corroded due to electrical contact.

4.  Where does the railway engine carry water?

          It carries in the large tank in front of the engine.

5.  Where huge amount of electricity is utilised?

          Factories and Cooling Systems in various areas use huge amount of electricity.

Questions in HR Interview:

1.  What is an ideal job?

          Ideal job is one which gives self satisfaction and improves one’s skill and updates the knowledge.

2.  What is the role of nitrogen in welding?

          Nitrogen in the welding is used to protect the metal from porosity by preventing the entry of oxygen and air.

3.  What colour are thermal oil piping lines?

          Oil piping lines are usually brownish and grey.

4.  What is the maximum recommended pipe velocity for dry and wet gases?

          Velocity of about 100 ft/s is needed for dry gases and velocity of about 60 ft/s is needed for wet gases.

5.  What is mean by “Green Field Project”?

          Green Field Projects do not create any environmental problems and follows environmental management system and Environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Contact Address:

4, Synagogue Street,

6th Floor,

Kolkata – 700 001,

West Bengal,



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