Pollution control is a luxury for India

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Pollution in India is on a rise, confirms a national summary report on air quality monitoring and emission for six cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Kanpur. The report should be a wake up alarm for the nation and concerned authorities as the high level of Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Dioxide in air needs immediate action before the situation aggravates.
-The report is prepared by the environment ministry-constituted committee.

The National Green Tribunal constituted an expert body on Tuesday to determine the ’causes’ and ‘extent’ of environmental pollution in Noida, which ‘is certainly affecting the life of residents’. The tribunal passed the order on a petition filed by a Noida resident alleging high levels of environmental pollution in the city.-report times of India.

these few measures should be taken into consideration and we can see the India in his full fledged come back to golden bird.

1.The use of lead in gasoline should be immediately banned. Similarly, many other
carcinogenic chemicals that are being added by Petroleum Companies for enhancing
the power of fuel should be made an offence subject to prosecution.
2. There should be uniform fuel quality and emission standard across India. Auto Fuel
Policy must be accelerated and tightened to cover all cities to implement Euro IV
3. Total stoppage/ban should be imposed on private vehicles using diesel as fuel. Rather
manufacturing of cars on diesel should be banned.
4. Government may encourage use of clean fuels like CNG, LPG and Hydrogen in
automobiles. Specially all buses and trucks in cities should be run of CNG.
5. A National task force should be established to develop the use of hydrogen gas as an
alternative fuel for cars. The task force may suggest alternative methods.

both society and government need to take forward step to control pollution which in turn lead to better future safe future good habitat as always earth remains for us.

awareness plays key role in this but as far as concern rural areas are less polluted than urban so an initiative has to be taken just to promote pollution drawbacks
and hazards rightly ans we can see the changes.

for further details and all takes which are taken by govt, you can refer <a href=”www.cpcb.nic.in” title=”central control board of India”>

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2 Responses to Pollution control is a luxury for India

  1. poorva gupta says:

    Pollution control is definately a lluxury not only for INDIA but the entire world….
    It will save our earth and enviroment from further degradation.

  2. Dinesh says:

    i agree because if we can able to control the population
    1) The Job opportunity will be improved
    2)The poverty level will be reduced
    3)It is easy to calculate and fulfill the need of the people

    so it’s a golden period to implement these plans

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