Marriage Is A Social Trap

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Marriage is a bonding between two people, two family, two society, two cultures, which should be handled with care, understanding, trust and love. Failing in this  may become a trap for them. Both the families  will  always  be a support for each  other, in good as well as in bad situation, handling all the pros and cons of life. But as we know  every coin has two sides, it also has two sides.

If the partners are caring, understanding, loving  each other and have  trust on each other, then its a perfect bonding. But when it is affected by dowry, money, status, cheating, fraud, misunderstanding, ego, wrong attitude, selfishness then it  ends in  trap.

Marriage is a social obligation. There are many demands from groom side. Marriage gives  family pressure. Marriage for a girl becomes a trap if she is not satisfied by her new in-law family, she can’t even break the relationship as she is bonded to the society. Hence marriage becomes a social trap for her.

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Our ancestors made marriage compulsory just for making it a tradition. In marriage not only the compatibility of a partner is important but the family, financial conditions, status etc too play an important role. But when sometimes these demands of the girl and boy cannot be completed or any  one of   the partner lacks  in these qualities .This  only leads to hearttaking divorce or frustration, domestic violence, extra marital affairs.

Marriage is a social trap because here in india there are still so many families who only worry about their child’s marriage but  not bother about his/her  future plans, especially for women. As soon as a child completes his /her graduation or moves from teenager  to adult  they enforced by their parents to get marry to unknown persons.Still this situation of social trap and social bonds is there in India,whereas today india is moving towards the  era of latest technology.Still in india douwry system and child marriages are still there. And what this society needs is just that commitment but for this commitment binding people by a social custom called marriage is not worth doing.


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19 Responses to Marriage Is A Social Trap

  1. Anonymous says:
  2. Anonymous says:
  3. Piyali Chattaraj says:

    I don’t think marriage is a social trap.It is not only a piece of paper that proves you are married it is a tight bonding between two persons,two families.It is a great feeling when your partner always stands by for yo when you are in trouble.Marriage is very important without this it is not possible to move the generation ahead.In this relationship both should have respect,care,loyalty,trust and very strong understanding for each other.Then only it can be a happy life.Few of these may be like trap due to ego,dowry,misunderstandings.For these few selfish people who made it hell marriage can not be trap itself.

  4. Vipin Sahu says:

    Marriage is a bonding between two people ,two family,two society,two culture,which should be handled with care,understanding,trust and love.Failing to which may become a trap for them.Two people or family always there for each other,in good as well as in bad situation ,handling all the good & bad situations of life .But like every coin has two faces.

    if the partners are caring,understanding,have trust ,love each other then its a perfect bonding.But when it is affected by dowry,money,status,cheating,misunderstanding, becomes a trap.

  5. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    Well this post was clearly show the indian culture and backwardness of society it is an country in which girl compare to god because there are several god which is women but its all theoretically if we looking forward our so called practical society the just use girls as an toys. And that marriage is like complete trap for any girl if the in-law was not good.

  6. Ritika says:

    Marriage is an institution, where two souls & biological mates get a social felicitation on their union. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but it’s the two people , who are to be blamed & not the tradition.

  7. sakshi chaudhary says:

    In my view marriage is all about sharing each others experiences, joys, happiness and even sorrows, pain and difficulties and if a person is happy with his or her partner than their is no reason of saying that its a trap but due to some selfish persons in the society,their wrong attitude and dowry it is sometimes called as as a trap….

  8. Vishakha Bansal says:

    Some relations are made by God when we come in this word and other we make itself. These relations are not blood relations but some times even more powerful from them, ‘marriage’ is one of them. Is the bounding of two persons when they make their own word rather then all. In India there lies some customs which spoils this beautiful relation. Customs like Dorey and to have a thinking that wife is a slave of man bitter the essence of this relationship. But we cannot question on a thing due to some negative surrounding aspects. If both groups are ready to do adjustment then it will proved to be a great relation.

  9. Saurabh Singh says:

    Only because of some greedy people,we should not say that marriage is a trap..

  10. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    According to me, marriage should not be considered a “trap” as it is a bond that strengthens public relations in a society.. people get attached, connected and linked up.. it creates new relations.
    Prevailing social evils are a different issue.. they are, of course, related but should not be held solely responsible for spreading a misnomer about it as a “trap!”

  11. BHARTI PANDEY says:

    A great article to Realize the importance of MARRIAGE in life …..For me Marriage is not to be considered a SOCIAL TRAP but a chance to realize our responsibilities towards our FAMILY and lead to the second and the most important stage of life ……..Ya definitely it can be a social trap for those SELF CENTERED people who can’t realize the importance of others in their lives…..TRUST and RESPECT being the most important part being difficult to get but easy to loose!!!!!

  12. jagritisingh says:

    I am not completely agree but some times marriages become social trap due to many reasons. Marriage act as a tight bond between two and their families, it would be good if their is a good mutual understanding among them otherwise it becomes the social trap.

  13. lubna khan says:

    Marriage is a social trap for those who can not trust and understand a person except her/him self.

  14. Chitranshi Dhaneshwar says:

    Marriages before the registered age is a trap otherwise it is an eternal bonding between the two.

  15. sakshi sharma says:

    Yes, at times marriages can become a social trap as well..As in India, people generally opt for arrange marriages..hence in arrange marriages both the parties are totally unaware of each sometimes it proves as a ‘Social Trap” for the girl who has been married .

  16. Akanksha Kalla says:

    A marriage is successful if their is good understanding between the partners. Lack of understanding makes marriage a social trap specially for girl and her family.

  17. Akash Gupta says:

    Marriage is not a social trap it is one of the important part of life. Life widout a life partner cannot be imagined their must be mutual understanding in them and than life becomes full of glory!!!!. So i think some cases are their which force us to think it as a social trap but it is not.

  18. Dinesh says:

    MARRIAGE- “a mutual understand ted between the two different gender to approve to live a live in the society ”

    But even after the men will be men and women will be women there is no difference, Mostly in this current scenario of the world we cant say it’s a trap, because this country have given the rights for any human being to live a life as per their wish

  19. Ankita Prajapati says:

    Marriage is all about give and take… As long as you respect others feelings and emotions the journey will be smoother else it will be rough and both feel they are trapped…Marriage is not a social trap because marriage is a part of our life and its just like second innings of your life. Marriage completes our life… If there is understanding, caring, love between 2 people then no one can say marriage is a social trap…

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